I’ve been meaning to do this post for the past 6 months and just not have been home long enough to shoot it! We are staying home this week to get organized and I thought I’d go ahead and shoot an entire post about staple jewelry pieces. Ever since I started wearing The Styled Collection jewelry I have had TONS of great feedback and lots of questions about where it is from and which pieces I wear most frequently. I have a ton of jewelry from TSC so I pulled a few of my favorite pieces and some that I thought you all would want to see as well!

Everything is very on trend and many pieces are designer inspired [e.g. Cartier or Yurman inspired] and also under $100. To be honest, their gold, dainty necklaces are daily wears for me! I literally layer them and mix and match and I am almost always wearing a necklace from TSC. Also, I love their bracelets – mainly the gold, simple ones. I really enjoy wearing really simple jewelry and stacking/layering. I wanted to hurry and do this post because fall is the best time to up your fashion game with jewelry! I love the look of a oversized, chunky loose sweater with layered necklaces and a statement ring or earrings! OH! Speaking of earrings – they have a $5 pair of hoops that I love – every time I wear them I get a ton of questions. They are a go-to pair for me because they are very lightweight and they don’t require and earring back so if Luke tugs on them they don’t hurt – they just come off!

I know I am talking a lot about daily basic pieces, but they also have amazing statement pieces. I feel like their earring selection is SO cool and have a vintage feel! There are a couple of pair that are gold and chunky and give vintage vibes which I love! In general, I’ve found that having the right jewelry, handbag, shoes can take a t-shirt/jeans look to a whole new level! I use jewelry and hats to elevate the most basic looks and its something that we ‘overthink’ and forget to do sometimes! For example, I will be shopping for a *really* cute top for a GNO and not have any luck and end up wearing a simple black top and using jewelry to dress it up!

Okay, totally rambling. I’ll pop in some photos of my favorites below AND a few photos at the end of me wearing some of the pieces! 🙂 *AND! Everyone asks about my clear travel bag – it is HERE – on sale for $57 today!*

Just FYI! I have a dedicated post to my jewelry and makeup storage in my bedroom HERE. It will answer all furniture/detail questions. Also, I get my books HERE. AND! There’s a HOME tab on my menu where you can see all home blog posts – each room has its own post dedicated fully to covering details in each room! 🙂

Heart Necklace ‘Amor Lariat’

#1 Heart Necklace ‘Amor Lariat’

#2 Gold Disc Long Chain [its comes w/a similar lariat one but they are not attached! I mix and match these!]

#3 Luna & Crescent Duplet

#4 Solstice Duplet

All of these are linked HERE.

Designer Inspired Pieces

Gemma Ring

Gold Bangle [no longer in stock it appears – but see ALL bracelets HERE]

DY Inspired Cuff

Shop all earrings above HERE.

One of my favorite necklaces in the photo above is HERE w/the circular medallion look and the $5 hoops are HERE. I also use the long disc necklace from THIS one to mix with others a lot! The Cartier inspired wrap nail bracelet is HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Staple Jewelry Pieces Under $50 To Elevate Your Daily Looks

  1. oh em gee…i have been waiting for a post like this in foreverrrr!!!

    i have always love ur jewelry pieces and just how you layer them and can just wear it with a simple, basic tee too. that’s what i love about you and ur style. anything u wear, it just stands out so much and it inspires me to just wear dainty pieces and layer up if i’m just wearing flats, jeans, and a simple black tee.


  2. Always love ur jewllery and how u style it! However i noticed u wearing the cartier love bangle, is it cartier or a dupe.? Becuz u Never link it xxx

  3. Be careful with this company. I had good luck with my first order but not all of it came. nor did my second order. there was no phone number to call so I was forced to file a bbb complaint just to get a response which was a refund for the jewelry which did not come. but I never spoke to anyone. I love their products but I am a little weary about their business practices