Best of HAIR Products 2018

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best hair products 2018, best curling iron 2018, best volume powder, Emily gemma curling iron, Emily gemma hair care, best hair products hot tools 2018, top beauty bloggers 2019, hair by Chrissy extensions, habit hand tied extensions

best hair products 2018, best curling iron 2018, best volume powder, Emily gemma curling iron, Emily gemma hair care, best hair products hot tools 2018, top beauty bloggers 2019, hair by Chrissy extensions, habit hand tied extensions


Okay, the next ‘BEST OF’ post is going to cover one of the top asked questions I get the most – what are my favorite hair products?! Again, I do post about hair products [all beauty products] multiple times a month so you can scroll through the BEAUTY tab and read through those posts but todays post is all about the most used // holy grail products throughout the year!





Favorite Curling Iron: Easily the T3Micro – this has my my HG curling iron since 2016?! I have tried others and I always come back to this one. I even buy a new base for it each year just because I use mine so often. I have 3 main barrels I use – the most used is my 1″ curling iron attachment, the second most used is my 1.25″ barrel w/clamp, and the third is the 1″ barrel curling wand. If you look at the photos above you’ll see my hair curled with each of these. Each attachment gives a different look so it is something to consider before purchasing. For instance, my hair curled with a 1″ wand is VERY different than my hair curled with a 1″ barrel w/clamp and the same for the 1″ & 1.25″ barrels w/clamps – they create different types of curls/styles. I think it also depends on your length of hair as well. And just a warning – these get VERY hot – honestly that is why they are so good in my opinion. I set mine to the hottest setting which is why the curls are better and last longer and are easier to do – but you can always turn it down. Just make sure you use a heat protectant. [Just FYI the T3 site is having a promo right now so make sure you check their pricing out before ordering anywhere else!]

Favorite Straightener: I have 2 that I really love THIS ONE and THIS ONE. Both heat up quickly & can quickly straighten my thick hair very fast which is why I love them! I will say the second one is a bit more powerful – but both are great!

Favorite Blow Dryer: I love THIS one – I have MANY blow dryers but this is the one I use the most because it is travel sized so I use it at home and traveling. I don’t really dry my hair a lot – I always wash it in the tub at night and then I sleep with it wet in a bun and let it airdrop and then just dry whatever is still damp the next day! Usually I’ll have some waves so I’ll run a straightener over it to tame it. I will say I do have THIS blow dryer and I like it but my hair is never super wet since I let it air dry. This blow dryer is literally one of the most raved about dryers – everyone who has it sings its praises! [Just FYI the T3 site is having a promo right now so make sure you check their pricing out before ordering anywhere else!]


Favorite Hair Brush: I have two – the first one is THIS one which is what I use the most. I think a Wet Brush is great as well, especially for detangling & those are under $10!

Favorite Teasing Comb: I swear by THIS teasing comb. I have 3 of them and I kept them in the car, bathroom, and the handbag I carry each day. These are my holy grail for teasing my roots for extra volume and just running over my hair if we are out shooting and it gets un-uniform, ya know?! 🙂


Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner: I rotate through about 3 brands that I love. So this shampoo / conditioner & this shampoo / conditioner are my top favorites. [Read this post to read more about extensions + hair care.]

Favorite Mask: I swear by THIS mask – not only does it smell amazing but it leaves your hair SO soft! It’s probably the one I’ve used the most but I do use THIS one as well.

Favorite Oils: This oil is my JAM. I use it on my hair a TON for shine, health, etc. I’m on my third bottle of this this year.  I also use THIS serum on my hair as well before I blow dry it or before I curl it. Also, I love THIS dry oil as well- it supposedly acts as a heat protectant too which I didn’t realize! I’ve heard really amazing things about THIS product – it is supposed to be incredible for damaged hair – you can run it over your ends to keep them healthy / free from breakage. I will try it and review in a month or so!

Favorite Heat Protectants: First of all, I’m a firm believer in using a heat protect of some sort before you even dry your hair. One of my favorite sprays before curling is THIS ONE – it is a heat protectant but also adds shine and helps lock in the hairstyle. The downside is that it is nearly $30 and I can go through it in like 4 weeks so it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. I will say if you are serious about heat protection THIS one is so good – it works to heal damaged ends and protects from even the hottest of hot tools. It also lasts much longer!

Favorite Volumizing Products: Okay, I have a few products that I use for volume. First of all, I still swear by THIS powder – but warning: it is potent. I usually only use this if I know I am about to wash my hair in a day or so because it is powerful but can be a bit sticky if you over-do it. Definitely go in light handed! The main way that I get volume is by teasing and spraying a little hairspray. I get asked about hair spray a lot and I’m not much of a hair spray snob. I will say this – I like hairsprays that are long-hold – I don’t like the really light weight hairsprays. My hair is naturally thick & heavy, but with extensions it is much thicker & heavier. I don’t think you have to spend big money on hair spray though. [PS. Unite has a really great liquid volume you can use when your hair is dry and it turns to powder and works great as well – but I did not discover it until the end of the year.]

Favorite Dry Shampoo: I’ve done a million posts [lol] but THIS dry shampoo is one of the very bests. There are 3 levels and I use the strongest level but I only use it when I am desperate. It is very powerful and works wonderfully but too much can make your hair sticky or gritty. But boy! It will make your hair look much cleaner! I’ve done videos [saved] on the Highlight HAIR tab on my IG stories. This is the dry shampoo I travel w/and even keep the travel version in my travel bag.

Favorite Texturizing Products: No matter what hairstyle I am trying t0 achieve, I almost always use some sort of texture spray. I love a good texture spray and all of my favorites smell amazing so its almost like a perfume for your hair. Obviously, THIS texture spray is amazing – smells so good and lasts for so long. This is what Chrissy and the girls at Habit Salon use for all of their hair styles. I also really like THIS spray [probs the most used] because its a Shine + Texture spray and the smell is insane!!? And of course I love THIS one – the smell is good and it is a bit more ‘powerful’ than the others. The others are great for daily use and this one gives a bit more grip // grit to the hair.

Favorite Pillowcase: For the past 3-4 years I’ve used the same brand of pillowcase [here] NONE stop. I put them on my guest pillows too because I think they are so important not only for your skin but also for your hair. I can’t tell you how many people I know have read my posts or come over and used them and immediately converted. They are SO good for both hair & skin. They are ‘anti-aging, anti-bedhead, & anti-crease’ & they are made of 100% silk. Silk fibers are not as absorbent as most fibers [regular pillow cases!] so your facial creams, oils, & hair products are not going to be absorbed into the pillowcase – therefore you get your money’s worth out of the product. Not to mention, the material has a lot less friction so it’s not going to cause your hair to tangle.

Favorite Hair Ties: This one kills me because years ago I was raving about sleeping in scrunchies over on Snapchat and everyone kind of laughed and now you can actually get silk scrunchies just for your hair’s health! I’ve always slept with my hair piled on top of my head – but neatly. I do it in a uniform way so that I can keep curls in tact / not case a mess but also because I don’t like my hair sticking my facial products that I sleep in, ya know!!? I think any scrunchie is fine but I do use and travel w/the SILK scrunchies & Invisibobbles as well. As far as during the day when I want to wear a cute ponytail or top knot, I just get regular drugstore hair ties that are for thick hair!



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  1. omg i can finally comment! but anyway lol i loveee this post! i think i am always curious about your hair bc u always say its super thick and mine is too. and just looking at your hair makes me want to grow it out, and it is only at little past my shoulders right now. that is a LONG way to go haha lol but it is hard. with a 5 year old and 2 yr old i dont have that much time to do my hair let alone wash it at night time which is easier for me. but every time i want to grow my hair i just end up chopping it off. i use to have it just as long as yours, but after i had my boys it was just such a struggle that i cut it off and its been probably 6 years or more since i’ve tried to literally grow it out. its hard bc of the thickness…my goal was to get it cut next month since i am due (last cut was aug 2018) lol but i dont have time next month so now i am on the mission to grow it! i have a feeling it wont work out that way haha but its a try….

    love this post… 🙂


  2. you should try the joico ironclad thermal protectant for a heat spray before straightening/curling. they have it at ulta and on amazon. i’ve used tons of heat protectants too including the alterna one but i love this one, it smells great and is cheaper than most!

  3. Hi! I love your best of hair series, but i’m Having teouble using the links. If i’m On mobile or computer every time i click on a link it says 400 bad request. Is it a problem on my end?

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