Boy, oh boy! The term ‘essence’ in the beauty world just got my attention in the past 6 months. I was watching a YouTuber talk about her favorite essences and I was like “wait, what?!” – I didn’t really know it was a ‘thing’. So I started researching and trying to fully understand the concept of an essence in your beauty routine because I am always, always trying new skin care products. I am talking – I try new skin care each week – it is one of my favorite parts of my job. I have struggled with ‘bad’ skin the past 15 years so I am obsessed with discovering ‘game changing’ products. Lol, that is my word for them – ‘game changers’. I use that when I love something a lot and see a great difference and consider it a holy grail, can’t-leave-home-without product!

Really quickly, let me update you if you are not familiar. Essences are popular within Asian skincare and they are said be a concentrated formula – much lighter than a serum. They are made to brighten dull skin, improve texture, & target fine lines and wrinkles. One thing that caught my eye and that really sold me on trying an essence was that it helps your other products absorb better. It also speeds up the skin’s natural turnover rate – meaning that your skin is being renewed quicker w/cell turnover.

So, I decided to try an essence in preparation for Luke’s birthday- I tried SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. It is referred to as ‘Miracle Water’ which makes quite the statement and also makes you judge it a little harder, lol! I was like “hmmm, we shall see!”. I partnered with them on this and used the product 2x per day for one month. Everyone says they see changes in just a month of implementing it into your routine. Me… well it didn’t take me a month – it took maybe 5 days of using it 2x per day. I absolutely LOVE this stuff! In preparation for Luke’s birthday I decided to do the #OneBottleAwayFrom challenge and I am so glad I did! You all may remember but when I was pregnant my skin was a mess! Super dry. Textured. The list goes on.. I agreed to try this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 5 weeks in hopes for better skin by the time Luke turns one. I was a little taken aback when I saw a difference 5 days in – I thought it was in my head but I kept using it and loved it more and more. I have taken it on every trip we’ve been on and I don’t let any go to waste! I skip the cotton ball and apply it with my fingers so I don’t waste product.

So here’s a quick summary:

I feel like my skin is back on track just in time to celebrate Luke turning one! I love that it brightens my skin [esp the skin around my eyes!]. I love that I saw my other products working better and making my skin softer! I loved seeing my skin become smoother overall – that was huge.

The only ‘con’ was the glass bottle – I was so worried it was going to break while traveling!! It didn’t though – thank goodness – no one wants to lose their Miracle Water like that. I did have someone recommend pouring it into a small travel spray bottle that way it is more travel friendly and I can spray it on and not waste any product!

Overall – it gets an A+ and is a regular part of my skincare routine.

Have any of you tried it and loved it?! I want to hear your thoughts!

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Thanks to SK-II for sponsoring todays post.

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41 thoughts on “I Tried An Essence For One Month.. My Thoughts / Review

  1. these pictures are so sweet and tender. Luke is just precious! Have tried essences but not this one. need to pick one up!

  2. thanks for sharing this post. I was actually considering getting estee lauder’s advanced night repair serum. it is quite an investment for me. so I want to ask you – which one would you recommend, this essence product or estee lauder? I am looking for something to improve my skin overall- brighten my skin, even out my skin tone, slow down aging (I am 31), make my skin soft, smooth, and plump.

    1. The EL product is super good – I would try it for sure!! I have done posts on other products I love that hydrate and bump my skin if you want to scroll back through my skincare content! 🙂

  3. I decided to try this one on the recommendation of another blogger [chronicles of frivolity- i appreciate what bloggers share greatly] – and i am ***so*** glad you posted too – i love your site and your son is the cutest…

    i am glad to see that you saw quick results, I was really thinking I was nuts…my skin felt tighter/firmer after the first use [i’d been outside all day at a track meet and my skin loved this immediately]…my complexion looks better – brighter as my particular shade is prone to looking drab…and it seems two dark spots i was freaking over have paled a bit…i can’t wait to see what a month looks like.

    may god bless you richly and thanks again for providing such a great site!

    1. Thank you! I actually forgot to link them but went back and fixed it so they are now linked within the post- so sorry about that!

  4. I have tried it and i loved it. Yes, everything you said is how i felt too, my makeup just looked like it laid better on my face, brighter, more even.

  5. Hi, EmIly!

    Could you please email me with advice on a skincare routine? I took aCutane 2 years ago and i think my acne is coming back. Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Hey girl! IF you go back to my skin care and beauty posts before Accutane I actually posted about them!! 🙂

  6. Hi! Can you please link the product? I might be missing it, but couldn’t find it in the description, like your usual posts.

  7. LOve your blog and all yOur storieS. You talked aBout how Much you lOVe Henri dauSsi rings. Your current ring is gorgERous! WouLd you share in An email your ring styLe Number. I’m currently Looking to update my current ring. Thank You so much!

  8. I loved mine too, and I was the comment about the spray bottle! It works great. I might try another korean essence but if it isnt as good i will by the sk11 again for sure.

    1. I KNOW. It is high- I agree. I would recommend purchasing from Sephora so that you can try it for a week or so and see if you see a difference and if not possibly return? But a lot of people are commenting saying they saw a different quickly too – tho it does take 4 weeks per the brand!

  9. i have seen this with so many bloggers and read great reviews. i am so glad it is doing wonders for your skin. your skin truly looks amazing.

    for me it is just way too much $$$ to spend on one product. as much as i love that i would do amazing things for my skin…i don’t think i can ever pay that much lol its just way over my budget. 🙂

    but i truly appreciate the honesty and love you share with us esp for skincare. bc i am constantly on the hunt for great skincare products too. esp to reduce the look of acne scars, redness and dark circles.


  10. You mentioned that you saw a difference around your eyes. Can you tell me how closely you got to your eye area? I purchased this and wondering what the boundaries are. thanks for the review!

  11. Week two was also the week before my period. I thought for sure I’d get a pimple smack dab in the center of my forehead, like I did the last two periods, but I didn’t! I also didn’t really get any around my chin or cheeks, and for the last two periods I’ve had breakouts in those areas. One day at the end of week two, leading up to my period, a pimple tried to emerge from my chin, but I put on a patch (every time I say anything about applying them damn patches I think of Nicorette) and it was gone the next day. I also substituted my Benton toner for my Clinique toner, and my exfoliating pads for my Clinique scrub that day, too. I used the Clinique because it feels more “chemical-y” (I know I sound crazy), and I really wanted something STRONG to fight any potential flare ups since my period was any day now. The K-beauty products could have been just as effective, but I was a little nervous because I know how my skin can get around the time of my period. Happy to report, no major breakouts.