Beauty Travel Hacks


#1 RIKI LOVES RIKI SKINNY [See my full review HERE. Use code SWEETESTTHING15 for 15% off your order.]

#2 BEAUTY SPONGE HOLDER [I got this off of Amazon years ago – back before anyone had come out with an official Beauty Blender holder. I like this one because its a little bit larger so it doesn’t just hold BB sized sponges – it can fit larger ones.]

#3 RIKI CUTIE MIRROR [Use code SWEETESTTHING15 for 15% off your order.]

#4 MINI JADE/QUARTZ ROLLER [I’ve written about these a lot but I LOVE them most when traveling – after a late night of travel or a long day – these are great for de-puffing!]

#5 BEAUTY BLENDER HOLDER [If you are strictly a Beauty Blender user – this is perfect. It’s not firm so it can fit into any bag w/o breaking and it holds all Beauty Blender sizes.

#6 TATCHA SKIN MIST MINI SIZE [I don’t like packing full size bottles so I always keep my travel or mini sizes in a drawer so that when I travel I can just toss these in… they are all under the ounce limit and I’ve never been stopped. I have to travel with this mist because my skin dries out while traveling and this is one of the best products to revive your skin.]

#7 SIMPLE HUMAN TRAVEL MIRROR [This is not just for travel – I use this thing EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s magnified just a little – so I use it at home to do my brows & my eye shade and also to pluck my brows. It lights up and has a little thing for your finger to go through AND it has a travel case.]

#8 MAC FIX+ MINI [I have 2 of these and I refill them w/my regular large size bottle at home… well John does. I don’t like to buy new bottles of the mini size so I just re-fill every other trip or so. This is a great setting spray but I use it mainly for wetting glitter eye shadows.

#9 BRUSH HOLDER [I don’t have this pink one – but I want it because it snaps on the sides! I currently have the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe one and sometimes if I pack too many brushes I can’t close it all of the way. I love it for at home storage and I do travel w/it but I wish it had a snap.]

#10 TATCHA SILK CANVAS PRIMER MINI [I love this stuff – and can’t go anywhere w/o it! HOWEVER, it is huge in the regular size so I love that they came out w/the mini!]

#11 MAC WIPES MINI SIZED [I also NEVER leave w/o these. Even just for a road trip – I have to have these to wipe my hands off on and to clean anything off. The smell is so good and they are just really great in general!]

#12 TWEEZERMAN BROW SCISSORS / SET [I have a small little pouch in my makeup case where I store my spoolie, tweezers, and scissors. I never travel w/o them and they go through TSA just fine! My brows grow quickly so I basically have to have this set on hand even if its a 2 day trip. It’s all small enough that it doesn’t take up space. I also love having the scissors in case I need to cut a tag off or open something – they always come in handy.]

#13 PINK TWEEZERMAN TWEEZER SET [The pink case is SO good – its great for storing little things in but the mini sized tweezers are amazing! I just pack one pair of those.]

We travel usually 1-2x per month – it is slowing down now that I am further along in this pregnancy but typically I have travel two weeks out of the month. I have kind of streamlined how I pack and what works for me over the years. I think mini or travel sized products can sometimes be a little bit overpriced but I’ve gotten to where I prefer them. They take up less space, I can re-fill at home before I leave & if they are to break I won’t be losing as much product.

One of the top questions I get is about my Louis Vuitton NICE case. I got this about 3 years ago and it’s my Holy Grail travel bag. It fits all my makeup and my brushes! I haven’t found anything better BUT it is pricy and I think if I were going to switch I’d switch to something like THIS w/a hardshell.

Additionally, a lot of people inquire about my Louis Vuitton carry-on – it is the Horizon 55. I purchased this before our Paris trip back when I was pregnant with Luke in 2016. I’ve used this thing like CRAZY and I really do like it a lot. It’s definitely not practical but if you are looking for a designer piece – this is a good piece. I don’t take it on every trip but I take it on about 50% of them. When we travel w/Luke and are staying somewhere more than 2 nights we take larger sized carry-ons since we want to fit more for him.

The things mentioned above have been with me on my trips for 3+ years and I’ve never been stopped at TSA. I’ve never even had them open my makeup bag. I get a lot of people asking about this in fact. Most foundations are around 1 ounce so they are fine as well as they are kept packaged away [inside makeup bag]. Foundations are usually the largest liquid I pack since I take travel sized versions of my setting sprays!

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Travel Hacks

  1. I currently carry LV NEVER FULL GM, but I am wanting to get a backpack style of our summer vacation to Boston, what one would you RECOMMEND?? It can be any brand, does not have to be LV. Any information would be greatly APPRECIATED.

  2. I had no idea the Tatcha spray came in a travel size. Need to get that asap!
    The brush holder is genius. I recently went on a trip and my make up brushes got bent out of shape. this is th PERFECT fix.
    And the Lv make up bag is everything! putting htat on my wish list:)

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