Boho Maxi Dress || Carmel By The Sea


DRESS: Free People [wearing size small – I felt like it was a little snug through the ribcage area] | HEELS: Steve Madden  | NECKLACE: purchased at store in Carmel | BRACELET: Ellie Vail | WATCH: Michele  | SUNGLASSES: BP [they are Fendi dupes – $14!] | HANDBAG: Chanel (new “Beige” in Jumbo) [similar options HERE & HERE] |  RINGS: Frieda Rothman, Cartier

Good morning from NYC! I am just sitting here in the food court of La Guardia working on this post and eating a slice of pizza. 🙂 I figured I’d quickly update you all on some things going on lately – as to why I have not been posting on my regular schedule. So my grandmother passed away early Monday AM and it has been a very tough week on my family to say the least. She had cancer the past two years – something I have never shared on here as I do not share but a small sliver of our lives. When she found out she had cancer she started going to MD Anderson every few months and at one point she was doing ‘okay’. The first type of chemo she did was one that the doctors said many 40 year old men could not survive – yet she did – at the age of 80. This past spring came to Tulsa for Luke’s birthday party and it meant the world to me. She usually can’t go very far – it would make her sick to be in the car for very long but she made the 2 hour drive to his party and I know it was not easy for her. She came a bit early and sat in the bathroom with me while I curled my hair and we got to talk alone for a while and she never once complained. A few weeks later she went to MD Anderson and got the news that she needed to change to a different chemo and it was going to be pretty bad as well. And it was – but she never really seemed ‘that sick’. We were with her just a few weeks ago and she was up and playing with Luke and seemed to be doing okay. We had been warned that she would not feel well in a few months though – she could only do one more round after this round. Needless to say, on Sunday night late she passed out and they took her to the hospital and early Monday AM she passed away. It was unexpected which made it a little more tough. She’d always been such a hard fighter and had powered through no matter what it meant but she got an infection which is what led to her passing. It’s been very heartbreaking for our family but I just want to say thank you to those of you who have reached out – it means the world to us. My Grandmother watched every single IG story I posted and read my blog every day – she was a big fan and always sent me messages about my posts. She also loved following my other blogger friends – especially the ones with kids! She loved babies and children so much and I am glad she was able to spend time with Luke this past year.

Now, I am in NYC for a wedding on Friday night. My mom and I have been looking forward to this wedding for months and months but my mom was not able to come- she wanted to be with my dad during this time. John and I spent the last two nights in different towns in AR and then flew into NYC early this morning from Arkansas. I am finishing up some work here in the food court because we have plans for today and I am looking forward to quality time with my friends and family.

I wanted to share this look so I can wrap up my Carmel, CA outfits! This one one of my faves and I wore this one afternoon while walking around the shops in Carmel By The Sea!


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22 thoughts on “Boho Maxi Dress || Carmel By The Sea

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. She sounds like an incredible woman… superwoman in fact! i can totally relate somehow because i myself have been diagnosed with cancer and it is a crazy journey. SENDING MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  2. so sorry for your loss. From how you described her, she seemed like a very special woman.

    You look beautiful in these pics and as always, thanks for being so open with your followers.

  3. Oh, Emily! I have been a follower of your for YEARS, but don’t normally comment because I know you have so many followers and so much to do. but I had to comment and tell you that you and your family are in my thoughts. Death is never easy to deal with, especially when you love someone so dearly, as I can tell you did with your grandmother. Death is not a loss, though. You can never lose the time and the memories you have with her. Sending you all so much love and peace.

  4. Im sorry to hear about your grandmother. Ive dealt with nUmerous loses this YEar and its never easy. May you cherish the moments you Had together, peace and prayers for you and your family ❤️

  5. I love this dress so much and my heart was breaking when I found out that you lost your grandma. I´m really sorry about that 🙁 My partner lost his grandpa 3 days before christmas two years ago and it has been very hard on us all. But remember that she will always be with you, watching over your family and specially little Luke.

  6. Hey emily,
    I just wanted to tell you that we’ll be thinking about and Praying for you & your family. I know grandmothers can be such a blessing. I’m glad she was a part of your life and that you were able to spend time with her.
    ❤️love & Prayers

  7. So sorry for your loss Emily. My the lord comfort you and give you peace. Your grandmother sounds like a very special person!

  8. Emily, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. She sounds like a delightful woman and it is certainly obvious that you drew a lot of your strength and character from her. May your family be surrounded by wonderful memories of her in the days to come. We will be remembering you in our prayers.

  9. Thinking Of you and your fam. Cancer is So horrible and im so, so sorry. My best friend who is practiCally family just for diagnosed with breast cancer and she is 38! Its just heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing And being vulnerable!! <3

  10. Prayers gor you and your family!! God is so good to have blessed her woth an amazing long life!! I know it is tough and i am saying a prayer for peace for you all during this time! Lots of love!!

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