Hello & Happy Free Shipping Friday! ?

Hope you all had a wonderful week and stayed nice & warm! I was in Arizona for two night seeing my girl, Chrissy at Habit, getting my hair colored / new extensions. I had gone 17weeks without seeing her – so crazy! I had a few grays popping in and I was texted Chrissy and was like “oh em gee, I need in!”. Anyway, the weather there was amazing – kind of chilly – but not bad at all!

I flew home and my mom and Luke picked me up at the airport – and Luke saw me walking down the hallway and when he realized it was me he lit up and I about DIED. He started running and said ‘mama’ and immediately reached out for me before we were close enough for me to pick him up! It was SO so precious. I missed him a ton while I was gone so I would lay in bed and watching videos of him over and over!! ?

Anywho, todays post is going to be a little random. I did this last Friday as well and when I was going through the back end of blog [reviewing what posts you all liked the best] it ended up being a more widely read post. In fact, I watch a lot of YouTube and I always like the videos that are more natural & like relaxed, ya know!? Just videos & VLOGs of what people are up to and things they are liking, etc. SO that being said, I thought I’d make todays post kind of a hodgepodge of random updates, answering questions, etc.


BUT! First things first – it is Free Ship Friday.. lol! I mean, we have so many ‘days’ now, right?! I am constantly being informed of them but I thought this one was important for those of you are still working on ordering Christmas presents [me, too!]. Many websites are offering free shipping on orders placed today – and from what I understand, your item should arrive in time to be wrapped and given to you friend/family on Christmas. Obviously, don’t take my word for it – but just a heads up. Here are a few sites who are doing it:

American Eagle [40% off sitewide, too!]

Express [50% off sitewide, too!]

Gap [50% off sitewide + extra 20% off online!]




Finish Line [1 day only – use code SHIPIT]

Horchow [30% off one item, too – this is where I got a lot of my current master bedroom furniture!]

Derm Store [This is where I get a lot of my skin care products!]


My UGG Shearling Boots are 50% off!!

Also, my handbag is the LV Pochette Metis. When I got this bag – it was not a popular bag and not actually being discontinued. I purchased it ab 3 years ago and I loved that it was different and no one had it. The first time I ever wore it on IG I had hundreds of people writing me asking how to get it and I explained I got lucky because they were not making them any more. Well, funny thing – they suddenly got os many inquiries about the handbag that they decided to not discontinue them! I had LV employees literally be like “wait people bring your photo into the store because they are trying to find your bag!”. Now, 3 years later, the bag has a very long wait list and I get people asking to purchase mine from me! In fact, I am editing this post because my brother texted me this mroning because a co-worker had reached out to him to reach out to me to see if I wanted to sell mine. Ha! I thought I’d share what I told my brothers co-worker since I do get asked about it often. Basically, the bag has a very long waitlist BUT the best thing to do is buy it used. I found a ton that are 100% authentic & in good condition HERE! I have used this website to buy 2 Louis Vuitton products before so I can assure you that you are getting the real deal. They are amazing about pricing [its competitive] and about showing you any flaws. They comes packaged beautifully in super cute packaging, too!

These wedge / snow boots from last Fridays wishlist post – I got them! Well, I got them for my mom but she let me wear them and OH EM GEE! Y’all – they are so comfortable. My mom was like “wow, these are like house shoes!’ – and they are – except they make you look a little leggier since they have a wedge!

This burnt orange turtleneck sweater is ON MAJOR SALE! It is $29 right now! I wore it while in Arizona and I just paired it with leggings because it is tunic length. It comes in 5 colors and I am wearing the medium!

I’ve also had a question about my ring – it is HERE.

My phone case was a PR gift. [Love THIS similar one tho!]

My leopard hat seen below is HERE.

My nails are a white dip – not specific brand – I just ask for the brightest white dip. I don’t like OPI’s ‘Funny Bunny’ dip because it is not as bright white – it looks more off white to me. I get dip on my nails usually every 17-21 days – it lasts forever on me! It doesn’t damage my nails and I have had it since August of 2015?! Seriously I don’t ever not have dip on my nails.

My earrings are the same $9 pair via H&M – I think you guys bought H&M out of them online the first week I posted about them bc I can’t find them now?! I do have these from Express & love them!

On my lips lately I’ve been wearing ‘Unbutton‘ under ‘Baddest Beige‘. I love seeing all of the tags where you all are finally get your hands on it – it is sold out EVERYwhere where I live and where I travel to because I’m trying to find extras as stocking stuffers!

We go to NYC each December and this was a look I wore last December and the coat sold out SO fast! I linked it on IG because it was back in stock HERE but I think you guys bought it out AGAIN [but it does re-stock often!]. Well, I found a similar style & an even better price point HERE and it is fully in stock! [PS. No NYC this year & you probably have noticed I have not been traveling as much and honestly it has been kind of nice. I have had really bad back issues this pregnancy and also started getting migraines. We cancelled most of our December trips due to it. I am fortunate that we have a direct flight to Phoenix otherwise I would not have been able to get my hair done! Something about flying makes the back pain worse. I am hoping it resides soon because John is wanting to go skiing!]

Everything in this ^ photo has brought on a ton of questions so I wanted to get them answered on here so you have a place to look back to since IG stories expire!
First of all, my UGGs are HERE and on SALE! My fleece pullover is 50% off and I wear a size small. AND my bracelets are HERE & HERE – and I wear both 7 and 7.5. I have small wrists but not tiny wrists. I have both sizes and both work super well for me. I would say that the sizes are like XS, X, M, L – so if you know your wrists are teeny go w/the 7 but if you have bigger hands or a larger wrist get a the 8. Also, keep in mind the these are ‘dupes’ for a more expensive brand. I almost bought the $120 version in Carmel this summer and John was like “umm no”. Ha! I am glad he said no because they are identical and half the price. I wear them daily and Luke loves to play w/them. They don’t make a lot of noise and they are just a cute stack!

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2 thoughts on “Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Recent Outfits/Looks + Free Ship Friday?

  1. I just celebrated my 50th birthday and my husband surprised me with a Louis Vuitton purse and matching wallet. I have been hinting around at wanting a cross body, wHat I got instead was a huge tHree strap bucket purse aNd matching large wallet, far from a crossbody like your old one. I knew Something was wrong when I open the box because it wasn’t even zipped up, bubble pack and paper were coming out the too. My husband Assured me it came from Louis Vuitton. I am furious because this saleswoman @Louis Vuitton mislead my husband into buying a huge purse and wallet just for commission sake and not a small crossbody. Luckily I live about an hour from a store front here in Scottsdale and I will be taking It back and I’m not sure I will purchase The Louis Vuitton like I’ve always wanted to do. I just thought you should know. Also I’m not sure why this is all being typed in capital letters!