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#1 Simple Modern Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug || [I have the 32 ounce Slim Cruiser in White] These are incredible! I mentioned I discovered these while staying w/a girlfriend in AZ last week and she let me borrow one of hers while I was there. I would put ice in mine and water and we’d go run errands and be out in the AZ heat and I’d get back in the car 6 hours later and I’d still have ice! Kind of crazy! I also like the clean look of them and that mine fits into cup holders nicely.

#2 Anker Charger || We literally have 4 of these in different colors/shapes. I was in Seattle for a blogging project a couple of years ago and a blogger mentioned she always travels w/her Anker. I ordered one and immediately understood why it was such a necessity. As a blogger, I am on my phone wayyyyy too much. I literally use it 95% for work though so I don’t really have time to sit it down and be away from it. We use these because they can charge one phone 3x over and you can plug in two phones on it at a time. It’s a game changer for John and me when we travel – and for our friends and family when they come over.

#3 Organizer Bins || I ordered a TON of these in all different sizes w/lids and w/o lids and all shapes for getting my home organized. Between medicines, snacks, make-up, hair supplies, pacis, jars of baby food, etc. we have SOOOO many little things in our home and it can get very cluttered! I really like these for organizational reasons. Everything has a place and can be pulled out of a cabinet easy w/o making a huge mess, ya know?! Some have lids and some have handles so you can hold them!

#4 Rice Cakes || I like Suzie’s Whole Grain Brown Rice Cakes for a quick snack [19 cals]  but the kind I prefer that is flavored are the Kim’s Magic Pop! I was over at my girlfriend’s in Arizona last week and she is very carb conscious whereas I am very calorie conscious. She keeps her carb intake way down and honestly I am not as great about that. I try not to eat carbs at the end of the day but I am not quite  as cognizant. Honestly going to her house, I thought I’d be starving! She eats fresh veggies mostly and she loves them whereas I have to force them on myself! Anyway, she had a rice cake type of product similar to Kim’s and they had like 20 cals and very little carbs. They are crunchy and actually really good w/some PB or even alone. She recommended I try the Kim’s Magic in Cinnamon so I ordered them in bulk. They have 20 calories per ‘slice’ and its a good sized ‘slice’. I found myself waking up craving them. These are 0 points for WW, btw! They are fat free, sugar free, and low in carbs & sodium.

#5 Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser || I have been using diffusers around our home since I was pregnant with Luke and we keep one in our master bath & one in the kitchen. Honestly, I find them to be ‘eye sores’ – I don’t love the look of them! So I went on Amazon and found a marble version that is a bit smaller & matches our countertop. PS. We do not have marble in our kitchen – we have quartz and it is simple amazing! We do have marble in our master bathroom and I am not a huge fan of it!

#6 Stainless Steel Straws [pack of 8] || This pack comes in the straight straws & the kind that bend at the top. I love these SOOOO much because are so cold and I feel like the water is colder and tastes better. I tend to drink more water if I have a straw so I love these. I drink tons of water now that I use these w/the SM stainless steel cups! These are a game changer for me personally – mainly because I do not drink a lot of water. While pregnant I drink water like crazy and as soon as he was born and I was done nursing it kind of stopped.  I quit ‘craving’ it. The past 6 weeks however, I have been drinking way more. I find that my skin looks better and I just don’t feel guilty at the end of the day. Since I have been using the cup [in #1] I drink so much water it is crazy!

#7 K-Cups || I love getting the assorted variety from Amazon – it is really good if you have guests over or you simple like variety. I am a creature of habit so I like 2 different types of K-Cups and my mom & dad have a specific flavor they prefer so I tend to just keep those 3 in our cabinet. However, I find myself wanting a decaf version or a flavored version OR I’ll have a guest who would like a lighter roast so I ordered a variety pack so that we always have options.

#8 Tyler Detergent || This is old news but I have to re-share because I still get questions about it a ton! I like the scent ‘Diva best and I order the gallon version and mainly use it on sheets, towels, and I like to use it for anything in our guest rooms! I always get compliments on it when people stay over with us! This is a candle brand, btw! The candles are amazing but I do not spend money on them because they burn too quickly. The detergent is the main thing I get my money’s worth out of.. but I am going to try the dryer sheets! 🙂

#9 Vitamins || I don’t have a dedicated posts for vitamins [yet] but I do get asked very regularly if I could do a post. My dad has been super into health and fitness my entire life and is vitamin obsessed. Recently we went to Whole Foods together and spent a solid 20 minutes in the vitamin aisle. I tend to order my vitamins mostly from Amazon that way they just show up at my doorstep and I don’t have to drive to all the random places in town to find the brand/type that I am wanting.

#10 Protein Chips || When I am home I try really hard to watch what I am eating and we don’t keep any sweets or unhealthy snacks in our house simply because I will eat them if we do! We like to have Boom Chicka Pop in the pantry as a snack usually but I am kind of burning out lately! I do love salty snacks and I found theses Ips Chips [in BBQ] and I am obsessed! They are the perfect crunchy, salty snack! They are 130 calories I believe. They are honestly so good and have half the fat of potato chips and are low in sodium. They have 6g of carbs.

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35 thoughts on “10 Amazon Prime Products I Use Daily

  1. Your ouTfit is very cute for lounging! I agree with the charger – super helpful and needed when on the run! All great items. I like the bins, Too, and have somethinG similar.

  2. I’m dying to try that detergent that you use, will try to purchase it soon. thanks for sharing with us!

  3. this is a different kinda post…i really like it. i like how its more lifestyle type of blog…i think you should do more like this 🙂

  4. These pictures of you arE adoRaBle! I love when you post causUal outfits and amazon/Target proDuct, where i do most of my Shopping! Thanks gIrl! This is the only blog i read consistently!

  5. Love this post! Amazon prime is so wonder! AlWays love that You have expensive and affordable stuff! Do you mind sharing where your laptop case is from?

  6. Awe post. Always liked these kind of posts from you. I rem se a Marable tic tac toe on your coffee table. Is it from amazon or Z gallEria?

  7. Do you have any suggestions on how to pour the Tyler Detergent? I recently purchased this and every time I pour this into my washer it spills down the bottle and I make a huge mess :/ thanks!

    1. I don’t have a technique really – but that is because I don’t think I have ever had that issue! Wonder what is up w/yours?!

  8. i love when people share their amazon favs, it’s so interesting! i feel the same way about vitamins, i don’t want to go searching all different stores… my favorite vitamin brand on amazon is health thru nutrition.. they have the best quality ingredients!

  9. i work for the company that your bins came from!!

    Let me know if you ever need more or want to collab 🙂

  10. Hi Emily! Can you please share where you got your vitamin organizer? I Saw some of your IG stories from arizonA and been looking For the Same one. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  11. WoRking for coRp 7-Eleven as a buyer and sirtinf nxt to the candy and snacks buyers is A dangerous job lol but ive haD the opportunity to try some new great products (not a aponsored post lol)
    – love corn brand
    – Ryrhym kale chips
    – Siete chips
    – marys gone crackers brand

    A few goodies to swap out your popcorn

  12. I love love love your blog, i follow u all the Time. QuestiOn i was wondee about your LV Phone case can u post where you got it from

  13. I got the tumbler, straws (amazing and love how cold they keep the water all the way up!) and just ordered the anker charger b/c my phone can’t make it past noon without going under 50% (and i don’t blog for a living!). thanks so much for sharing. love this post!

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  15. i love love love the clothes, make up, hair, luke pictures..
    I have one of your outfits on today, the cute sweater from Vici witht he cream, purple and brown with my cut off the hem black citizens 🙂 you are the best and super fun to follow. thanks for all your tips and tricks and cute outfits.