I have been trying out the Kopari skincare line the past few weeks and I am so obsessed – especially for summer! It’s all very ‘oily’ – if you know what I mean- but oily in the best of ways as it makes your skin more smooth looking and gives it a glow! *Kopari’s products are free of silicon, sulfates, parabans, mineral oil, alcohol, and GMOs. They are vegan and gluten free.*

I’ve been using the Coconut Your Selfie Kit – it’s made up of products that truly cleanse your skin, fight bacteria, soothe skin, & best of all – refresh & hydrate skin. These products are not only safe, but effective which is why I really love them!


Coconut Cleansing Oil: This cleanser removes ALL makeup – even waterproof makeup, thank goodness! It doesn’t clog your pores, in fact the oil actually dissolves the bacteria underneath pores to get your skin in good shape! It also REALLY helps with hydration. Since it is hydrating, I notice that it helps leave my skin softer after just using it to take my makeup off! It’s light and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Everything included in this line work together to fight bacteria and also soothe skin- which is great if you battle redness or have sensitive skin! It has green tea oil in it which helps slow down the breakdown of collagen.. aka: anti-aging! 🙂

Coconut Rose Toner: Alcohol free and has Witch Hazel to tighten pores & keep acne away! Toners are great for cleansing skin and getting rid of the bacteria that cause acne. This toner has 5 key ingredients that work to hydrate skin, cleanse skin, sooth irritation, and keep acne at bay. I do use this after cleansing – but I also use it after applying makeup throughout the day because it hydrates my skin and makes my makeup look a little more fresh and not so powdery!

Coconut Face Cream: I am ALL about serious hydrating… anything. Accutane left my skin super dry and as nice as it is not to be pouring oil – I can see how it is equally as bad to have dry skin! I hate when my skin feels dry but I really hate when it looks dry after makeup application. I am so picky about skincare now because if I really moisturize and care for my skin before makeup – – the makeup looks better and smoother and more ‘flawless’. I use the word lightly because I do not have great skin but I’ve tried so many products and I’ve seen first hand that truly hydrating products are game changers in the way makeup looks and wears! I love the Coconut Face Cream because it is very rich and moisturizing. It is made up of coconut oil and other key ingredients that help lock in the moisture that comes from the coconut oil!

*FYI for my oily girls!* If you are oily, oily products are GOOD for your skin! Blemishes are often made up of oils that have hardened within your pores and the best way to get rid of them are to introduce GOOD oils. So once you get rid of the bad oils, the good oils will then help regulate it all – if that makes sense. If you use drying products, that causes your skin to produce excess oil so it is essential to regulate it! Using too many drying products is counter effective!

Coconut Lip Glossy: Oh-my-word! This stuff is so so so good! I can see why it sells out on Sephora a lot!! It is not sticky at all – but very soft and smooth feeling. It makes your lips look wet and glossy but it isn’t tacky or odd feeling. I use it every night before bed and every morning while I get ready! It looks SOOO good alone – but I also like applying it on my lip products that are a bit drying!


I love the Kopari line so much! It is good for ANY skin type – whether oily or dry! Since I struggle with dryness and dullness, I loved seeing that it made my skin a little more dewy and fresh, ya know? I feel like my complexion overall was brighter! I actually  discovered the line on Sephora a while back when I filtered skincare down to ‘best selling’ and saw that several of the products from Kopari. So far I have only tried the 4 products from this kit but there are two products in my cart I am going to try next! One is the Coconut Body Glow and the other is the Coconut Melt. I really wanted to try this because it removes all types of makeup but it works on your hair and in general is really hydrating. I figure if it is like the other products it will be super moisturizing and also make my skin and hair healthier!

Right now Kopari is running an interesting campaign about accepting compliments [#CoconutCompliments]. It is all about accepting compliments instead of denying them or deflecting them. AND, I’ll be honest, I am SO bad about receiving compliments – I am plain awkward with them. This past December I was in NY and was hanging out with Jaclyn Hill & Rachel Barkules. If you aren’t familiar, the two are sisters and Jaclyn is a famous YouTuber w/millions of followers/subscribers. I’ve met up with them a few times the past couple of years and on this particular night Jaclyn totally called me out on how I receive compliments. She was like “Emily, just accept it and say thank you!!!”. After that night I started catching myself deflecting compliments and realized she was right – it is so weird how women do that, right?! I think we can be so hard on ourselves sometimes so it is important to just accept compliments, be grateful, and return a compliment! Women empowering other women is the best – and it doesn’t happen as often as it should. I’m tagging you all in the challenge to learn to accept compliments and return compliments. I will never forget the night I was with Jaclyn because she said a few other memorable things that were so empowering – they gave me chills. In general, life is so much more fun if you are willing to be positive and speak life into others! I really love that Kopari came up with this idea – I think it is so cool!



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