If you all have followed me for the past year, you are probably aware that I am super close with my mom – or you may know of her as ‘Coco’. My mom and is like a sister to me or a BFF really. She has THE most fun sense of humor – no joke – I am always laughing with her. Laughing until I’m crying to be honest! Especially if my sister is with us!! My mom is my opposite in so many way – she is not Type A —– at all. :/ She is extremely creative, witty, silly, laid back, etc. John always says “why are you two laughing? Nothing funny happened? Why are y’all still laughing?” because we have little inside jokes or silly things that just always keep us laughing. It is hard to explain because I know what he means but we just have that type of connection! Anyway, so yes we are opposites in many ways but we are total opposites in our outward appearance / features as well. People make comments about it all the time because no one expects us to be mother-daughter – until they hear us converse! 🙂

Anyway! My mom comes every other weekend when John is super busy at work- she has been our life saver!! She helps us tremendously and we’d be lost without her! When she comes- she brings basically nothing except for new books and things for Luke. She uses all of my hair, makeup, shoes, clothing, skin care, etc. We wear the same size in pants, tops, shoes, belts, etc. so it’s nice that she can just borrow my things and not have to pack, ya know? [Okay, I promise I have a point!!] Basically, when she comes she wears my clothing and I’ll post a video of her on my IG-Story and she will be wearing something I wore a week ago or just 2 days ago on my blog/IG. I will get e-mails and comments from people asking “where’s your mom’s outfit from?!”. It happens literally every.single.time! We always laugh because we think it has to do with our different coloring, possibly? Like, maybe blondes notice her outfits more because they are seeing them on a fellow blondie?! Does that make sense? Anyway, over the weekend she was in town and she was looking for something to wear in my closet. And I said “let me pick out your outfit and and fix your hair… and make you look like me!”. She changed outfits like 5x!! I had her in a cadet cap with black jeans and a black top and wedges initially – because that is an outfit I’d wear day-to-day but after lots of changing we decided to kind of match!!! It was so fun. I always tell her she’s like my little blonde doll because she’s fun to dress! It’s interesting to see how outfits I don’t like on me will look so good on her with her coloring!

So after lots of outfit changes and tons of laughing/crying, I told her I was going to fix her hair and bronze her skin [she loves when I do her contour!]. She has a totally different hair texture than me so I love love love fixing her hair! I have this Infiniti Hot Air Brush that works soooooo well on her hair – especially when it needs a little pick me up. It’s meant to be a tool you use to style your hair as you dry it, which is amazing if your hair isn’t terribly thick or heavy.  I don’t use it like that on myself simply because my hair takes a ton of heat and power to get all of my hair dry. But I do use it on myself after my hair is dry just to get a little bit of volume and smoothness at the top of my head (around my crown and also my bangs!). Not even sure if that makes sense or not but basically when my hair is almost fully dry, I use the Hot Air Brush just to smooth out key sections. My moms hair is a little more easy to work. But on this particular day, I used it to kind of refresh her hair since it was a little flat and needed a [literal] pick me up! She loves loves loves volume in her hair so I used the brush to kind of lift the roots and make her hair look freshly washed! Sidenote, I get my Conair products at Target! I have several of THESE curling irons – in different sizes because they are so good. My mom doesn’t live near a Target so on the weekends she is here – we always go to Target… for *one* thing of course, ha!

Anyway, just a little tip if you are trying to make your hair last longer between washes- this tool is a game changer! I also love the 2-in1 Styler as well – I did a post all about that back in December! It is amazing because you can use it to straighten your hair OR curl your hair! I love love love the look of hair curled with a straightener – it has a different look to it, ya know?! The curls are a little tighter but also a little shinier – and I think that’s why they last a little longer!

[PS. I get asked what my favorite travel steamer is and THIS is the one we take with us EVERYWHERE!]


Any who! Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner I am partnering with Conair to giveaway TWO of their Hot Air Brushes!! 


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Thanks to Conair for sponsoring today’s post.

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225 thoughts on “My Mom Let Me Dress Her Up Like Me.. A Mother’s Day Post + Giveaway

  1. my mom and i always end up getting each other a lovely flower basket, it’s just funny that every year we pick out nearly the same one.

  2. This was the sweetest post! I can’t decide between gifting my mom some pieces from her favorite boutique or treating her to a mani/pedi! I’m actually thinking we will just do both 🙂

  3. my mom is totally my best friend. i have an identical twin sister and when all 3 of us ladies get together, there is an endless amount of laughter. Just like you and your mom, target is our jam . my mom is always surprising me in HUMORous ways and it just brings us closer . i do miss my mom like crazy though and living in SEPARATE states can get really tough sometimes.

  4. Aw this is a cute post! i would like to receive skincare products lol sounds odd, but i need new skincare products to help get a glow back into my skin and reduce the look of breakouts, scars and redness! 🙂

  5. I love this post because my whole life, my mom always told me i was her best friend. I am an only child and my dad was away for work a lot, so i literally went everywhere with her (I even remember sitting in class with her while she was in nursing school). As I have gotten older and had ups and downs, that friendship has really become so much better.

    Every year for Mother’s Day, i take her to a local u-pick blueberry farm. We pick blueberries, drink blueberry lemonade, eat blueberry cobbler, and then complain about how sick we feel from all of the blueberries. Also, shes been talking nonstop about how good my Donna KaraN deodorant smells :).

  6. My mom is like my best friend as well. We are super close love all of the same ThIngs and always have a blast together, especially when we shop! I always like to get her somethihg special for mothers day since she is always there for me. I get her jeWelry, spa lIke items, or makeup!

  7. I would love to get a porch swing for mothers day. I have always wanted one and we finally have a porch that one would look great on. my mother passed away several years ago so mothers day is a very bitter sweet day for me. I would love to be able to spend the day with my mom who like you was my very best friend. not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. my own children are 25 & 20 and they will probably come visit me that day.

  8. Happy almost moThers day! Fun fact about my mom and i: we soUnd exactly the same on thE phone! People always get confused!

  9. I love the inside jokes my mom and i have…we make up silly names for everyone in our family, including pets. they’re always changing and one name will eventually morph into a different one. 🙂

  10. Me and my mom look nothing alike either!!! Total opposites; ) one of my favorite memories involves my mom, me, and my brother, and Emily, her mom, her sister and brother! we went to the pool in pine bluff one summer and had the best time! I’m pretty sure I remember emily crying a lot (hahahaha) and my brother having to go get stitches….!!!!

  11. THis is my first mothers day as a new mommy to a baby boy! EEK! SO excited about celebrating this first holiday with him! I am asking my husband for some new Sephora products and a this beautiful BP maxi from NOrdstrom!

  12. My mom currently struggles with MS and isn’t too good at doing her own hair and makeup so this would be something awesome to use on her! i’m a makeup fanatic and i’m always giving my mom some of my makeup and tools like beauty blenders. sometimes she’ll let me actually do her makeup and thats the best but shes always asking me to do her hair because it’s been dyed so many times it is now kind of frizzy and she needs help with it. she’s the one who got me so into skincare so for mothers day i bought her the perricone MD Cold plasma neck and chest cream.

  13. I love my mom because we are always laughing/crying when we are together! She has been wanting some new summer dresses so That is what im going to get her! 🙂 sidenote: i’m from clarksville also and love to read your blog!! ❤️

  14. Hey Emily,

    Love your post and your blog – best part of my day! My husband and I are purchasing concert tickets for our mothers to see Fleetwood mac in seattle. both of our moms are such inspirations and blessings to us! happy mothers day to you, too!

  15. my mom had me at a very young age, we are so close! Now that I am older I am noticing myself make the same noises and faces as my mom! its so funny when we do it at the same time!

  16. I love this post emily! my mom and i are super close as well and she always steals my clothes when she’s in town! 🙂 i usually gift kendra scott for mother’s day but this year i may switch it up!

    xo, caitlin

  17. My mom is just like yours, my absolute best friend! She is gigi to my kiddos & they beg for her constantly! We found out she has parkinsons a year ago when i was pregnant but that hasnt stopped her from helping me 24/7 with the kids wHile my hubs is busy working! I’ve been stalking your insta lately for some good mother’s day Ideas & i got her some makeup from your sephora sale story!

  18. Already subscribed to Your blog:) I am gifting my mom to lunch date and mani and pedi her favOrite!!

  19. I have followed you for MONTHS now and had no idea you lived in Tulsa! I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN TULSA but followed my honey to SOUTH CAROLINA 5 years ago. We got engaged last weekend so i finally subscribed to your page today, to follow new trends and maybe catch a glimpse of home!

    you’re amazing, keep it up!

    -Kenzie Hartman

  20. LOved this post! my mom and i actually look like twins – so much so that we have won a mother-daughter contest! but like you and your mom, are personalities are pretty different – she doesn’t ever get stressed whereas i have to be in control! still, whenever we get together, it’s always a bunch of laughs. loved your sweet post! happy mother’s day to you and your sweet mama!

  21. I usually try to get my mother a creative Gift. But, this year i am gifting her a pottery barn gift card. She is in the middle of remodeling. Therefore, she can pick whatever her heart desires! I loved this posT, btw!!!

  22. This is my first mother’s day as a new mom and my mom’s first as a grandmother, so I got my mom a nashelle charm necklace with my son’s birthstone. I think she will love it!

  23. I look forward to reading your blog when you have a new post and I also love looking at all the pictures of your outfits and what stores carry the pieces. unfortunately My mom isn’t really into fashion which is opposite of me but I think for mother’s day I will probably get her a new outfit.

  24. My SISTER and I decided to make our mom a BREAKFAST fruit AND PASTRY ARRANGEMENT anD MIMOSA bar! Complete with fun napkins and champagne gLASSES

  25. Hi Emily!

    My relationship with my mom is very similar to yours, and we are like best friends. We love to go shopping together and are always more in sync then her and my siblings. Both her and i have long, thick, black hair and understand the struggle it is to fully dry our hair. However, we’d love to try the air brush. In fact, when you did the 2-in-1 post last december, I went ahead and bought it right away and love it. So looking forward to try more of your products!

  26. Aw, this post is the sweetest! my mom and i are very close but opposites also. she is an extremely extroverted social butterfly and i love my quiet time and need to be alone to recharge 🙂 i like to say she keeps me young, because she’s always encouraging me to get out and have fun when i am being particularly homebody-ish! her love of life is truly contagious.

  27. I will cook for mY mom on Mother’s day and we’ll go to the spa together. I’m a mom myself so as a gift i love to spent time with my family.

  28. My mom and I are bEst friends too! Id be lost without her. Recently shes been complaining about her dry skin so im doing a full basket of my fave hydrating products for mothers day! I love seeing you and youR mom together. You can tell She Has such a sweet sOul And that you INHERITED it 🙂

  29. For mothers day i’m Giving my mom a pamper day! We always start with giving her a makeover in the morning, a late brunch, and then pedicures. I absol love spending the day with her shopping and laughing! I have two sisters, so we love girls day!

  30. My mom and i have a similar relationship. she is my best friend. i am one of four girls and until recently (now that we are all out of the house) she didn’t buy herself much. it is so fun to see her buy herself things and get to spend time shopping and on herself! she is the most loving, selfless woman i know!

  31. I have a similar relationship to my mom like you do! we are super close, she is more like my best friend than mom…esp now that I am older and grew out of my teen years 🙂 my mom is also blonde and I have dark hair just like you! for mothers day I got her a super cute personalized birthday sign that has all of our families birthdays on it! you can never go wrong with something from etsy.

  32. Happy Mother’s day to you and your beautiful Mom.
    My mom and i are pretty much the same. She is my bff/sister and was my life saver when my son was younger. he’s 20 now in college at LSU and she’s still my life saver. We both are complete opposites. she’s the Queen of makeup, fair, blonde and prissy and I’m the queen of fashion, tan, brunette and tomboyish. we makeup what the other one lacks. we can’t go more than a day with out speaking to one another. My Mom has done so much for my son and me that no gift could measure up to what she has given us. I just want to make sure that she is treated very special on mother’s day and she feels like the most important person in the world to us. don’t know where i’d be with out her. love my mom.

  33. i have always debated whether to buy that conair one…but seems like it might just work in my thin hair….

    me and my mom always take a spa day together…its almost like a tradition! 🙂

  34. My sister and I always take our mom to get mani/pedis before getting tea at The Drake hotel downtown Chicago.

  35. Gotta try this hair tool! As i get odker i tealize im more and more like my mom.i used to hwte hate that idea but as ive become a mom myself, i realize how amazing my mom is and i would be lucky to be more like her!

  36. thanks for mentioning the name of the ud hi-fi shine gloss on your insta today!!! 🙂 for some reason it looked like backtalk b/c i tried matching it with pic you posted lol.

    i would love skincare products for mother’s day…skin needs a boost in glow and softness. 🙂

    thanks again!!! xoxo

  37. I am getting my mom a new hairdryer! i just stalked your blog to find the best recommendations. HAHA gotta love that search tool

  38. My mom passed away in 2012.. i miss talking to her on a daily basis..she would call me everymoring around 10:00 to check in to see how my day was going.. my mother was so calm.. i never heard her raise her voIce.. she was an amazing, And hard working person.. my father passed away when i was 8, my sister was 3 and my brother was 13.. My mom was a very good provider for us.. what a blessing she was to us..
    Thank you..

  39. Love you and your Mom’s relationship – so cute! Whenever I am shopping i basically buy two or three of everything – one for me, my sister and my mom! We dont get to see each other often enough to share so this way we all can enjoy the great finds!

  40. Mum needed a small saucepan to replace her old one so i purchased a beautiful ruffoni copper one online. it was 7.5cm ‘big’ – i thought that sounded fine. but when i received it it was tiny – don’t think she will even be able to boil an egg in it! anyway – we will both have a laugh when she opens it up!!

  41. My mom and I love going to tea on mothers day every year together! our favorite place in Chicago is at the Deer Path Inn or at the drake hotel. she used to take me when I was little and now I take her every year! we both love tea so much, she even had my entire bridal shower as an adult elegant “tea party”, so fun! adorable pictures of you and your mom! happy early mothers day to you both!

  42. My mom cracks me up all the time. My dad recently passed away last fall and we Have GrOwn closer together, which has been such a blessing. my mom loves so many things but will not buy them for herself, so i have been seeing all the items she likes and then ordered them for her. On motHer’s day she will for sure be Getting everything she wants! Happy early mother’s day to you and your momma =)

  43. My mom is like my best friend too! A fun thing about my mom and i is that we love going to concerts together as silly as it may sound. For example, she attends Justin Bieber concerts with me and i attend justin timberlake concerts with her 😉 lol

  44. Your MOM is so cute! I am taking my mom out for brunch on mothers day, we do THat every year. What do YOU want from John and Luke Bear ??? for mothers day? I bought the Le Labo perfume i saw on your blog yesterday, a Mothers day gift FOR myself! Haha! ?

  45. My Mom and I have an interesting relationship where we tke thrns taking care of eachother due to our various chronic illnesses.

  46. Love following along! Im getting my mom to start using high end products & better drug store products and Introducing them to her as i can! For mothers day i got her several things. I got her thE urban decay naked lipstick for her to try!!

  47. I would love to win this for my mom because she is the most giving and loving person that i know and i love her so much 🙂

    I would love to gift this for her and take her out to her fave restaurant.
    my email is perezashley60@hotmail.com

  48. You two look like sisters! She must have had you when she wAs 5!

    I love following your blog amd one reasonis because of The beautiful connection with your mOm! My mom is also blonde and although we dont share clothes anymore we do sometimes show up to a place wearing the same top or accessory which is funny! Great minds think alike!! Happy mom’s day!

  49. Your post today was beauitfully written. I recently lost my bEloved mommA, and she too was my best friend. Something fun about my Mom was She was an avid animal lover and many called her dr. Doolittle because she just had a way with animals, she too rescued them. For mothers day, im going to plant flowers with my 5 year old baby gIrl. You and your mom are beauitful together, cherish each and every moment. Xoxo

  50. My mom and i arw close too! It she woukd never let me style her hair 🙂 for mother’s day i’d love a day relaxing at the pool with My 3 kids and husband and then out to dinneR and drinks!

  51. I love this post. Your mom is so gorgeous. I hope my girls and i have a relationahip like you all!

    I am hoping my husbaNd picked Up the hint that i want new DisHes for mother’s Day….. we will see 🙂

    Take care!

  52. One of the lovliest things i have ever WITNESSED Was watching my baby become a mom-that first time of Seeing her “moTher” her own child Took my breath away. That’s my Forever gift!


  54. Thanks for the giveaway entRy! My mom is my best friend, Our RELATIONSHIP reminds me of you and your moM (or what I imaginE yours to be). She’s always there when I need her, and I always seek her opinion on things. She’s kind of the life of the party and to know her is to love her.

  55. My momis my go to or EverythinG when it comes to parenting questions! She is so incredibly smart and always great tips. ShE is So loving amd loves to spend time with my kids and I. I dont lnow what id do with

  56. My mom is amazing and my Go to pwrson whenever im
    Stressed or have. Queation aBout parenting. She has this amazonf eay of making you feel calm and loved no matter what. She lives to be with my children aNd I, and i would be lost without her!

  57. My mom and i were best friends as weLl, but sadly she passed 3 years ago From a very aggressive thYroid cancer. EnJoy every minute you have with your mom. I will enjoy my day wIth my kids and HusbanD REMINISCING ABOUT my mom!! Happy firSt mother’s day!

  58. I love this! I am expecting so we are giving my mom a grandma book and buying her favorite bakery items.

  59. You Guys are too cute! Well I just had a baby boy on May 2nd so that is my mOst precious gift.?
    OthErwise the coMplicity with your mom is adorable.

  60. My MOM…..Where do I even begin?!? She is my #1 fan, my bff, and my mentor. She taught me how to be a mom❤. this lady is a warrior woman. She helps me every day with our kids, volunteers at their school(she’s a retired teacher), serves her Church, and volunteers at the local theater…..i only hope to be a fraction of her amazingness someday! I plan on taking a gardening clad together for mother’s day…. quality time is her love language?

  61. Me and my mOm look so much alike and we both have the same style so if shes ever shopping she will pick us up something and we both share Tops. I like my Tops to fit a little bigger and itll fit her perf. When ever i go home we always sWap out Our toPs. I also think mOm and my Fav thing to do is shop which is exaCtly what we are doing fOr mothers day!

  62. I will probably get my mom flowers. she’s always saying she doesnt need more ‘things’ and who doesn’t love flowers??

  63. My Mom is the reason why I am so confident in who I am. She taught me that i can do and wear whatever I want and not to let others looking judging or talking about me to upset me because at the end of the day the only person that needs to be comfortable in my skin is me. She is my best friend to this day and one hell of a grandma to my babies.

    Thanks for chance

  64. I treasure our mother/ daughter time with my Only daughter. From our lunch dates, spa dates and coffee dates they are simply the best. You and your mom are adorable together! Ha happy Mother’s Day to you both.

  65. Ahh love this! I honestly do the same thing with my momma (kar)! Shes like my living “my size barbie” aha Im only a dog mom so heres hoping he makes an appearance and Nordstroms and finds me some goodies but MOre than likely will just end up with a puppy kiss which is almost as good aha kar will be in cali for my brothers gRaduation so will likely send her some flowers and her own version of the top she Keeps stealjng when she visits aha . Hope you have a wonderful mothers day!! Xo

  66. Such a sweet post! My daughter has dark hair and i’m blonde. She’s 32 and we have a similar RELATIONSHIP. We often laugH til we cry!! My mom and i are also very close. I have two sisters and we are all close with our mom. She is 83 and was recently diagnOsed with dementia but we are making the bEst of it. We got her a Ferragamo bag for Mother’s Day. She has always been well dressed and it was time for a new bag so we spoiled her!

  67. this post reminds me so much of me and my mom! Its so hard being in college and not Being able to see her as often as id like 🙁
    I would love to win this to give to her as part of her mother’s day Gift! She deserves the world and more!!!!

  68. When i was in high school people would always think my mom and i were sisteRs! She is the best mom and the best grandmother to my daughteR. She coOmEtely adores her and has to facetime us everyday since she lives 1.5 hours away. For mothers day i would like to be able to Sleep in and get a massage or facIal (maybe both?!?!)

  69. My mom is my besT friend. I am A 3rd grade inclusion/sped classroom teacher (i absolutely love it) Because my mom is retired…and i have yet to guve her any Grandbabies (not yet!), she treats all of my students like her own. She visits the classroom once a week, reads to them, Discover their interests, likes and dIslikes. She asks about them on a daily and just has a heart of gold. She contributes to our classroom not only in materials, but the love she gives my kiddos. I am beyond blessed to have her, and it warms my heart seeing you and your mom, because we are the same way. THank god I have the mom i do because she is my walking angel and the sister i never had… i hope you both Have a wonderful mother’s Day em! Your blog is my little get away on streSsful days! Hugs!! Xx—Ashley

  70. I love traveling with my mom! We have the best time Together people watching and exchanging magazines. Both of us enjoy vacation for two reasons: 1. Sleeping in & 2. Trying new restaurants!

  71. As i get older i think i look so much like my mom! Im even getting grey hair in the same spots! I would love to go to church then a nice breakfast on mothers day. Thats all. 🙂

  72. We got family pictures done for my mom! Havent had them Done in almost 20 years ? My poor mom lol

  73. My mom has one of the most beautiful souls i have ever seen. My sister and I will be gifting her a PicNic day in wine country.

  74. I just love this post. My mom and i are super close too. When i still lived at home we would shAre certain clothes (she’s 5’9 and i’m 5’5). I’m so lucky to have sUch an amazing mom. Thanks for always sharing, i love your blog!

  75. I’m Currently Studying abroad so i’m sending my mom eDible arrangements and flowers – of CoUrse!!!

  76. This is my first mother’s day, I’M soo excited! I was the only one miss in my family, so i was the one PREPARING and making the day special for the others. Now it’s the guys(fathers) turn to MAKE the day special(that will be interesting). Can’t wait.

  77. I love mY mom sO much! I love to give her little “makeovers” too because she works so hard and doesnt make enough time for herself. For mothers day i will doing her makeup and then taking her out to a fUn mommy daUghter dinner!

  78. I admire how much you love your mom! A mOther daughter relationship only blooms over time – I am the spitting image of my mom and havE soooo many of her teNdancies! What a fun way to spoil your mama when she Visits!

  79. Your mom is as beautiful as You, & You look like sisters! My mom passed 30 years ago, & she also was a beautiful woman, inside & out. We also were very close, & if we were out together, pEople always commentEd that we looked like Sisters. You are so verY blessed to have your mom in your lIfe & in LUke’s life. I miss my mom terribly, & it makes me sad that she never got to meet my husband & my kids!

  80. I just adore your mom, Coco. What a blesding she is To you and your sweet little family.

    THIs Mother’s Day i only wish To be with all three of my kids. They live all over the world so it is hard to get Together.

  81. Happy eARly mothers day to you!!! I lOve mothers day this year im sending my mom a rain coat lol! She just started a mew jo as a flight attendant and Wanted One for Outside rain travel. I pray the hubbs remembers anything for me cauSe his birthdy Is the day before??

  82. I still need to shop for my mom for mother’s day! All i want fRom my babies is a handmade card, those are the best ?.

  83. aww…this is such a sweet blog. i think it really is sweet having a special bond with moms. i’m so glad you did a post like this…it’s very different and unique! 🙂


  84. Love all of your posts!!! basically the only blog i read!

    my mom and i love to go shopping together! she is going through a hard time right now and i would love to gift a conair hot air brush for mothers day to help her get her mojo back!

  85. Hi Emily,

    i loved reading this blog post, since i am very close with my mom as well. fun fact, we are very opposite as well. she is blonde just like your mom while i have red hair, so not many people immediatly realize that we are mom and daughter 🙂 unfortunately i won’t be able to spend mother’s day with my mom this year since she’s on vacation in spain but there is this really cute website called glacelis.com (also on instagram) who make the cutest personalized gifts. so i’ll get her a personalized gift from their website and mail it to her. my sister (also an incognito daugher of mym mom since she is a red-head as well lol) made me the cutest personalized mug ever which i drink my coffee out of everyday. since you and your family a big coffee drinkers as well, that might be a cute gift idea at some point.
    regarding the hot air brush, my hair texture is similar to your mom’s (long but not super thick) and I am not yet super versed with hot styling itmes. Hence that hot air brush might be great for uping my game when it comes to styling my hair.

    greetings from germany and i hope you and your mom will have a fun and sweet mother’s day!

  86. my mom asked for a pair of shoes she had picked out for mothers day. Easy!! Thank you for this giveaway. great products.

  87. Hahahaha, you describing how you and your Mom laugh is exactly like me and my Mom! One day my husband came in the room when we were “facetiming” and asked why we were “fighting”. Well, we were not! We were talking in portuguese and we get sooooo animated in our conversations that we speak louder and louder!

  88. My mom never wants anything for Mother’s Day! But i think I may get her a sodastream because she and my dad drink sooo much seltzer! Have a great Friday! 🙂

  89. I thought this was a great idea for mothers day. Im super close with my mom and shes always aSking me to do her makeup and style her hair. This year i was planning on givIng her a bag of goodies with my favorite make up products. This hair tool wOuld be a great addition for her!

  90. My mom is my everything. this year i made her a chatbook with photos from my wedding plus photos of just her and her friends and our family. i think she’ll really love it.

  91. love this post – You and your mom are so cute! My mom is my best friend as well! I’m pregnant this mother’s day and it’s my mom’s first grand child (!!! she is so incredibly excited). She has decided that she’s too cool to be called grandma, she wants to be called jo mama. So for Mother’s Day I ordered her a cute little t-shirt and personalized necklace with “jo Mama” on them. I’m so thankful for her example as I begin my journey into motherhood 🙂

  92. My mom is also a lifesaver! She has helped us out since day one with my now 8yr old daughter. just having your daughter to be able to experience the unconditional love of a grandmother is the best gift anyone could have! (both of my grandmothers died before i knew them) my mom is one of 14 children so family is extremely important to us! My mom LOOOOves new dishes so i bought her some new serving bowls for mother’s day.. she’ll be over the moon excited even though i’m not sure where she’s going to put them! 🙂

  93. Love seeing new posts about your outfits and where to find them. You look awesome in everything you wear. Even though my mom isn’t really into fashion I think I will get her a new outfit. she is always saying she has nothing to wear.

  94. My mother was the most kind, selfless person i have ever known. She passeD away january 19th. I miss her tremendously. I am traveling to the beach Today to spread her ashes. Cherish everyday with your mother!!

  95. Emily,

    This is the cutest post ever! I love the relationship you have wIth your mom! My mom is someone i’ve amways looked up to and she has been such an insPirAtion to me. My mom Was born in Peru and lost both parents at a Young age so she learned to take responsibility and to work hard very younG. My mom came to the U.S. with her sister, became a citizen, and started out working in warEhouses. She has always told me to Follow my dreams and to never give up. I know she worked hard to make sure we had a decent life and because of her i’m a hard worker like her. I’ve worked through school my entire life while going through Nursing school and i am now pursuing a Masters in Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner. I couldnt have done any of this without my mom aS she has always been my best cheerleader and always believed in me when i thought i couldnt do it. I just hope i have made her Proud And that all the saCrifices she made in her life Were worth it. You and your mother are absolutrly beautiful and I’m so thankFul we were Both blessed with amazing moms. I hope you both have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


  96. ahhh I love this post so much! me and my mom are so close! we use to live less than five minutes apart from each other, but she just recently moved away! its been so hard not having her near me! when I went to visit her last, i did her make up and hair and she loved it! I am gifting her a beach chair since she moved near the beach!

  97. fun giveaway!! you and your mom are so cute:) My daughter doesn’t look anything like me either….I’m a brunette and she is a blonde, but we have so much fun together 🙂

  98. you and your mom are so precious! love how close you are! my daughter is 11 and I see us being this way when she is older…we are already so close now!
    What a sweet give away!
    happy mothers day to you and your mom!

  99. Love your post! I would be giving my mom a make up class 🙂 we are meeting in August a join a class together.

  100. For mothers day we went shopping for her and had lunch! It was so nice spending some alone time together!

  101. Love this post about your mom! Mom’s are the best, right?!
    I made my mom a personalized notebook with photos from the past year. She and I live by our “to-Do” lists. I keep a notebook covered in pics in my purse for all my lists and notes and she loves it.


  103. Love this post so much! It reminds me of my mom and I. I’m a brunette and shes a blondie, too! my mom is the funniest. she always does funny things in stores and always getting us to laugh. she is also like one of my sisters. she is a young, fun, cool mom! 🙂 its never a dull moment with her.

  104. I realized the other day that I have memories of my mom at my age now – making peach jam, watching her grow when she was pregnant with my twin sisters, and overall how incredibly beautiful I thought she was. She still is one of the most gorgeous women I know! 🙂

  105. I’m getting my mom a round trip ticket to visit me in Boston! She lives in atlanta so it isn’t often she gets to visit!

  106. Your Mom is as pretty as you! Fun fact about my Mom…she works at Disneyland as a decorator and loves loves her job!

  107. I am gifting my mom a book from a local author (signed and everything). BTW, your mom doesn’t look old enough to be your mom!!

  108. My mom and I are the same size in most things too! Except shoes: she has such tiny feet and wears a size 5!!! I would say what I got her but she follows you too so I’ll refrain in case she’s reading 🙂

  109. I have a 13 year old daughter and we are best friends already, as I am with my mom! it’s great having that connection and relationship.

  110. I’ve had a couple of Katie Dean pieces on my wishlist since seeing you wear her jewelry. I mighT get My Mom and myslef something from her collection for Mother Day ☺️

  111. I have an awesome Mama. She has been there for all 5 of us kids for everything. She always had Grandma’s day for OUR kids. Now ALL.Of the cousins are so close because they shared so many experiences as kids. As my Mama ages I find myself in the caregiver role. It is my pleasure to be able to pay back in a small way all she has done foe me.

  112. ThIs MOTHER’s day i am taking mY mom to hawaii, she has always wanted to go so i finally planned a trip with her aNd THOUGHT whaT could possibly be a better morje day gift thAn hawaii!

  113. I would love to Give this as a gift for my mom for mothers day. She’s a Breast cancer survivOr and has tRouble doing her hair Due To her Invasive surgery. I’d love to see her smile and feel beautiful because she dEserVes it.

  114. My mom and I always loved going to yard sales and flee markets together. we would laugh so hard sometimes at stuff we would see . we would go out for lunch and just spend the whole day. my mom passed away 4 yrs ago i miss her so much!

  115. I think we’re going to have a little pampering going on this upcoming week. I lOVE Mothers Day……..its my favorite. Happy MotHers Day to you and your Mom ?

  116. I love your top in this post – stylish yet also classic.

    i am planning for a group brunch with my sisters and mom which should be wonderful!

  117. My mom, sister, and i are all Very close, too. I’m getting my mom a deep Freezer for Mother’s Day. Nothing says Happy MotHer’s Day like a new household appliance lol!

  118. In the last year my mother has been through a lot. This year will be the first Mother’s Day without my father (as he passed) so she is looking forward to one of my brother’s coming into town. (There are 7 siblings).
    I think that she and my father loved having a piece of fudge or two at night I am going to make some so that she can enjoy that.

  119. This is so cute! My mom and i have a similar relationship; i love doing her hair and makeup because she wears the same style everyday, change is good. i already gave my mother her mother’s day gift a while ago, she had pipes leak in the main bathroom and it had to torn apart. she didn’t have the time or money to fix it, so one weekend i surprised her with a bathroom makeover. I’ll get her flowers, coffee and some little things on Mother’s day 🙂

  120. Hi! I love reading this and the cute outfits. My mom is the best because she helps with my daughters since i work full time. She will even spend nights at my house so i can rest up. She loves going out with her girlfriends and goes out to restaurants and nordstrom events. It’s funny because she was never like THIS when i was growing UP. So it’s nice to see herself enjoying this time. This year i took my mom shopping at Nordstrom and she picked out her own gifts. This way she got what she actually wanted and she picked out some cute ugg loafers and some clark shoes. ALSO, i plan On taking her out to brunch on sunday. I am looking forward to just relaxing with my family and my mom on mother’s day and really do not need anything. I would rather spend on my mom! <3

  121. Loved your post you did with your mom! I have the top she is wearing and I love it. Where can I find the one you are wearing?

  122. I’m a confirmed email subscriber. I am giving my Mom a new Anolon Cookware set. THanks for the chance! 🙂

  123. Thanks for the contest opportunity for those of us “in the dark”, i.e. not on social media. I read your blog via emails- love it! My mom and i obssess about eyebrows;we Share anastasia brow pencils. I’m 39, she’s 75, but eyeBrow game…timelEss. ❤️

  124. I’m not sure what I’m getting my mom yet! She loves beauty products though so i’m sure i’ll hit up a sephora.

  125. I just love you and your famiLy!!! Makes me at home when i read posts about your momma.
    Mine is my lifesaver!!! My brother and i usually go in and get her something special like a louis that she wouldNt get herSelf and this year im upPing the ante and Getting her a year supply of spark. A powder you add to water that she swears gives her “mental clarity” to get through work! Ha, right mom!!

  126. Mother’s day!
    WEll this year it will be my first time celebrating, as i just gave bIrth to a beautiful baby girl. So this year instead of the usual roses i have sent to my wonderful mother i opted for something a little different. This year i decided to get us matching Shirts, “loving this…” Abuela, mom, & Baby life for us three. To let her know we are always together no matter how many states away we may live.

  127. my mom and i alSo have thar bff bond.. so i Totally get that! For mother’s day, I am gifting her Joanna gaines’ new cookbook, the magnolia taBle! We went to waco for her birthday last year & it was just incredible.. & so now we have decided to make it An annual girls trip & i know she’ll love having a piece of waco in her home via her new cooKbook! Happy mother’s day! 🙂

  128. Super random, but i am having someone install dimmer switches on my parents light fixtures for mothers day! I know my mom will love it!

    love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  129. My Mom is my best friend as well and we always have so much fun together! She loves to go shopping and I love helping her find things that look good on her and styling her! She always does so much for me so i am planning on pampering her a little for mothers day and getting her a pedicure!

  130. I have NO idea what to get my mom for mothers day !! help! but we are just like you and your mom – we wear the same size in everything, including shoes. it is so fun! and my mom is only 20 years older than me. so we relate more like sisters, than mother/daughter!

    I love watching you and coco on ig stories! happy mothers day to you and your mom!

  131. I am always wondering what to get my mother, she isn’t into fashion so much and i have such a plain style. i am always wishing we could start “fashioning” together haha. Great post!

  132. I already subscribe to your blog so I hope that counts as one entry! Usually I get a starbucks gift card for mother’s day because my kids know I love coffee. 🙂
    I would actually love one of these hot air brushes! any little time-saver while getting ready is great for me!

  133. Im home for the summer from college and my mom is soooo I Excited bc she knows how clean it will be 24/7 lol! I plan on getting my mom a summer purse.

  134. My mom woUld love these conair products. She has tHe best hair! She helps me a ton with my boys – like, comes To Pick uP my oldest to take him to school so i can have some downtime. We live In opposite directions of the school but she insists she doesnt mind. Id be lost without her.

  135. I love going to cape May, nj every year with my mom. I always want to cry on my way home because I don’t want it to end.

  136. Love this post! The relationship you have with your mom is so similar to the relationship that i have with my mom. She’s Truly one of my best friends. For mother’s day, i’m treating my mom to a trip to the nail salon. Its her favorite, but It’s sometHing that she usually DOESN’T do for herself.

  137. I love your relationship with your mom! So fun to see how things look completely different on each of you due to your different features. I love It!

  138. I love this post. Im absolutely terrible at doing my haor – actually picked up a few things from your curling video You posted a while back. But My mom is always helping me To do my hair since im awful at it!
    Love your Blog. Its great

  139. Honeslty i would love to just have the roll reversed and have dinner cooked for me. Best mother day gift in my book. Lol

  140. Such a sweet post!!! My mom and I are definitely Opposites in so many ways but yet we are so close!!! For MOTHERS day My family loves to Have a small family dinner And usually Cook My moms favorite meal (whIch is usually fish or some form of seafood). I have not officially decided on what im gOing to get her her but i am thinking of either a pIece of a locally made pottEry she collects or a piece Of jewelry.

  141. I love your blog and always look forward to watching you and your mom interact. I, too Have a best friend in my mother and there is nothing greater! This year For moTherS day i am gifting her stackable rings with her geandchildRens names!

  142. I PLAN TO TAKE MY MOM TO GET HER FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK, SHOPPINg, LUNCH and dinner at my grandma’s. I AM AN ONLY CHILD SO SHE ONLY HAS ME TO SPOIL HER! I am soon to be mom for the first time and excited to celebrate Mother’s Day this year… I wish everyone the best Mother’s Day!!! 🙂 Blessings!

  143. My mom is Also my best friend! We do so much together and she also heLps me so much with my 2 little ones (i also have a luke-he’s 2!). I would be lost without her. We plan on spending mothers day ToGether with my children, husband and some mimosas! 🙂 hAppy mothers Day to you and coco!

  144. This is my first mother’s daY, so im super excited to celebrate with my little family! Honestly, all i want Is to just spend the day relaxing with my hUsband and baby girl. I’d love to win this Bc i just went back to work and it would be a huge help with getting ready!

  145. Happy mother’s day in advance.
    It’s always a treat to have my mom in Town to help out with my kiddos. We have our inside jokes too 🙂
    IM buYing her a pair of shoes shes been eyeing for a while. And id definitely love a spa package to just relax and unwind.

  146. Id love To win this hot brush for my mom! She never glaMs herself up, so id loVe to get her some new clothes and doll her up for mOthers day!

  147. I’m getting my mom jewelRy from Brighton for moTher’s day because it is her favorIte and she wont ever splUrge on it for hereself.

  148. First off let me say, i absolutly love your instagram and blog, i follow you RELIGIOUSLY. You have given me so much fashion/makeup/life advice so thank you ! My mom is the most amazing person to me, shes like my best friend, the relationship you have with your mom reminds me of my relationship with mIne (except im the blonde) for mothers day i have planned to take her for blowouts, mani/pedis and i bought her a fragrance gift set from sephora because she never knows what perfume to buy! I know she would love that brush because Shes been talking about buying one (and of course making me do her hair for her!) Thanks for posting, you are awesome!! INSTAGRAM I_AM_NICOLIEE

  149. Unfortunately, i can only tell you how my Mom was, but that would be more Than Enough. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She loved our family, her job as a pre k teacher, and moSt imporTanTly, god. She was the true definition of Selfless. If i can grow to be half the WOman, she was, it would be more than enough. Sure Do Miss her but still celebrate her during mother’s day!

  150. My mama is the Best! She is fun, kind hearted and always Puts her family first. Her and i loveee to shop. We of course hit target atLeast 2 Times a week. And if were not at target we Are sending each other outfits In texts from your blog aNd of course we use like to know it to order 🙂
    Im buying my mOm anoTher Hermes braclet to go with her other one! Bc she deserves it!

  151. My mom and i are told conSTantly that we look like sisters, aNd its true! We look exacTly alike and she’s my best friend so i can see where they get it, haha! I got her a pandora charm thats two halves of a heart so we each have one, they say “mOther” and “dAughter” like a best friend necklace.

  152. I would love to win this to actually gift it yo my mom!
    I will be getting her some new kicks- tennis shoes for her to work out and then My sister and i will be going shopping with her to Let her pick out a hangbag she likes.
    Thanks for the opportunity!! My mom wouLd this and would make her morning routine much simplier!
    – Savanna p.

  153. My mom and i are super close too. I love spend Time with her. She is eve to me and my kids. For mothers day i boug her match bathi suits. I cant wait to give to her 🙂

  154. I am getting my mom a membership to the local yoga studio! She has been talking about it on and off and i think she is afraiD to commit. It is something we can do together!

  155. I am giving my mom some Hello fresh meals because Then my parents have to try new dishes they might not normally buy themselves, they spend time together, and cook as a team. ?

  156. Hi! I’m Gifting my mom a bunch of “open when” envelopes filled with memories we’ve had over the years as well as an album filled with pictures of my daughter who just turned one two weeks ago. I’m hoping my husband will gift me with a bar necklace engraved with my daughter’s name.

  157. Love everything about your blog!! <3 so this year I'm getting my lovely mum a DIY gift basket full of make-up, hair products and skin care items tailored to her needs an wants! ( I've seen here eyeing them)

  158. Love The relationship between you and your mom! Also love the bond between Her and luke reminds me of my mom with my 10 month old daughter! Makes my heart the happiest. My mom is my bestie and When i go over her hoUse she always wants me to do her hair its Kinda our thing haha. I’m gifting my mom a whole bunch of Keurig accessories She loves her coffee ❤️ I will be celebrating my first mothers day with my daughter earthside so excited!!!!

  159. Love the conair brand !

    My mom is the mOst fun loving, generous person i have ever met! We still love getting ready together before weddings, family get togetherS, and our brunchS, this would be another fun tool we could Use for our Hair!

  160. I`m always helping do my mom`s hair or giving her makeup tricks. it`s the cutest since it was the other way around! tHIS HOT AIR BRUSH WOULD BE PERFECT FOR HER TO GET THE VOLUME SHE STRIVES FOR EVERYDAY 🙂 aNYWAY i LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I`VE FOLLOWED YOU FOR A FEW YEARS NOW AND I`M SO GLAD I DID! YOU SET SUCH A WONDERFUL EXAMPLE!

  161. My mom is my best Friend. This past october she was in a car accident and suffered a brain bleed. She is doinG very well considerinG and has Almost made a full recovery. She has been tHRough so much these past few months and im so thankful she is doing so well. So needless to sAy i want this motHers day to be extra special for Her! She has asked for wind chimes so tHat is what she will be getting! Im so blessed to have her as my mom and i think winning something fun for her woukd make it even more sPecial! Im not a mom yet so jist being able to make my moms day special is all that matters!

  162. Love this posT so much!! For mothers day I leT my mom pick out whatever she wanted! She ended up getting some new planters and some plants to go in them!

  163. I love the relationship you have with your mom, You girls are the cutEst! Me and my older sister are just like yall. We have followed you since before you were PREGNANT with luke! I would love to gift thIs for her as Something we could use on EaChother. She is a mommy of two and due june 8th With a baby girl!

  164. My mom and i are the same! We always have a great time together and are always laughing. She is seriously the strOngest person i know! We live in different states but love to get ready together when we can. I think she would love this brush because she loves volume and Would take down sTyling time in the moRning.

  165. My mom had asked for a new blender several months ago, so I found a smoothie blender I think she’ll enjoy. I sent a pie to my Mother-in-law since she lives out of town. 🙂

  166. I have A RELationship with my mom like yours! she’s my best friend and we do everything together.

  167. My mom and i are the same way!! She’s really my bff 🙂 For mothers day I got her two L’oCcitane gift sets!

  168. Your relationship with your mom sounds so much like mine. I love going to visit my mom, i always wear her clothes and jewelry, i hardly pack for myself!

  169. How cute! I was raised by my mom and my grandmother, and everyone always says we All look exactly alike (give or take a few years ?). All three of us have the same facial profiles! This year for mother’s day My mom, grandmother, and i are going to get massages!

    I would love to win this because both my mom and i blow dry and straighten our hair almost everyday. We both have extremely thick hair (thanks mom!) thEse brushes look so easy to use!!

  170. My mom is My rock. I think for mother’s Day I’m getting her a perfume. She loves to smell good and loves having a lot of perfumes. Im actually Thinking of getting her the Jo mAlone perfume. ThIs conair brush looks awesome. She would also love this since she has really thin hair and can Give her hair volumE. ❤️

  171. Mon and i love to shop! (DUH!:)) We both love your blog. she is from ok and our extended fam is in tulsa and we always tell them about where you post up there. I am getting her a spring cardi from free people that she has been wanting! We both loved the insta story you did with your mom and want to try this!!!! Happy mothers day!

  172. We’re just going to have brunch at my sister’s house and i’ll probably get my mom flowers…and an umbrella – she doesn’t own one!

  173. Love this ADORABLE post!!! My sweet mommy and i always get eachother flowers and some sort of beauty gift! ❤️

  174. I love how close you & your mom are! My Mom & I were the same way. she is now in heaven, but she was the most loving & friendliest person I have ever known. SHe was a fabulous cook, which went over real well with all of my friends! Most of my friends called her mom. She was definitely a girly girl and used hot curlers every morning. so, if she were still here I would have gifted her the 2-in-1 Styler and the Infiniti pro hot air brush for mother’s day. Also, I would like to wish you and coco a Happy Mother’s day!!!