DRESS: Alice & Olivia [wearing size 6] | WEDGES: Steve Madden [run TTS] | WATCH: Michele | EARRINGS: Chanel | BRACELET: Hermes

I’ve been covering SO much more beauty here on my blog the past few months. I’ll be honest, IG-Stories has opened my eyes into how I need to do more home / lifestyle / beauty here on my blog. I used to do 4 fashion posts per week and 1 beauty – for years I did that! And now, due to IG stories, I do so much more skin care and beauty simply because there’s a greater demand for it! I get asked almost daily what foundation, bronzer, gloss, etc. I am wearing so I am trying to incorporate more “recent” favorite beauty posts here. Also, I am working towards doing more lifestyle/home monthly as well. (ALL SKINCARE/MAKEUP/HAIR CONTENT UNDER THE BEAUTY TAB!)

I thought I’d pop in today and cover a few products – some new, some old – that I have been using on the daily. I only share products on here that I am truly obsessed with – and that really work! Soo! This post will be totally random – basically just giving a run down of products I’m loving lately.. 🙂 [PS. Any time I am near a Nordstrom I go crazy in the beauty department… which is what I did last week in Dallas!]


STILL LOVING: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner & Lipstick || The shades I am wearing in the post are “Pillow Talk” & “Kim KW”.

NEW: The Urban Decay High Shine Glosses || OBSESSED. They are super shiny and minty and I love them!! I used them on top of the previous liner and lipstick. [ON SALE TODAY]

NEW: Laura Mercier Matte Bronzer || I use “Bronze 04” – even when not self-tanned! I use it on my mom, too – and she is much fairer than me! I adore this bronzer!!!! It’s been my go-t0 the past few weeks.

STILL LOVING: Laura Gellar Highlighter || I swear by ‘Gilded Honey’ – it is my jam! I use it to highlight my nose, cheeks, brow bone, and inner eye! It’s a beautiful summer highlighter. I do apply it w/my Beauty Blender… which Luke chewed on while we shot these. Ha!

NEW: Le Labo Perfume || Oh. My. Gosh… I have a story to tell about this – if I get time today I’ll share it on my IGstories but I’ll give you a quick summary here… Basically I got a sample in a package from Nordstrom and I loved it. I kept trying to make the tiny sample last. Finally, while in Miami I went to Aventura Mall and they had a Le Labo section {not all Nordstroms have them} and I ran over to buy a small 1.7 ounce bottle *real fast* [what I told John]. It took like 15 minutes and cost me nearly $200. I had NO idea perfume in a small bottle could cost that much!!! I literally though it would be $80 – max. Do I regret it? No, because I am obsessed and my mom gave me judge-y eyes when I told her but then she sprayed it and goes “ok! I get it – That stuff is good!” And she came into my room to spray it every day she was here last week! I use “ROSE 31” and it is amazing. It wears ALL day and is just different. When I was paying for it and was shocked at the cost {they print the label w/your name on it before you pay} I was like “dang I have like 5 perfumes that I love, why did I just do this?” but now that I am home and notice how well it wears, I love it!

STILL LOVING: Tom Ford Brushes [amazing quality!]

STILL LOVING: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation || SO good.

STILL LOVING: Kevin Aucoin Concealer || I’ve done a zillion posts on this and the previous foundation so I won’t be annoying and rave ab it more but they have both stuck w/me!!

NEW: Smashbox Always On Eye Liner & Mascara || I saw a couple of YouTubers rave ab these and I caved… and I love them both SOOO much!! [ON SALE TODAY!]


Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post.

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26 thoughts on “My New Recent Spring Beauty Must-Haves

  1. What shade do you use in the concealer? we have similar coloring and the web descriptions are not there! xoxo

  2. Love the dress! But a beauty blender ks not sanitary or saw for luke to cheW on. Pieces can break off easily…. might i recommend a sophie the giraffe toy?

  3. Hi Emily!! could you do a post about best designer cross-body bags? I am in the market for one and would love to hear your thoughts on durability, versatility, price, and how to style them. thank you!!

  4. Yesss love your outfit and thE laura mericer bronzer! ❤️ Also is that a david yurman ring on your right index finger? Because i love it! Great post emily , as Always! ❤️

  5. I totally adore your dress it is beautiful. this screams for summer.
    Also I am finally going to try out the Charlotte tillbury Lipproducts.
    xo Katie

  6. I totally get you on the rose 31 scent! I recently Stayed at the fairmont in san jose for work and The room had the hair and body samples From le labo in rose 31. I feLl in love with the scent, so as one does i looked it up ONline and saw the price tags. My damn! Time to save up!

  7. Le Labo and the laundress did a collabOration and you can get laundry detergent in that scent. The price tag is really high but im gUessing it smells amazing

  8. Hi! I was wondering if you did a post about the kim k under eye bake kit? if so when, because i missed it. and if not could you please???!!