10 Summer Holy Grail Beauty Products


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I partner with Nordstrom usually once per quarter to talk about recent beauty products I’ve been loving and I have been SO SO SOOOO looking forward to this post. First of all, I’ve had a lot of you asking what foundation / bronzer / etc. I’ve been using so I knew I’d be doing an updated beauty post soon BUT today I have a few randoms to mention / share with you all. I was going to try to narrow it down to the TOP 10 but I’m not so sure I will be able to to do that because there are a few REALLY good, new things and a few old items I’m back to using!


One item that is not beauty BUT it is something I am obsessed w/and always burn in my bathroom is THIS candle by Lancome. These were in our rooms in Calistoga when my mom and I went w/Lancome back in January. To be honest, I didn’t expect for Lancome to have such an amazing candle. I packed it up and brought it home but didn’t actually burn it until May?!? Someone was coming over to see the new house and I lit it and forgot and came back towards our master bedroom and thought “woah, what is that???” and what do you know – it’s this candle that I didn’t use for 5 months! Anyway, I reached out to the Lancome team and they were like “oh we will send you a couple of extra!” but I was not patient enough so I found them on Nordstrom and ordered more. I’ll stop rambling about a candle, but I can assure you that this candle is one of the best, ever!


Okay, since we are talking scents [haha], I’m jumping right on to perfumes because this is a question I get SO often – ‘what is your favorite perfume?’. Well, when I find a scent that I like, I typically stick with it. I will switch around here and there but if I am buying the larger bottle, it’s going to be a holy grail scent. My favorite of all is HERE [Le Labo Rose 31] – and yes, it is pricy but BOY! It is sooooo good. I wrote a post on it last summer and last Christmas and I have had tons of you e-mail me raving about it! I also really like THIS perfume as well – again, it is pricy. BUT I will admit I get the most compliments on it everywhere I go. Anytime girlfriends or my mom/sis are here they always wear it because everyone tends to love it!


So you guys know I couldn’t put down THIS foundation [shade Barcelona] for probably a year and a half or so?!? I found one by IT Cosmetics I wore at the end of pregnancy but it was discontinue so I started using my NARS again and HOLY COW! This stuff is even better than I remembered. In fact, I’ve got to pick up a new bottle today because I’m running low and I do not want to be without this foundation. It covers my melasma and it wears so so so beautifully. It’s a full coverage, long wearing, RADIANT foundation – AKA it is not drying or matte. But I will have to say that it just looks amazing and fresh on – not dewy or matte but a nice, natural finish. It looks good on almost everyone, too – my mom loves it as well. Sidenote – I am currently trying out the new Tom Ford Emotionproof Concealer right now… it is water resistant / long-wearing / etc. and I’ve heard some REALLY good things – it says it can cover tattoos! Once I’ve worn it a few times I’ll update you guys!


Okay, a few things to touch on here…a couple are repeats. I’m still crazy over my LaMer Creme – it’s been whats kept my skin from looking dead the last couple of months. Still using their oil as well [I’ll skip over that stuff since I’ve talked about this quite a bit the last year but it is all under the BEAUTY tab!]. Anyway, something NEW to me is the SUPERTONER by GlamGlow. Now, I’ll be upfront – GG is hit or miss for me. I hear their products raved about quite a bit but some of those work and some of those are a fail for me personally. I saw Jaclyn Hill raving about this on her IG Story a few weeks back and usually when she raves about something she’s 100% spot on – so I jumped on board and picked it up while in Nordstrom in Dallas. I used for probably 3 night consecutively and my mom came to town and asked what I was using on my skin because ‘it looked smoother than ever!’ and I told her I was back to the NARS foundation and I was using this toner [and also taking my HA Supplements again!]. SO, my mom started using the toner and I saw her a few days later and noticed her skin was looking super smooth so I asked what PRIMER she was using [she always takes my extras so she has a lot of skincare/makeup now] and she said she was using the same primer but also using the… TONER. So we are convinced its a game changer! I do also think that my THESE chewables help my skin a lot – I always notice that my skin is so much smoother and more hydrated once I’m consistently using them. Last thing – I am currently trying THIS cooling eye stick by Tula – it’s new to me so I don’t have any thoughts just yet but I will update soon!


I don’t want to be a broken record so a lot of these are repeats but I still get asked so I wanted to have them in this post BUT I still use my Vita Liberata Instant Blur Bronzer on my legs/arms/chest on days when I need an instant tan + smoothing effect [it washes off in the shower]. A lot of you have jumped on board the Vita Liberata train too and I hear so much good feedback! I also use a couple of tanning erases [for actual self tanner] but I am running low on one – THIS ONE – by Tan Luxe. I can do a dedicated post to that soon. Jaclyn texted me last week asking how I remove my strong self tanners and I sent her a video explaining it and then I was like “wait I have to do a post on this!”. My mom always borrows my products for erasing self tanners when she’s here as well. [If you are curious about self tanners you can type those keywords into the search tool and it brings up my tutorials/posts.] Also, I am trying THIS Coola Face Bronzing Self Tanner right now but I have not used it long enough to tell you any feedback!


Most of my hair products are the same [THIS post has a good recap of hair products] but two things that I’ve just started using the last few months and really loving are the IGK Texture + Shine Spray & the Oribe Hydration Drops. If you are wanting a new product for the summer and can only pick one – it would be the IGK spray though – the smell is insane and it just leaves such a beautiful glow on your hair! Sidenote – I do mix the Hydration Drops w/my holy grail OIL.


Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.

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  1. I have searched and cannot find. Could you please share where that beautiful tray by your sink is from. Thanks!

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