Sephora VIB Event Must-Haves + What I Purchased Already

Sephora VIB Event Must-Haves + What I Purchased Already by popular Oklahoma beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing: collage image of various Sephora beauty products.


#1 FENTY EYE PRIMER || I got a sample size in PR and omg! This stuff is really amazing – your shadow will NOT move if you have this on – I do set it with translucent setting powder though.

#2 TOO FACED CRYSTAL WHIPS || This is the liquid shimmer I use on my lid and its super good! I use the shade “Pop The Bubbly”.

#3 BENEFIT’S HIGHLIGHTER COOKIE || 10/10 – this stuff is amazing! If you like a great highlight it is good but if you like a *blinding* highlight its amazing! You can build it up. I wear it daily and I get asked about it all of the time!

#4 CHARLOTTE TILBURY LINER || When I travel I basically just take this one in ‘Iconic Nude’ because it works with all lipsticks and makes a beautiful nude lip! Gives a big of a shadow which makes your lip appear fuller as well.

#5 NATASHA DENONA TOP COAT || This stuff is BOMB and I get so many compliments! Its what I wear on top of the liquid shimmer in #2 and its gorgeous! You can wear alone or pack it on and really get a glam look! I use the shade ‘Bronze’.

#6 CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIPSTICK || I get asked about my lipstick ‘combo’ daily – and 99% of the time I am wearing this lipstick! Its the best formula and the color mixes well with liners and glosses if you want to tweak it a bit. My shade is ‘Kim KW’.

#7 TOM FORD LUXE LIP GLOSS || This has been my JAM the last 3 weeks – all I wear when I opt for a glossy lip! I think I do prefer Crystalline over Aura now though! I do a Sephora Haul monthly and at first I liked Aura but I wear Crystalline mostly! I get lots of compliments!

#8 LANEIGE SLEEP MASK || Not a lot to say but I travel with this and use it daily – especially since it has gotten cold. It also lasts forever.

#9 FAB ULTRA REPAIR CREAM || I have this in the Mini version and love it – and depend on it. It truly does work for parched, very dry skin. I fly on 4-6 flights per month so I need all of the hydration I can get and I love this! The mini does great for travel and has lasted some time. When it comes time to re-stock I will likely buy the mini again.

#10 FENTY BEAUTY SETTING POWDER || This has been my go-to for under eyes since February!? Its amazing. I have lavender and button and love both! I have the Button for travel and it works perfectly!

#11 TOO FACED SUPER COVERAGE CONCEALER || This is my go-to miracle working product! Seriously – it does have super coverage and wears so well and does not look dry or cakey. I set with the powder in #10.

#12 OLE HENRICKSON WALNUT SCRUB || I think this is one of the best scrubs I have ever tried – I highly recommend this if you are working hard to get exfoliated and have a lot of tough spots you want to remove. I notice that if I use it after 2-3 nights in Retinol – it literally scrubs off my melasma. You have to have a good routine going and make sure you are using the correct products.

#13 PTR LACTIC PORE TREATMENT || I can not recommend this enough! I did a story on it a couple of weeks ago and so many people told me that they love it as well. You leave it on for 3 minutes before bed and then rinse off and it works to exfoliate AND hydrate. My pores never look small but they definitely appear much smoother and better the next day after using this! I try to use it 3x a week.

#14 TAN LUXE SELF TANNER FOR FACE / HYALURONIC || My mom took mine– bc it is so good! I need to re-purchase now that I have 20% off. Its hyaluronic but also a self tanner and just in one use over night it makes your face tanner!

#15 TARTE BEAUTY SPONGE || Just one of my favorite I have ever tried!

#16 LA MER HYDRATING / ILLUMINATING PRIMER || I have been mixing this with my foundation and I love it! Gives a subtle glow and a boost of hydration!!

#17 BECCA 24HR FOUNDATION || Hands down my favorite foundation, ever!! I wear the shade ‘Khaki’.

#18 FARSALI SETTING SPRAY || Another product I have raved about a million times but I bought 2 bottles Friday!! It is that good and just makes your makeup look glowy and beautiful!

I do a Sephora Haul Monthly so there are other favorites as well – I will link as many as I can in the widget below. The new lipstick I got is HERE in ‘She’s Independent’.


Last Friday when the Sephora VIB event started for Rouge members I ran to Sephora to re-stock a few products and ended up buying doubles so that I can do a giveaway! I will post a video on my IG stories [today – November 5th] and you can see the products but I’ll have them all liked as well. The full value of this is worth $211. I will add a 💕 to the products that are things I constantly repurchase. [These items were purchased with my own money – not PR or gifted to me!] THERE WILL BE 3 WINNERS! One will receive the following and the other TWO winners will each receive a $100 Sephora gift card.

The winner will receive the following:



💕LANEIGE SLEEP MASK *This is a gift set w/the lip balm & lip mask* [$18]💕




BEAUTY BLENDER JEWEL BOX MYSTERY SPONGE [This is the Beauty Blender with the cleaner.] [$20]



Giveaway starts today November 5th and ends November 12 – so you have one full week to get entered.

#1. FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM + LIKE + COMMENT + SAVE || Follow me @emilyanngemma on Instagram and make sure you ‘LIKE’ my photos starting today through next Tuesday and also leave a few comments here and there & SAVE your favorite photos!

#2. SUBSCRIBE TO THE SWEETEST THING BLOG || Just enter your e-mail address to subscribe – the tool to subscribe is on the RIGHT sidebar of the blog when viewing on DESKTOP. That is the easiest way. Or just scroll to the bottom of THIS blog post to do it via mobile.

#3. LEAVE COMMENTS ON MY BLOG POSTS DURING THE DURATION OF THIS GIVEAWAY || The comment section is finicky so it may be hard to use but leaving comments helps you stand out– and I would love to know your favorites from Sephora so leave a comment below with those! ALSO – if you can not leave a comment you can make up for that by LIKING The Sweetest Thing on FB and commenting on photos there!

🌟Make sure you watch my stories DAILY this week because there will be opportunities for BONUS ENTRIES!!🌟

Which Sephora VIB Event items are  you most excited about? Share in a comment below!

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310 thoughts on “Sephora VIB Event Must-Haves + What I Purchased Already

  1. Your sephora posts are always on point! I bought thr prt lactic PoRe treatment the day you posted on your stories and i swear my pores are smaller.

      1. I love this review! I am addinf a few of these to my cart as well and have heard aMazing things. Im so tempted to get the body Blur because my skin has been not a friend with my self tanner laTely. Do you recommend any face Products for the Winter time??

  2. This is such a great blog post! I love when you do makeup posts, it give me ideas of new products to try out. Thanks for sharing this blog Emily! ♥ Just saw your IG stories and I can’t wait to see the final look of your Christmas tree this year!!

  3. Love this giveaway! I saw you Were using the laneige lip mask for your trip and just saw my sister has one too. After hearing you loved it and so does my sister im running out to Get that gift set for a trip i have coming up in february to Telluride. Its gonna be super cold and im sure the air will be super dry so i think this is gonna be a lifr saver!

  4. So excited to try some new things you posted with this sale. Like the bronze eye Shadows… i love bronze everYthing! Lol i look forWard to your beauty post every week!:)

  5. the Farsali setting spray has become my favorite thing ever. I picked it up a few months ago when you mentioned it in a Sephora haul and ive repurchased twice since! thank you!!! I love these sephora hauls each month, i always wait to see what you post about before trying new things.

  6. This is great!! I cant wait to try the hyaluronic self tan drops! I don’t love the one i’m currently using.

  7. So helpful! THAnks for taking the time!! I actually started using the IT cosmetics concealer after you raved about it some time ago. Might have to try the too faced one now.

  8. I love finding new products which is why i love when you do FavoriteS blog poSts! Some of my sephora favorites are Laura Mercier Setting powder, too faced concealer, Charlotte Tilbury PIllow talk lipstick, & beauty blender!

  9. What a great giveaway!!! Love when you do stuff like this and i always trust your reviews!!! Fav mama blogger for the win!!!!

  10. My holy grails from sephora are sunday riley good genes, and drunk elephant vitamin c serum. I am super interested in that pro strength lactic acid treatment as an alternative to the good genes though – plus its a little cheaper! I follow you on IG (have forever hahah @a.m.e.527) and subscribe too! 🙂

  11. Yay i love your blog posts + giveaways. also obsessed w the cookie highlighter by benefit, it’s so good I ENDED UP PURCHASING IT AFTER SEEING IT ON YOUR STORIES!

  12. Oooooh i am so excited to try the fenty prImer!! My biggest pet peeve is when My eyeshadow creases or smears during the day (while i sit at my desk working, How does that even happen!?)

  13. Love love love these blog posts! My favorite Sephora items are always the charlotte tilbury lipsticks & love that fenty powder you mentioned!

  14. I love and enjoy your style! you are amazing and your family is super beautiful.
    Sephora items i love are Lolita from Kat von D, Huda lipsticks, perfumes Gucci bamboon to be precise and their eyeshadow kits that i own.

  15. Love your RECOMMENDATIONS, Your amazing !! Thanks for Everything you do, Im a busy mom and felt so dragged down and its nice to have a beauty lift and you weays suggest the top products, Thank you!

  16. You are so kind! Love everything about you!! I think I’m going to bite the bullet (as they say) and get some extensions finally!! I used to have such thick hair but due to health things (diagnosed with MS in 2014) the medication thined it out. I miss it so much!! Anywho … thanks again for being a true “influencer” 🙂 <3


  18. I had been Hesitant to purchase the ptr product bC of the price so i took advantage of the sale and purchased! Cannot wait to try it. Hope it’s a miraCle in a bottle!

  19. Love following you on Ig! And especially love when you do beauty posts! Would love to be entered into your giveaway! One of my favorite products is the Ct pillow talk lipstick and urban decay setting spray!

  20. SERIOUSLY the only blog i have ever subscribed too! i love this Page so much!
    i got the farsali seTting sPray and it did not DISAPPOINT!! I got more into makeup because of this bloG
    ABSOLUTELY love the Gemma fam!!💓

  21. My fav. Item from Sephora is DEFINITELY the bIte beauty agave lip mask. Literally the only thing i use for my lips. And the Other item has to be the cHarlotte Tilbury hollywood flawless filter, which givEs such a healthy glow under foundation! ♥️

  22. Hi emily!

    Ahh i am soo excited about this giveaway! I sEriously swear by your Beauty recommendations. I honestly think almost every beauty product i own was once recommenDed by you. 😂 i actually just bought the too faced crystal whIps And the fenty setting Powder. I am super Pumped too try both.
    Love followIng you And tour family! ThAnks for doing this giveaway!

  23. THis is such a great blog post! I love all your makeup tuTorials, Suggestions, and tips! It helps me out sooooo much.

  24. your blog post are always an point !!! i will try mix foundation with oil, my skin in the winter its sahara desert hahaha .Your makeup is always flawless !!!!!!

  25. i recently got the too faced concealer because of you & i’m loving it! i repurchased a bunch of my favorite skincare. some of my faves are the tatcha silken spf and tatcha vitamin c serum, drunk elephant protini and shaba complex eye serum, and ole henriksen balancing toner! i also got another jouer essential lip enhancer, my favorite thing to use on my lips at night!

  26. I love your makeup Must-haves you always have the best Suggestions! I can’t wait to get a chance to try LANeiGE sleep Mask! So many people rave about It!


  28. I boUght the farsali setting spRay earlier this summer (while i was prefnant) and whenever i wore it people were like omg you have that pregnancy glow and i would be like no girl its the makeup! Its sooo good!!

  29. I LOVE your beauty recs!! I jusr ordered the fenty powder, i’ve had my eye on it and after reading and watching your reviews on it I finally pulled the plug haha. Also the first aid beauty moisturizer is the best!! so happy to see you recommend it too!

  30. Hi emely,
    Im loving all your selection as well! 💕dying to try the Nd cream shadow, been looking fOr a bronze one for a long tIme [not too shiny, not too clear]…its been DIFFICULT finding “ the right” one.

  31. Love love when yOu Share products you love! Esp. SKiNcaRe because i don’T ever wear makeup, i don’t think i look good with makeuP on lol!!

  32. I cant live without my anastasia brow wiz pencil!! Tom fords cream color for eyes. A love a Quick swipe of this across the lids.

  33. I love all your insta post! i wish you had a youtube account. I am obsessed with your style and home decor, not to mention your kids are so cute!

  34. Ooh i cant wait to try some of these products!! My fav sephora products are fenty lipgloss 😍 and farsali 24k gold face mist!!!!

  35. I love all off your picks!! they are amazing and its the perfect time to stock up on new things and try new things.

  36. so excited for the sephora sale! thanks for the post now I have so many new products i’m going to try! <3

  37. My faves from sephora are the first aid beauty MOISTURIZER that you love, It cosmEtics cc cream, anastasia brow, and im wanting to try the lip mask badly. Ive always had problems with my lips

  38. Thanks for sharinG this! I definitely want to cheCk Out some of these prodUcts. Ive heard so many great things about the farsali setting spray – i thiNk im most excited to try that!

  39. These tanning drops give me life. i work nights and sLeep during the day. everyone thinks i went tO the beach all day, they’re so natural.

  40. Love thr lip mask! Saw it on here a few years back and been using every night since! Love your feed and stories!


  42. I have been waiting TO try the Charolotte Tilbury in the Kim K! i have it in a couple other colors and love it!

  43. During the 20% off sale i love to buy my favorite perfumes! I just found a new favorite-7 virtues vanilla woods! Im usually a Sweet/Floral girl but, this warm scent is FANTASTIC! I have also heard amazing things about the ole Henrickson dark spot toner-have you tried it??

  44. I bought the Thomas Roth lactic pore treatment based on your recommendation and it works SO WELL!!!! ❤️ I’m currently getting my roommAte hooked on it too 😂

  45. I love all your picks! I currently have the Natasha denona gold palette, laneige lip mask & some charlottle tilbury products in my cart. cant wait to try out some new products.

  46. You have seriously changed my life with your tips! I also love charlotte tilbury anytHing but kim kw is my fav 🙂

  47. I love all the picks! I just recently got into skin care so i’m excited to try the ole HenrikSen transforming walnut srcub!

  48. Love following you Emily! I am 31 weeks pregnant and would love The items in the giveaway aS i badly need to do a sephora run but baby has priority! Some of my sephora faves have always been Tarte 12 hour amazonian clay foundation, too faced bronzer, and anything skincare! Thank you for the sweet opportunity!

  49. I love your Sephora recommendations, get me in trouble sometimes because i want to buy them all lol. I love your vibe

  50. Thanks for posting all your content! I hope I get some of these for christmas! When does the Vib event end? Or when is the next one?

  51. Such a BEAUTIFUL giveaway and everything will be so usefUl in winters. Hoping badly To win some new makeUp from BeautifUl Gemma Mama.

  52. I love all your posts. You are like a part of my family now. I Go to instAgram Constantly because I am scared To miss out on anything you post. And of course The days that I get to see sophie and luke is like a treat for me♥️🥰

  53. I have been following you for years!!! i love your style and now the beautiful family you and john have created. Thank you for inspiring me

  54. My favorite sephora items are Kerastase blonde hair Products, Olaplex, L’occitAne almond Bath oil, nest HoLiday diFfUsers (for christmas every Year),
    I also bought 2 huda eye pallettes, the peaches & cream eye coLor whiPs, laneige lip masks, bobbi brown shimmer brick rose highlighter, bumble & bumble dRy VOlume Spray, IGK texture spray.

  55. I love sephora! So excited for this goveaway and i love that you share your favorite things! One of my favorites is the brazilian bum bum cream

  56. Thank you so much For This post! I have been wanting to purchase a few of tHe tHings you mentioned in thIs post (the charlotte tilbury lipstick as well as the fenty powder) so im def going to purchase them!!!

  57. Ok, i honestly have never Shopped at sephora but the things you posted seem like amazing products that i would love to try!

  58. I love the Laneige lip mask! When I moved recently I could not find it and i was so sad but then i found it! I also love charlotte Tilbury Kim Kw!

  59. OMgggggg!! This is the best giveaway ever! Also, your sePhora posts are always my fav. I always find amazing ProduCts thRough you!

  60. Your reviews make it so easy for me to shop for new makeup! im a new mom in need of a refresh and this post was so helpful!

  61. So excited abOut this giveawaY. Im always looking for new things to try at sephorA. My favorites are the sample size mascaras so i can figure out which ones i love best. Im obsessed with the sunday RIley products too

  62. My sister got me started on your blog about 1.5 years ago! You are so fun to follow and your fam is adorb! I too love EVERYTHING makeup hair and fashion. Last xmas i couldnt get over your trees. I tota tried to copy the RIBBONs 🎀 . Also loved that danG hallmark coffee mug. Had to get one of those too. Recently at sephora I went back to makeup foRever hd foundation and powder. Its light but gives great color. Shockingly the sephora brand eyelinerS are legit and do not smUdge. Trying the HudA nude in light. Might want to bump it up to medium.?

  63. I would love to try these products!!! These are alL new products to me. Would be nice to see if they could become my go tOs!!

  64. What a neat give away. I hope i win. Would love to try some of the products you have. I love the laneige lip mask. I do oral chemo every week and it has dried everything out. Face, hair , lips , skin. Im anxious to try anything.

  65. I Absolutley love following your blog posts! I love this cookie highlighter. It is my fAvorite! I watch jaclyn hill Videos and she RECOMMENDS This highlighter! I love your makeup posts and trust your RECOMMENDATIONS!

  66. I’ve actually Never puRchased anything from sephora🙈 we haven’t had A local one for very long and it’s VEry Very small!!! Im def adding these to my list to look for or order!!

  67. I religiously read your sephora blog post every week!! I recently gave the becca foundation a Try..and oh my goodness, it is amazing! So thank you! Thank you for putting in so much time to help us makeup lovers out..bow just come make my makeup look as flawless as yours!

    Also, just started listening to the poDcast you suggested…so good!!!

  68. Hi Emily!
    Love All of your posts and just everything you share! You are an inspiration to me! Been following you for years and love your content 💕 i really want to try a lot of your sephora suggestions!

  69. I love when you post your sephora favs! Usually ive had at least one of the products on my mind and then buy one based on your review/recommendations. So many that ive gotten Are now staples! The lip mask works wonders! My lips used to be so dry and cracked before i stArted Using it!

  70. Hi emily,
    I love fOlliwing you. You are my og follow years ago. I love you and your sweet family. All your make posts have helped me learn so much!! Thank you for sharing all your tips and tRicks. My makeup bag is full of your recomm

  71. I LIVE for your sephora hauls (actually drugstore hauls…all your likes & dislikes!). Im a stay aT home mom of 3 and you ate the biggest light in such a sometimes dark world and im so thankful for you, and your truth you speak daily!!! You inspire me to want to get ready daily, to feel Pretty, to decorate my house! You just help me more than anything (except for my family and jeSus!!!). Love you lots – feel like i know you! Lol Never miss a story. Thats all. If i win, id love all thise products….But if i don’t, at leaSt i got tHe chance to tell you what you mean to this mom from TExas!!! Keep doing you, inspiring others and totally being the boss God meant for yoi to be!!! You’re the best! (& obvioUsly john, Luke & Sophie are superstars too! 🌟🌟🌟)

  72. I love your Sephora haul posts! Your makeup is always perfect! A few of my HG products are Diorshow mascara (literally the only mascara I’ll use), Laura Mercier translucent setting powder, benefit Precisely My Brow pencil, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Hourglass Veil Mineral primer, and of course my beauty blender! Thanks for always giving back to your followers! <3

    xo, Laura

  73. SoOO excited for this giveaway! i have been a huge fan of your blog since undergrad and try to mimic your style every chance i get!

  74. you are the only blogger/fashion influencer that i trust the judgement and actually love the products i buy. thank you for the great recommendations as always and taking the time to make sure we are able to get it also.

  75. I have the too faced concealer since you first posted about it and i love the pigmentation, however, i find it so drying when used alone. i like use it before foundation and use a more hydrating foundation and that gives me the best results.

  76. the farsali spray is life. it is pricey but i can’t think of another product out there that gives the same glowy mist as this one. best recommendation you have given!!!

  77. Just wanted to say thank you for loving makeup and reviewing so many products all the time! Helps so much when im unsure if i sure try a proDuct!

  78. I’m excited to try Benefit’s cookie highlighter, farsali setting spray, tan luxe self tanner and like so many more products. And I have the laneige sleeping mask and absolutely love it!!

  79. I love the cookie highlighter. Once jaclyn hill showed it i had to have It. Love your recommendatioNs, it gives me a chance to try something new

  80. I bought the walnut scrub you suggested. I really like it and it smells so good. i also bought the too faced eyeshadow in totally whipped. I like the formula and the color but the glitter gets all over the eye area and it is hard to remove it all even with makeup remover.

  81. At 48 I’m just really starting to get into makeup. I love seeing the different things you use and your reviews of products. It helps me ask for assistance when at sephora to get just the right products. Thanks!!

  82. Cannot wait to try some new products! Love all your suggestions that I’ve tried in the past, and always look forward to a new review.

  83. the ultra repair cream by first aid beauty is a must for winter!! I live in chicago and that is one of the only thing that saves my skin in winter.

  84. SO many products i need to check out. I have heard great things about Fenty Beauty but still have yet to purchase/try anything.
    I also want to try the laneige face mask, sounds heavenly!!

  85. Ive always wanted to try the la Mer but im so hesitant BecAuse of the price. Is there a place we could get samples?

  86. love Ultra repair cream! They have the best gift set right now called “fablantis.” Comes with 5 full siZe products(inlcuding the cream) for $49 😱

  87. I love Trying new products!! Im super picky, so when you Recommend them, i definitely love trying them. I know that truly try the products!!


  88. Love this blog post! You’re the only blog I go to for suggestions when Sephora is having a sale! Love that you actually try out all of the products before posting about them 🙂

  89. I never make a purchase at sephora without coming here first lol! Love Love the farsali spray and the laneige lip mask from the last sale, this time trying cookie, the tan drops and the CT liner! CAnt wait to get!

  90. I LOVE your sephora hauls. THEY ARE SO HELPFUL… I HAVE DRY SKIN SO I AM ALWAYS ON THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT BEST MOISTURIZER OR EYE CREAM. I DIDN’T SEE AN EYE CREAM ON THIS ONE, BUT HAVE SEEN THE OLE HENriksen! would you recommend that for fine lines/crows feet wrinkles? thanks!

  91. Im loving the Ole products right now! Ive been Using the toner in the blue bottle, the retin-alt serum, and the goodni glow Cream! So lovely! Have you tried the FresH Soy ScruB? I wonDer if its COMPARABLE to the walnut scrub?! SuCH good picks eMily! ❤️

  92. My must haves are the Benefits Highlighter and the Fenty Setting Powder!! Thanks for sharing these products Emily. I can’t wait to try the CT Lipstick! ♥♥♥

  93. Love lovE love the farsali, can not live with out it! So into the tatcha silk canvas. Had never followed a blogger…so glad someone told me about you! Im now a rouGe member, i Had never even heard of that😂love alll your suggestions. Oh and the rikki mIRror…..amazing

  94. i Love when you do Sephora hauls! I always click on the product and add it to my favorite’s to purchase later. i’m obsessed with the laneige sleep mask. when using it i felt like there wasn’t a huge difference, but once i ran out my lips became dry. i didn’t realize how awesome it was till then!

  95. I’ve been wanting to try the charlotte tilbury kim k lipstick for so long now. It’s on my wish list! Thanks for all your blog posts, I love reading them!


  97. i am a beginner in make up and absolutely amazed how well you do your make up, and how much you know about each product!!! your make up is always flawless!!! hopefully one day i will be a pro like you and wont feel like a clown like i do at the moment. it must take time:) absolutely love you and your passion, thank you! you have no idea how helpful and sweet you are.

  98. Love the urban decay stay naked foundation. recently bought on a trip to sephora and have been using it for two weeks. I have super oily skin and i have noticed that this foundation does help with that!

  99. Always Look forward to your beauty rOund ups dUring sephora sale events! I loveee all the laneige products. I swear by the lip mask and Have Now been stuck on the sleeping mask!

  100. I love your stYle and would be so excited to win your faves! Def one of my favorite fashion bloggers!

  101. NEED to try tan luxe!!! You always post the best foundations and lip products, so i cant wait to test these out 🙌🏼

  102. So many goodies in this Giveaway! I Normally keep it really simple with makEup so some of these would be fun to tRY!

  103. Omg Ive wanted to try the Benefit highlighter for so long!! Id be so happy if i could win the givEaway this year!!

  104. I have been following you for yEars and i absOlutely love theSe kinds of posts! But i love anything chaRlotte tilbury

  105. I love when sephora does this sale! Just got the beauty blender holiday pack and picked up some new products to try!

  106. I always have to have charlotte tilbury pillowTalk liner in My purse (It literally goes with any lipstick i pick to wear that day). I love the farMacy dew it all eye cream. So many sephora favs.

  107. I have oily skin and the PTr lactic pore treatment is a game chanGer. Due to the texture of my skin, i teNd to have NOTICEABLY large pores. Just with two weeks i have seen the reduction in my poors and makes my makeup last longer the next day.

    Emily is the Real mvp for suggesting this Product.

  108. I love all the great stuff you got in the sephora Haul… i orde two of the two faced lip glosses amazing. Love all the pictures.


  110. Hi, i saw You use the fenty setting powder just under your eyes to set. ( i was just looking At this on the sephora website this morning. Guess im going to buy, lol) Do you use A different powder to set the rest of your face?

  111. So excited for this post. You always rePly on twitter to me with the makeup tips/questions. They are the best. Bought so much of what you have recoMmended!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  112. I love everything you recommend! <3
    You have me OBSESSED with the Laneige sleep mask, Charlotte tilbury lipstick, Ole Henrickson walnut scrub, and the Farsali setting spray.
    I don't usually wear makeup because I am not that great at it, but your tutorials and recommendations have really inspired me. Thank you for making me feel unstopable!

  113. Love sephora & kim kw lipstick.. thinn i have found a few of my new favorites from this post, too!!

  114. I want to try the Charlotte Tilbury lip color Kim kw and PILLOW TALK. Also the liner you have lIsted!! I have never tried her products, but they all sound amazinG! ❤️❤️❤️

  115. Im sooo excited foe anything charlotte tilbury! Ive never owned anything from her but ive tried a sAmple of her foundation that you talked about and it was amazing!

  116. I love reading your blog and watching your IG stories! They’re so fun to watch/read and so so helpful, especially when you talk about make-up and skincare. Thank you for doing a giveaway and recommending amazing products! I may have to try the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick (that color looks so pretty).

  117. My Holy gRail Sephora purchases are the charlotTe tilbury lip liner and lipstick in pIllowtalk and Nars bLush in orgasm! I just purchaseD the cT face Powder, CT undereye corrector and CT contour wanD and im loving them so far! Now i really Want that huda palette you mentioned above too!

  118. have been using kim kw since you first recommended it and loved it even more once you recommended using it with the maybelline baddest beige. everything on the list looks amazing but super excited about the tom ford lip gloss

  119. this is a great blog post, i just started getting into makeup, learning it from you, you have the best choice.

  120. Hi emily!! Been followIng you for years 😍 you have CHANGED mY whole makeup routine (for the better). Seriously, ANYTHING yOu recommend, I Will buy! Your contour TUTORIAL changed my life lol

  121. Nars Liquid orgasm highlighter
    Charlotte tiLbury pillow tAlk lipstick and lip cheek liner
    Jador perfume
    Fenty foundation

  122. Love all those products, thank you so much for all the recommendations. Im getting all my drunk elephant products that I use.

  123. You got me hooked on so many of these products:) the lip mask and foundation are my favs! Thanks for all thEse great recs!

  124. This is a very nice blog, very detaIl oriented , cute and chick. First time for me here and i’m in love 😍

  125. I love these, im looking to get into some new producTs! My Skin has changed so much while being pregnant. I’ve found that i may need a whole new routine. DId you notice your skin go back after having your babies or did your skin change for good?

  126. Emily, i love your style and how real and persoNaL you are. You have a beautifuL family. You parents are beautiful too. I loce tonsee the interActions betWeen luke and them
    FAmily is so importAnt. I lOve checking the insta and fb. And seeinG the Products yOu use and How you decorate you house as well. Thank you for all the insIGht on THE best products and for where the best deal Is. agAin. Style on

  127. I just bought Smashbox , I dont know the name of it but it is a green makeup concealer to cover red spots on my face, LOL.

  128. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this giveaway!!
    Especially the laneige sleep mask. anything to stay moisturized and hydrated around this time of year is a plus. < 3

  129. Love your sePhora products! IVe got to check out the becca foundatIon. Ive been following you on instagram for so long and live that you live in tulsa! Im in edmOnd, ok!

  130. I love first aid beauty its the only moisturizer that works for my skin since i have rosacea. I want also try the fenty beauty products and the eye shAdow.

  131. Omg! I literally buy everything you suggest! Hopefully i win the giveaway. I love huda beauty products, urban decay setting spRay & laneige lip balm!

  132. Since I started following you, you are my favourite. You are so beautiful, kinD, Love your taste. Your family adorable❤️

  133. You sephora post are amazing. I’ve been using hyaluronic acid serum and I’ve noticed a huge difference on my face.

  134. I love reading all your makeup tips, trying to follow your lead on what to buy and how to wear. Practice practice PRACTICE!!!! Im dying to th the Fenty powder anD anything to give me a glow because im always so dry. Love all your picks. I look foward to seeing all your stories and makiNg me smile with Sophie and luKe! So cute. Thanks a bunch!!!

  135. I jusT picked up the “Hello Hydration” set from morroccanoil and it is EVERYTHING! i also picked up my favorite scent from nest fragrances in a rollerball since i’ve been traveling a lot, it makes it so much easier to smell nice and get throUgh tsa easy-peasy!
    I need To try The charlotte tIllbury lipstick as i’ve been curious about it for a while now. Awesome gIveaway and perfect for the holidays!!

  136. I love all things Urban decay and nars. especially the eye shadow palletes and blush! so good! Thanks so much for sharing!

  137. I’ve been using the becca foundation for a few years and omg… Such a perfect finish! Try their skin love weightless blur foundation for lighter days! Same type of coverage but feels lighter!

  138. Thank you for all of your suggestions!!! I recently bought the becca foundation thanks to your posts and love it! I also have a bit of melasma and find that this is the perfect foundation to help cover it.
    my next thing to tackle is my dry skin. ugh!!! winters in wisconsin are so dry and do terrible things to my skin/face. I am on the hunt for a good moisturizer…i will continue to watch your stories and read your posts for recommendations.
    thank you!!! 🙂

  139. I would love to have any of these items! Its difficult to find time to browse sephora worh school and work but your recs always make it easy! Excited to try #3 the most ❤️

    Happy monday!

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  141. OMG!!! The benefit Cookie highlight is amazing!! I love it so much!! So pretty!!! I also got the Lactic Acid Pore Treatment. I hope it works!!! 🙂

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