TOP: Wayf [it is cropped so I did go up one size!] | DENIM: Citizens of Humanity [I chopped the hems bc they were too long!] | HEELS: Steve Madden | HANDBAG: Chanel [love this similar option!] | EARRINGS: Shashi | SUNGLASSES: Quay | BRACELET: The Styled Collection | WATCH: Michele | NECKLACE: Made by Mary

I completely forgot to post this outfit on here! I wore this on Cinco de Mayo when my parents were in town and my dad took these for me! It was SO cute and also so funny. He was so serious about it which was really sweet!

On a different note, I am so crazy over this top! It would be cute paired w/high waisted shorts, too. It is a little cropped so I did go up a size since I prefer it a little longer but it does look best with higher waisted bottoms. Also, I got these black sunglasses about a month ago as well – I love the modern look of them – they remind me of a Celine pair I have! Luke is obsessed w/sunglasses and pulling them off of my face so I tend to not wear my designer pairs when he is w/me.

Hope you all had a good weekend! I have a busy Monday lined up and I am excited to finish the day and watch the Bachelorette. I haven’t watched it much the past couple of years but I think I am going to start recording and watch it now! Anyone else watching?! If so- who do you like???!


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12 thoughts on “High Waisted Denim & A Colorful Cropped Top

  1. Steve Madden has been killing it in the shoe department lately! So many designer dupes that look and feel amazing. Thanks for sharing another great pair!

  2. I haven’t watched The Bachelorette since Trista lol! My girlfriends get together every Monday and watch and finally convinced me to join! So far, I like blake and garrett I think is his name. he is the one who drove up In the mini van lol…kinda cute I think 🙂
    love ya girl, from one ok girl to another

  3. oh i love that top…and that chanel handbag. the color is so different…

    i have been watching the bachelorette…so far i honestly only like 1 and he’s the guy that got picked for the very first date with becca. i thought he seemed more normal and down to earth compared to all the others. i def don’t like the guy who came out near the end of the show just in his under wear lol…sorry i don’t know their names but once you watch it you’ll know. haha…

  4. Hey Emily! Great post! I love that top on you! So this is not your typical request but i would loVe to see a post about your faith in Jesus Christ- perhaps your tEstimony and what you do in your daily walk. I think there are lots of your followers who would love to hear about the love and hope that our Savior gives to all who believes. Thank you Emily!!

  5. this is random, but when its your “time of the month” lol sorry i know, how do you or what do you do to prevent breakouts…or do you things differently when that “friend” visits?

  6. Love you girl, but you need to fix your spray tan on your hands and feet – it looks awful. Shop Dandy has some great tips!!