TEE: Free People [wearing xs, runs large!] | SHORTS: Articles of Society [under $50 – highly recommend! I sized up.] | SANDALS: Gucci | HAT: Lack Of Color | NECKLACES: Jennifer Zeuner, Made By Mary | WATCH: Michele | BRACELET: The Styled Collection | BELT: Gucci [read my full sizing posts HERE]

LUKE || Wearing Kickee Pant PJs [all he wears to sleep in!] & Maxi Cosi stroller

Hellooooo from the Dallas!! If you don’t know, we live about four hours from Dallas and we LOVE to come here! We make the road trip frequently for work things! Luke’s birthday is Friday so we actually cancelled our plans and decided to stay put this week and just make the quick trip to Dallas. BUT, it wasn’t as ‘quick’ as usual. So, Luke loves his carseat and always has – and apparently he is not ready to move out of it! His car seat has never been an issue – he has always slept on all road trips and even trips across town! It’s nice and dark and cozy and he’s more reclined and can relax. Maxi Cosi sent us the ‘big boy’ lol version of it a few months ago and I figured since he is turning one it was time to give it a try! Apparently it was a bad call because he prefers his regular carseat over it! He still fits in it just fine so I think he just enjoys it better than sitting up straighter, ya know? Any who, I work on road trips – I usually work the best on road trips because there are no distractions and we have wifi so I am not limited at all.. We loaded up and I got in my car and got Luke in his new seat and started working and low and behold he was not going to have it.. nope!!! I ended up having to entertain him the whole time! And we would pull over just to get him out. It’s a really nice carseat and I think he will like it eventually but he was so tired and just couldn’t fall asleep! I felt really bad that I didn’t test it out just driving around town instead of driving to Texas! Anyway, just a little real life update. I’ve learned my lesson! And this blog post is going up a little late since I didn’t get to get as much work done on the drive here. OH! Also, he does love being in the stroller with the frontward facing seat! This was his first time using it in this particular stroller and you could tell he was loving it!!! 🙂

I thought I’d share this entire outfit simply because it’s a more casual, practical look and I have worn all pieces individually a lot. I also wanted to mention that I did buy this Louis Vuitton Keepall USED – and this is not sponsored in any way. I buy all of my bags new and in store – for many reasons but one being that I do occasionally grow tired of a bag and if I decide to sell it – I want for the new owner to have all of the original packaging, ya know? However, I knew years ago when I purchased the Keepall that I wouldn’t be selling out since I’d use it for travel and it wouldn’t remain in perfect condition. When I bought it used, it was in amazing condition – little signs of wear but it did not come w/the box or dustbag- which was okay with me! I got it from Fashionphile and they have a shop off of Rodeo drive and they guarantee ALL are authentic so I didn’t have to be concerned about that! SO, just a tip if you are on the hunt for a bag like this! I believe mine is the 60?! This one looks like a great deal! I’ll see if I can log in and find where I purchased it – its been forever! But I will tell you what I paid and the exact size!


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