I’m back at it again with my Sephora Hauls, woohoo! These are one of my favorite posts to write! I try nearly 100 new beauty products each month and I get so excited when I find something new to share with you all that I consider a Holy Grail item. I didn’t do one of these in January but I’m back!

All of my Sephora Hauls are HERE. In my recent Sephora Hauls [most done each month] I share new finds and Holy Grail products so I highly recommend browsing those posts. From my favorite daily foundation to the best dry shampoo ever – they are all within my Sephora Haul posts. 🙂

PS. If you are not already, I would recommend signing up to be a Sephora Beauty Insider and start collecting points. There’s no cost to signing up & there are no catches or anything. When I check out in store I just give them my cell and they type it in and I collect points with each purchase. They have gifts for different points – like if you have 100 points they have a gift options and then 500 point gift options. You also get a really good birthday gift. Aside from that, Sephora does a Beauty Insider appreciation event a couple of times a year and Beauty Insiders get early access! Just thought I’d share!

OLAPLEX HAIR PERFECTOR [not pictured] || I use this once per week and I got hooked on it back when I was expecting Luke and my hair was super dry. I basically run my hair under water in the bathtub and then coat it with this product and clip it up for 10 minutes. I get in the bathtub and use shampoo and conditioner to rinse it out and it helps heal my damaged ends & also really softens it. I feel like this is what keeps my hair from being damaged by the balayage color + curling iron heat! I highly recommend trying to incorporate this product into your routine if you use any heat products or color on your hair. It helps dramatically.

SPARKLING FOILED EYE SHADOW ||  I use the shade ‘Honey Bronze’. I love Touch In Sol eye shadows because they are SO gorgeous and really sparkle and wear so so beautifully! Its like you are seeing a photo of makeup on Pinterest that looks like it was done by a professional but can be done in a second with Touch In Sol! The other I like from Touch In Sol is HERE & I like the color ‘Eldora’ best.[PS. I get the most compliments and questions when I wear the Stila one – the shade is ‘Kitten Karma’ and I have reviewed it a lot on here!]

FENTY BEAUTY PRO FILT’R CONCEALER || So I watched a TON of YouTubers review this and I got sooooo interested! I had heard amazing things and I really love the Fenty line in general so I gave it a shot! The website says: “A creamy, long-wear, crease-proof liquid concealer with light-as-air, medium-to-full coverage that brightens under-eyes and conceals blemishes and redness.” I will say this is probably best for those who do not need super full coverage – it looks very natural and beautiful but is not the fullest of coverage. I also found that it is best for those who have more oily skin! My eye area can be dry, especially this time of year, so I have to use very hydrating concealers. I think if you like a more natural look & have less dry skin you would really like this! [Sidenote: if you are oily I would highly recommend using this toner – it will help with acne & oil & also pores! I don’t really make much oil but I wish I had this back before Accutane when I poured oil & had bad acne.]

EXFOLIATING SWIPEYS || I purchased these because my doctor saw that my skin was needing some exfoliation but also hydration so I got the okay to use some Lactic Acid – which is a less powerful AHA. These won’t burn or sting but you can definitely feel them working. I use them usually 2x a week. These are not as strong as others but help to chemically exfoliate your skin and are not as painful [if you are sensitive or just starting with chemical exfoliation.]

LILLY LASHES FOR SEPHORA || The style ‘Miami’ is my favorite – when I am taking a break from eyelash extensions – these are my go-t0 lashes. This style is easily my favorite! They give the same look as my eyelash extensions but are very comfortable and flattering compared to most lash strips.

LIVING PROOF BODY BUILDER SPRAY || I’ve mentioned this in previous posts before but I just wanted to shout it out once more. This is so good if you are looking for instant volume + texture. The last few months I’ve slacked on getting ready like I used to – I am honestly just so tired and worn down by 4pm each day and want to take a hot bath! Anyway, because of this I spend a lot less time styling my hair. I wear it straight more often and in a ponytail SOOO much! In order to give my ponytail some oomph, I will spray this in it w/the nozzle turned up to gift it some lift! I also really love the smell!

BORN THIS WAY SUPER COVERAGE CONCEALER ||  Okay, so if you read the Fenty concealer review ^^ you may be wondering what I use for when I need super full coverage / hydration and it is this one! I am obsessed with this concealer the past few months with the cold weather + lack of sleep [pregnancy]. I am on bottle #2 of this and I use the shade ‘Porcelain’. I really want to buy a dark shade and use the for contouring because I have seen a few YouTubers do it and it looks soooooo good! Also – the bottle is enormous so it lasts quite a while. [Sidenote-  I just saw the Giorgio Armani came out with a Power Fabric Concealer and I am DYING to try it – that foundation is amazing!]

CHARLOTTE TILBURY MAGIC POWDER || Okay, I’m copying and pasting ‘What It Does’ because this powder is easily one of my favorites the past few months – it is magnifying but still radiant! Pasting from the Sephora site: “This light-diffusing, loose powder helps mattify and smooth the appearance of the skin. It is made from an alternative ingredient to talc that absorbs excess oil from the skin creating a matte appearance. Bio-mimetic Silky Mica creates natural opacity with a brightening-radiant effect to instantly create a youthful look. The mica is treated with amino-acids that contribute to give a gorgeous silky skin-like, smooth, feel. Spherical Silica is a sebum absorber that mattifies and reduces shine. It reflects the light for a soft-focus effect. Tsubaki Oil is a traditional, nourishing Japanese oil with a silky, creamy texture which acts as a fast-absorbing moisturizer, nourishing and softening the skin, whilst promoting bounce in the skin. Squalane, a natural Olive Oil derivative, wonderfully moisturizing and a source of fatty acids and antioxidants that help to condition and soften the skin. Treated Pigments for adding a creaminess and added adhesion helping to achieve the perfect coverage.” I wear Shade 2 in this powder and YES – the smell is not exactly beautiful – lol!! But after you use it a couple of times you get to where you don’t notice it! It honestly is not that bad of a smell but it is not like Huda Beauty’s whose powder smells like a perfume!

LANCOME NO SHINE SETTING POWDER || Since I mentioned the Fenty concealer and how I think it would work well for all of my oily sisters, I was thinking I should mention this powder as well. I am rarely ever oily – but sometimes I go a little heavy with my Tatchy Dewy Setting Mist and need to tame it down a bit.. lol! I used this a few months back to tame down my excess shine and when I looked in the mirror I was like “woah, my skin looks so smooth and poreless!” and I realized that it was this powder. I just lightly dabbed some on with a Beauty Blender in the places where my setting mist was heavy & there was a noticeable difference. So that has been my trick lately. SO, if you are super oily or just a little oil – give this a try! I was always very oily until I did Accutane and I wish I would have known about this back then!

URBAN DECAY BROW BLADE || So I got the entire new collection in PR and WOW. This stuff is so so good. I have seen it hyped up online and I gave it a try myself and I really love it! On one end is a pencil that is waterproof and is great for filling – but on the other is an ink-like end and it helps make hair like strokes and it is easy to use! I still love my ABH pomade & powder but this is so good if you really want to make your brows look thick & bushy – naturally!

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