I recently got so hooked on finding really cool, funky/trendy pieces on… eBay[!!!]. It all started with a pair of shoes [these] that I found for like $30 on eBay last spring – they are designer dupes and they are seriously the cutest! I’ve actually ordered more since then because I get so much wear out of them. Just the other night I ordered THESE as well because I love the tan color for fall and I think they would match a lot of my tan handbags.

I ordered a few other things that I am really excited about and I will share all of the details as soon as I get it all in – I will post photos and everything! One of the things I ordered is from their Authenticated Luxury Handbag shop – which I posted about back in July! Anyway, I know that many of us probably think of eBay as being a place to buy used items, because that is what it was for me growing up. However, the times have changed and 80% of the site is new w/tags and being sold directly on eBay! So the shoes I’ve been talking about are all brand new and they have an entire selection of sizes and colors!

You can always use the eBay Fashion tab to shop all of the women’s fashion- specifically current trends. What happens to me is I’ll be looking at something – say a pair of these platform shoes and then I’ll look at the shop’s name and what all they sell and I’ll find more really cute items! For example, I just added this sweater to my cart and I ordered this tan waterfall cardigan for $12 a few days ago!

Just thought I’d share this little shopping trick for any of you who are on a tight budget and want to still be on trend for the season. As much as I love designer items, I tend to enjoy finding dupes for anything if I know it is super trendy and won’t be around for long, ya know?! I’m linking a few other others that caught my eye on eBay in the widget below! Also, make sure you check back in a couple of weeks to see the pre-loved designers handbag I found on eBay – it is supposed to arrive this week!

Thanks to eBay for sponsoring todays post.

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11 thoughts on “Re-Create This Chic But Casual Look On A Budget

  1. hey Emily,

    I love this post, especially because it has your taste in ebay fashion. I shop ebay, quite often, because it does have nice clothes at affordable prices. your expertise in fashion gives me so much inspiration…..thank you!


  2. Love these shoes! My ankle doesn’t bend so finding a show that is flat and high is a win! ordering them now along with that striped sweater.

    Thank you for sharing your great finds with us <3

  3. I’m really not loVing the walmart, ebay and amazon prime posts. I love your style and picks from nordstOm shopbop and sephora. Everytime i bUy something from walmart or target the quality is usually a one or two time wear. Just responding since you asked for feedback.