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Spring Shoe Review 2019 [Under $100]

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My annual spring shoe review is LIVE! This is my THIRD one! I love doing these as a way to recap what the best of spring shoes & sandals are – and I always include info on sizing and how I’ve styled them as well! I tried to keep most of them under $100 – I think one pair is over $100!

ALSO! THere’s a giveaway at the end of this post!! It’s one you will want to enter! [3 $100 Nordstrom Giftcards!]




These come in tan [seen above], leopard, & black! They are $88.95 and they are SUPER comfortable / not hard to walk in! I wear them so much because they feel good but also just go with a lot! They instantly elongate your legs & are so, SO flattering.

They do run TTS – I went with my regular size.

See recent posts where I have styled them HERE.


The second wedge you’ve seen me wear a TON and they are the STEVE MADDEN ROBERTA CAMEL WEDGE.

These come in black, camel [seen above], & navy. They run TTS and are $99.95. Again, these are SO SO comfortable and feel so good. I wear them with basically any and everything. I really like the espadrille wedge – its so summery!

See recent posts where I have styled them HERE.


The third wedge is the STEVE MADDEN SANDRA WEDGE.

These were a recent purchase – and I’ve worn them like CRAZY. The platform on them makes them a bit taller than other wedges but they are still very comfortable & I have been wearing them several times a week! They run TTS and come in 2 other colors.

See recent posts where I have styled them HERE.

SHOE #4 & #5

The wedge on the right is a  nude wedge by Treasure & Bond. & it comes in several colors. I purchased these in the winter of 2018 before it was ever warm and I kid you not –  I have never gotten more compliments or had so many questions about a pair of wedges! These were mentioned in last years Spring Shoe Review but they are back in stock so I had to post! They run TTS & are super comfy – wore them on our long days at Disney World last spring break. See them styled HERE. [See initial spring 2018 Review post HERE.]

The wedge on the left is the ADALYN WEDGE  BY MARC FISHER and it was in the last 2 years Spring Shoe Reviews! They are very comfortable and practical and it seems like they never get old! I have them in 3-4 colors. They run TTS. [See initial spring review of them HERE – this post has different colors & styles & has more info.]




This pair is less of a wedge and just more of a chunky platform sandal but don’t let it scare you! They are actually VERY comfortable and remind me a lot of a pair of Christian Louboutins I wore last year. The difference is – these are a fraction of the price! These are $88.95 and come in 4 colors.  I opted for this ‘Natural’ color because it has a ‘straw’ look which just screams summer! They are the perfect heel for sundresses! I wore them in Arizona last week with THIS dress and it was the perfect outfit [I don’t have photos 🙁 ].

See closer up photo of these below.



I saw these a few times online and more or less blew them off thinking I’d not wear them much because of the pearl detailing. AND  then I saw this ad on social media for a pair of black sandals with pearls [not the exact pair] on a pair of really tan feet & I was hooked immediately. Something about seeing the photo kind of made me excited for summer even if I don’t wear a lot of black sandals or pearl detailing. Anyway, I ordered this pair – 2x actually! By accident tho – because I saw them on Nordstrom’s site. I’d say they run TTS – but you do have to take actually insert your foot – the 3 straps are not super stiff so the top one you will have to kind of pull up over your arch, ya know?! I probably could have sized up but the 8 fit perfectly.

These do come in 3 colors and are $69.95. Since they are new-ish to me I don’t have any photos wearing them but I am sure I will soon. They go with any black outfits & are simply striking.



The next shoe is the STEVE MADDEN UNFAZED.

Holy COW! I got these back in December and my mom and I both wore them in a couple of posts traveling this winter and you all bought them out like CRAZY! BUT they were restocked! They come in black & white also. They are ‘TTS’ but I do wish I would’ve sized up half a size as it may have felt more comfy wearing them through airports and walking long distances. Mine are in the shade ‘NUDE’ and they go with SO much. They are easy to dress up or down. These are a dupe of the designer dupe by Stella McCartney HERE.

See recent posts where I have styled a similar pair HERE or my mom wearing them HERE – just scroll down a bit to our airport photo.


Next up are my APL TECHLOOM BLISS.

These are my most worn shoe this pregnancy – no joke! The brand actually send me an orange-is pair over the weekend because I had been wearing my pink SO often. I love that I can easily slide them on – because it’s SO hard for me to bend over and tie shoes with this huge baby bump! These shoes are like wearing socks! They are INSANE!! I am talking – I don’t know how I will ever go back to tennis shoes that tie or any brand but APL. They feel amazing. I also love that they have every color in the rainbow!

They run TTS and are WORTH the splurge! John just ordered his first pair in grey yesterday over seeing my excitement! I wear them like 5 days a week and we get stopped everywhere by people asking what brand they are and where to buy them!

SHOES #10 & #11

The next are LEOPARD PRINT! ???

On the LEFT are the STEVE MADDEN EMMI PLATFORM SNEAKER. These are SO cute and go w/a TON – you’d be surprised!! I do highly recommend going up ONE FULL SIZE. I wear an 8 and got an 8.5 and I wish I had purchased the 9. They will rub blisters if you buy them too small! They come in CAMO, too – and black, grey, & white. They are $50.  SEE THEM STYLED RECENTLY HERE.

On the RIGHT are SAM EDELMAN LEOPARD ESPADRILLES. These are TO DIE FOR! I wore them to Disney Land when we were in Cali in February and any time I wear these I get TONS of compliments. These are SO comfortable and feel so good. I did go up half a size! The inside is cushioned and really does feel so amazing. The quality is INSANE – they truly look like a pair of designer espadrilles – I would have expected them to be over $200 honestly. SEE THEM STYLED HERE – just scroll down to the 4th pic!

SHOES #12 & #13

Both of these were purchased last spring but they do have similar styles available so I had to share! I wear both SO much and I get tons of compliments on both styles. They are fantastic for moms or busy women who are always on the go and need to quickly just slide into a pair of shoes!

So there are a few styles that are similar like THIS leopard slide [also comes in snake print!] & THIS leopard slide, too.

I’ll make a little widget below that gives you more option:


Today I’m giving away THREE $100 gift cards to Nordstrom so you all can buy your favorite pairs of shoes! Use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter to win!


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242 thoughts on “Spring Shoe Review 2019 [Under $100]

  1. I have been wearing my same color apls as much as you and i just bought the same Color they sent you cause I love them soo much

  2. Loving all these wedges! But my favorite and must get are the Jessica Simpson Shantelle Wedge! Love this post. Thank you!

  3. I got the Treasure and Bond wedges for my GIRLFRIEND after SEEING them on your blog. She introduced me. And she ABSOLUTELY loves them. One of her favorite pairs of shoes.

  4. Hi emily! I love your blog and insta! I would love the nude wedge from treausre and bond. It Looks so VERSATILE and comfy!

  5. If i could, i would invest in the aPl shoes. They look amazing! Thank you for putting together this post! Always nice to see your top worn shoes! ?

  6. Love it so many good pairs. I just got the black Pearl EMBELLISHED sandals. Now i need those apl snEakers and the steve madden roberta wedge.

  7. Love love love the leopard and snakeskin slide sandals! The pop of print is a must have! ? your style is too fabulous!

  8. Love all of your posts and blog posts! This one is especially nice BEcause of the variety of shoe styles you presented! Plus watching thr vIdeos with Luke were hilarious! HE’s so sneaky And so darn cute!

  9. I love the Techloom bliss Power pink Sneakers! I am so sad they are sold out in pretty much every size. I also love the Hermes dupes!

  10. I love the wedge Options you blogged about! Those are all Neutral and go with just About anYthing! ThaNks!

  11. What a great selection of sandals and shoes for the summer. I just put the sam edelman leopard print espadrille {platform style} in my Amazon cart. Can wait to sport them this summer!

  12. I just bought Shoe #11 on friday and love them !! i Plan on wearing them next week during my trip to disney. Love your blogs !

  13. Thank you fOr keeping these all AffOrdable! Have my eyes on the peArl ones!! Also LUke singing in the shower was great! Love your content 🙂

  14. Love all these shoes Emily….but i’d probably go for the nude wedge by treasure & Bond. thank you so much for sharing and being so so generous!!


  16. Thank you so much for all of your posts. You have inspired me in so many ways to embrace a more tight flattering, fashionable fit while pregnant. This is my frist pregnancy and i have literally bought like 5 things youve posted on here, especially the leith dress. That thing is amazing!!! do you have any tips for first time moms and shoes, I want to add more heels or wedges into my wardrobe!

  17. I like the leopard print casual shoes and the Treasure & Bond wedge. 🙂 Nice shoe collection! Happy spring!

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  19. Are the jessica siMpson camree platform heels tts? Thank you. I love them and you for writing this post for us!!

  20. First of all, i love your stYle so much! Love seeing all your outfits and accessorieS! My Fav shoes are your jessica simpson wedges!

  21. I absolutley looooove your style I am such a sucker for anything you post and always on the look out for new ideas, definetly always come here or pintrest for any style ideas when I need some. and this give away is awesome as are all of your give aways, I always enter whenever there is a new one. Definetly my favorite blogger and to be honest the only one i truly follow 🙂

  22. Those treasure and bond wedges are on my list! I’ve seen so many bloggers hype them up, and the fact you can wear them around disney world? i’m sold.

  23. I would purchase the Jessica simpson camree platform sandal! I love that you do a review of spring shoes, because i am always looking for new shoes and can count on you to find the latest and comfy shoes!! So thank you!!

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  25. I am in love with Jessica Simpson Shantelle wedges, Waiting UntIl it gets warmer maybe they will be on sale, but buying them regardless.

  26. I love the apl in bca pink. I wish they had my size… maybe they will restock! also love the sam edelman leopard espedrilles.

  27. I love all of these!! Which to choose…i’d Proba choose the se leopard espadrilles. They look Comfy!! Thank you

  28. The pearl trend is so big for slring/summer, so i’m Really drawn to those LEITH STUNNER EMBELLISHED STRAPPY SLIDE SANDALs!

  29. I love the jessica simpson camree sandals. the natural color they come in will go with everything this spring and I like them because they’re a little more trendy than the wedges i’ve been wearing.

  30. Omg i need those Jessica Simpson WoVen sandAls! Look forward to you posting this every year, thank Emily!

  31. DefineTly shoe #8 stEve madden unFazed love my sneakers but this adds the extra you need on an eVeryday look!

  32. I cannot even pick a fave!The pink I would probably never take off, but those pearly sandals, wooo so pretty!

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  36. I love them all, but i would totally go for the slides or maybe even the tennis shoes! I’m all about comfort Now that i’m chasing two littles around! Love your style, emily!!

  37. This would be the best birthday present everrrrr (april 5th) Im getting married In jamaica in May, and i would get the jessica simpson shanTelle wedge slide sandal! I Want these foe my trip so bad! Everytime you wear them i love them! Thanks so so much for the opportunity. Your tHe sweetEst
    Xoxo heather

  38. I recently listened to a podcast and they were talking about how leopard print is a big deal now and cAn brigthen up Darker Outfits with some pop! So im obssessed with your leopard options, especially the cute slide ones ?

  39. Love this blog post! i’ve been loving the steve madden greece sandals. I also love the wedges. i’m over 6 foot so i’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone and wear a heal instead of just flats all the time.

  40. I really want a pair of those APls!! Just cant make myself spend the money. My second love is 12 and 13 cause im a flat kinda gal

  41. I would definitely buy the leopard platform sneakers. I absolutely love those and have been wanting them since the minute you posted them!!

  42. Love the steve madden slides! I got a black pair at nordstrom, but now I’m thinking I need to find a leopard print pair 🙂

  43. First of all, i need all these shoes but the way my bank account is set up lol
    Uhhh i am feeling all the print shoes. need these in my closet now lol

  44. I have the Marc Fisher wedges in my nordstrom cart because I’m determined to get them!! I adore them but the strong runner up are the Jessica Simpson Camree platforms!! Love. Love. Love. 🙂

  45. You always OUtdo yourself on your blog posts! Slides are always my Fav in the summertime so cant wait to get my hands on some of these!

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  50. The apl Shoes are so interesting to me i would love to give them a try, but im alSo all about tgosw snake print!

  51. I love the marc fischer wedges and also the steve madden wedge sneaker . They all look super cute ! Are they heavy?

  52. Love thw steve madden sandra wedge in white. Im usually not a fan of white sandalS but love these. Also love the sam edelman leopard ESPADRILLES. They look great with your ouTfits.

  53. I am a big fan of yours. I love the way your style.. it love it all.. thanks for being such a kind person.. you afw truly blessed.

  54. i love the apl’s!!!! Adorable color and being 7 months pregnant tennis shoes are all i love righ now! yay babies!


  56. I have been looking into booties. i am a terrible shoe shopper but was just looking today. glad i found your post. thanks!!!

  57. Hi

    Thank you for taking the time to do these reviews and sharing with us. I always look at your revIew before i make any purchases. Would def get the black sandals and love the pink sneakers!!!

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