Easy Swimsuit Cover-Up Idea You May Have In Your Closet Already


SWIMSUIT: Tularosa | COVER-UP: Express [30% off today]  c/o | NECKLACES: The Styled Collection, and HERE c/o | SUNGLASSES: Gucci | SANDALS: Marc Fisher [on sale!] c/o | BAG: Etsy [c/o LTK]

I was torn about posting these today because I am not a huge fan of these photos – the wind was blowing so hard and my hair was stuck in my face! I was surprised any of them turned out at all!! 😛 Not to mention my necklace clasp being in the front. #hotmessexpress Anyway, I am mainly sharing because I really love wearing an oversized white button down as a cover-up! It is so easy to do since most of us have them in our closets AND you can pair w/shorts and wear it out for lunch and button the top up a little. It has such a causal, effortless look to it. I got my top at Express – in a size large so it was longer and baggier – it is on sale 30% off today. BUT I saw THIS online last night and added to my cart bc it’s kind of made for this look.

I’ll link some of my other favorite swimsuits in the widget below – this one is cute but I didn’t feel 100% comfortable in it, to be honest. I really like two pieces that have high waisted bottoms best I think. My favorite swimsuit so far this year is the one I wore in this post!

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10 thoughts on “Easy Swimsuit Cover-Up Idea You May Have In Your Closet Already

  1. Aww, you’re too self-critical. You look gorgeous as always! What didn’t you like about the swimsuit? It’s a super cute pattern but seems a little low cut?

  2. Hi emily! I love your bloG and have been a long time follower.
    I was wondering if you’ve ever done a blog post about how your organize yoUr closet (cOlors, material, occasion, etc), how you store shoes, what you fold, what storage buns you prefer……???!!

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