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Mommy & Me Nike Outfit + 5 Top Asked Questions This week


SWEATSHIRT: Nike [similar HERE & HERE] | LEGGINGS: Commando [read ab best of leggings HERE] | CAP: Nike [recommend] | TENNIS SHOES: APL [also available HERE] | BACKPACK: Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Springs [buy pre-loved HERE] | LIPS: ‘Stripdown’ + ‘Kim KW’ + ’No Color’[love this lip combo SO much!]WATCH: Michele

ON LUKE || Nike Jogger Outfit [he wears these ALL of the time!] | Nike Shoes | Jordan Cap [from when he was a little baby – I think we found it at Gordmans –  but there’s a similar one HERE!]


Who else is SO happy it is Friday?!!??! Literally SO excited. It is SO cold here and I’m just over it – which is not like me. I think between pregnancy, finishing up the new house, and the cold weather – I am in a spot where I’m ready to get through winter, ya know?! I usually don’t feel like this but I am sure my circumstances are part of it.

I know this blog post is kind of ‘plain’ – since we are wearing athleisure but it is truly my life lately! I wear SO much black, lots of leggings, and I go for comfort. I don’t love maternity clothes or pregnancy fashion so I make due with what I can and just try to stay comfortable. Since we were in Cali last week I had a lot of meetings this week and a LOT of home things to finish. Just in the past two weeks our house is starting to come together – but I still have a few things to do! I’m going to answer a few popularly asked questions in todays post so get ready for that!

Just FYI – I did do an Amazon Prime Must-Have post yesterday! Don’t skip over it – many of the questions I get daily are answered there! ALSO – Monday’s post is about skincare and how I am keeping my skin from looking DULL – I highly recommend reading it as well! I get a lot of questions regarding this!


Do I wear lash extensions? If so, do I wear mascara? Yes & Yes! I wear lash extensions – and I also wear mascara on top! I wear full coverage foundation and I also wear eye shadow so I have to apply a little bit of mascara to cover up residue from the other makeup. If you read my BEST OF BEAUTY 2018 post you can see my top 3 most worn mascaras and they are all fine to wear with extensions. My lash girl is amazing and she wears mascara on hers as well. Just be careful with washing your face because you don’t want to tug on them and pull any out. 🙂 Sidenote- I have been getting them for a year – off and on and I have no regrets. I don’t do anything special to care for them – I am just careful with them in general!

When will the new house be done? Good question! It was supposed to be done last JUNE! LOL! I’ve shared lots of updates about that on my IG stories [check Highlight Tab Home Build to follow along!] and then this fall and then by Dec 1 and then by Christmas and now.. well…??‍♀️??‍♀️. I think for sure it will be done before baby Girl Gemma gets here – at least it better! Things are finally moving. They really slowed down during the holidays but the weather is improving a little so things are moving and a lot of the work is inside. Painting is done. Trim is ALMOST done [working on my closet shelves now!]. Hardware is going in.. umm.. I met with the security guy this week to finalize all extra security / audio ‘stuff’ so things are moving for sure. They are currently staining the hardwood floors which is a great sign. 🙂 I get emails DAILY about house stuff and I constantly update my IG stories with info answering questions and I save it to the Home Build highlight tab so you all can see it archived.

LOTS of Baby questions! Make sure you read my recent BUMPDATE POST where I answer a lot of your questions!

Recent lip gloss I’ve been talking about? So I got this in PR before the Lancome trip and I took it with me but forgot I had it. I noticed a girl wearing a beautiful gloss and we all asked what it was and it was one Lancome had sent us before the trip! It is clear but GORG. It has a slight plumping effect! Its amazing! Its the same one linked above in OUTFIT DETAILS. PS. I always link my lip color & shade names in the ‘Outfit Detail’ section.

Will I do a ‘Whats In My Bag?’ YES! A lot have asked to see what fits in my backpack and I will do a video over on my IG stories hopefully soon! I love this bag and highly recommend it. I use it more than any bag – it is best crossbody! PS. Do you want IG stories or blog post? Or both?!?! Let me know please!

I’m heading out as we speak for a meeting –  hope you all have a great weekend! XO.

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  1. I lIke posting on Both! But sometimes for convience Ig stories is easier!!! Always check those. SoMetimes i have to sit down and catch up on blog posts. ?

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