Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


#1 YSL L’HOMME [This stuff smells amazing and never gets old – I have purchased it for John for years now!!]

#2 JACK MASON WATCH [John is not a huge watch person but he does love this watch & I think it looks good on him!]

#3 CAR DETAILING GIFT PACK [My dad would love this… and so would I! LOL. A clean car is better than a handbag to me!]

#4 APL RUNNING SHOES [I got 2 pair while pregnant and raved about them and finally convinced John to get a pair and they are ALL he wears when he is not at the hospital!]

#5 TIE RACK [I put one of these in John’s closet and I showed it on my stories and I had a TON of people DM me asking about it! It’s amazing!]

#6 TAL 26 OUNCE WATER BOTTLE W/STRAW [I got a few of these in PR and we all love them! Would be a great gift!]

#7 NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES [This is probably one of the best gifts I’ve purchased for John – we ALL use them! If I fly alone he lets me borrow them and he wears them on almost every flight to watch movies.]

#8 GOLF BALLS [lol]

#9 FROGG TOGG COOL TOWEL [My mom told me about these because my dad LOVES them! My dad works out every morning during the week and he does Insanity/P90X – aka intense workouts! He likes to have these around in the summer when it is hot because once you get these wet they stay cold.]


#11 RAYBAN WAYFAYERS [on sale!]

#12 BIRKENSTOCKS [I got a pair for Luke and they are so cute on him and now I want John to get a pair..]

#13 ENERGEL PENS [Best. Pens. Ever. Ha! I probably sound like a weirdo BUT give me a second! I’m type A so I write everything down and I am also a leftie so I like a good pen! I found these in junior high?! I think and I showed my dad and he has not used a different pen since! They are SO bomb and I’ve got John hooked, too!]

#14 SWIMS SWIM LOAFERS [John’s raved ab these on my social platforms and blog before but everytime I get feedback from someone who used a men’s gift guide they always tell me that their husband/boyfriend is obsessed w/these shoes! John even got our friend from residency a pair for his birthday because he’s so confident that everyone will love them, too! They are very comfortable but really great for beach, pool, lake, etc. They are made for water!

#15 CHARGING CORD [We love this thing!]

#16 PATAGONIA SWIM TRUNKS [We got these for my dad since we have a pool at the new house!]

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