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MAJOR SALE ALERT || Two Huge Sales To Shop TODAY!

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For the past year and a half I have been crazy over Express denim – and clothing as well. Initially, it was a a denim thing – I got this one pair while big & pregnant and I wore them ALL of the time. I just tied a pony tail holder around them and they worked! Once I had Luke I got them in 2 extra sizes so I could wear them until I lost the baby weight. Anyway, to this day, I still wear Express denim like crazy! The past 12 months or so I’ve worn a lot of Express apparel in general – mainly because I always find great staple pieces that are on trend but so much more affordable than the designer version. And I should mention that probably 3 years ago I discovered their camis and I have them in multiple sizes/colors, too because they are *that* good! I feel like all of my girlfriends stocked up on them too during a sale. Any who, just randomly popping in today because I had to share that Express is running a sale and I couldn’t not share. In fact, I told my mom and we drove over to the mall to shop the sale – except it was so busy [back to school] and it was very picked over and we found more things online! Alas, I am here to share some staple pieces I love PLUS what I think is a great buy right now – looking into fall!


Also, I’ve had a lot of questions regarding the Sephora VIB event – it started for Rouge members on Friday! Here’s how it works – the Rouge members get 20% off 8/23-9/3 and starting 8/30 all VIB and Insider members can shop! If you are VIB you get 15% off and if you are Insider you get 10% off your entire purchase. I will have a HUGE post coming this week covering ALL of my hits & misses! This is a post you won’t wanna miss because I bought a ton on Friday and honestly was bummed about some things not being great – but I did discover some amazing new things! If you are Rouge and want to shop now, I have a few recent Sephora Hauls that may be helpful. You can read those HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE!


-My OG favorite fair is HERE. [Seen in the photo collage above^.] They come in a different wash HERE & HERE.

-My distressed denim flares worn in the photo above are HERE.

-I added THIS pair of mid-rise skinny, very distressed pair to my cart yesterday – I like the tears at the ankles!

-My mom and I both are obsessed w/ THIS style. It’s very on trend w/ the vintage vibe, flattering, & just different!

-Debating about THESE high-waisted ‘girlfriend’ jeans – they look like a designer pair I’ve had my eye on!

-Also, THESE camo ones from *THIS* blog post last fall have always been a hit! They are very flattering!



-I really love their denim shorts – I did a post on that in Miami this post spring HERE. The white shorts in the photo collage above are on sale as well HERE.

-They have a lot of camo items as you may have noticed me wearing a lot, lol! One thing I’ve never posted a photo of is THIS camo tank – it just super soft and comfy and I do love the pattern. 🙂 Also, the v-neck pocket tee in camo is HERE. These are buy one get on half off today.

-In the photo above w/the white v-neck w/ the distressed collar – that tee sold out soon after that photo but Express has a similar version HERE. It is almost identical and comes in other colors! I may order the black!

-I really love the neckline – funky look of this cami! It would cute paired with a fun skirt, pants, etc. It is simple enough but makes a statement! [Ah just realized it is not on sale anymore – it was on Saturday though – so sorry!]

In the widget below, I link other items that caught my eye just so you can scroll through and see them!

As far as sizing goes, I have done reviews on the shorts in denim in old posts but for the most part I find that in jeans I can wear a 2 even though I wear a 27 in most denim and in shorts I have to go up to a 6 because other wise they are a little short and tight! In most tops I go for a small – unless I want oversized feeling I do go up to a medium! Okay, happy shopping!! 🙂 *Edited to add- this is not sponsored at all – just had to share because these sales randomly pop up and sometimes I forget to mention it but it is worth shopping!*


All outfit details for this look HERE.

All outfit details for this look HERE.

Jeans mentioned in text above^.

All outfit details for this look HERE.

All outfit details for this look HERE.

Full outfit details on this look HERE.


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