#1 BECCA 24HR FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION || YALL!!! This foundation is SO bomb – like it is officially my holy grail. It is full coverage foundation but it is buildable. It is water, humidity, sweat resistant and wears for up to 24 hours [supposedly!]. Now, I got this upon the recommendation of a favorite Youtuber, Casey Holmes. She and I usually wear and like the same foundations so I’ve always turned to her channel for that. Earlier this week we were chatting about new foundations and she said I needed to try it – so I literally got it right away. I wore it and when I saw how glowy and beautiful it looked I ab DIED. This is so good if you have dry skin – since it has a glowy finish and I’m obsessed! [

#2 ISLE OF PARADISE SELF TANNER ERASER || You guys know I love love love to be self tanned – and I rarely ever spend any time in the sun. I self tanner usually 1-2x per week during the summer and it can be very hard to remove. I gotthis ‘eraser’ in PR and tried it randomly and I LOVE IT. I have written about it before but I had to chime in on it again because many of you ask how I remove my self tanner since it is very powerful. [Self tanning routine post is HERE.] I spray this on my body before I start my shower water – and I let it soak while I let the water run and get my towels out, ya know?! It may not be a solid 5 minutes but I try to let it soak for as long as possible. This allows for the self tanner to de-tach and that way you don’t have to scrub as hard and it rubs off much easier!

#3 SILK PILLOWCASE || I swear by these! [Read this post to learn more.]

#4 BEAUTY BLENDER CLEANER || THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD. I clean my beauty blender [any brand] while I wash my face and I spray this and run it under the hot water and it literally gets any leftover makeup out.

#5 BENEFIT HIGHLIGHTER || Its the bomb – I won’t repeat myself since I’ve raved about it so often but IT IS SO GOOD! And in a single now!

#6 MAGIC SETTING POWDER || This stuff is what I always go back to – it just sets makeup so well and looks so so smooth!

#7 PAT MCGRATH LIP GLOSS || My lash girl told me about this gloss – she said it was out of stock for a long time and it is popular because of the gold flakes.

#8 ULTRA REPAIR CREAM || I’ve been using this for the last week and I LOVE it. It says for ‘parched’ skin – which is why it caught my eye. My skin needs all the hydration it can get!

#9 PAT MCGRATH FOUNDATION || This is very lightweight — but SUPER natural looking. Very smoothing and light – but so soft and beautiful. It is also

#10 NATASHA DENONA TOP COAT || In the shade ‘Bronze’  — I get compliments on this literally DAILY – and get asked about it so so often.

#11 TARTE BEAUTY SPONGE || My favorite sponge lately – I’ve written about it before so I won’t keep going but its SO good!

#12 TAN LUXE HYALURONIC SELF TANNER || HOLY GUACAMOLEEEEEE!! This is an HA – you put it on before moisturizer in the AM and PM and it literally works as a self tanner. I’ll talk about this more in depth on my IG stories today.

#13 MURAD INVISI-SCAR RESURFACING TREATMENT || OH MY WORD. I randomly tried this — I ordered it when the sale began and IT IS AMAZING. It is like a primer but also works while you wear it to re-texturize your skin!

#14 NUDESTIX BLURRING CONTOUR STICK || I had never tried this brand before – but I saw that it said ‘blurring’ so I tried it and I LOVE IT. I use it to contour my cheeks and nose.

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