Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2

Sephora VIB Event november 2019, Sephora Must Haves, Beauty Blogger Sephora Haul, Sequin Wrap dress, SEquin dress 2019, emily ann gemma-2


Sephora’s big Holiday Bonus Event for all tiers [Rouge, VIB, & Insiders]! ‼️❤️ YAY! This means if you are a Rouge Member you get 20% off of your purchases and if you are VIB you get 15% off of your purchases & Insiders get 10% off of their purchases! This is one of the many reasons to make sure you are part of the Rewards Program because it has some amazing perks – and it is free! You can become a member HERE.

So I do a Sephora Haul each month so I hate to repeat a lot of things you all have already seen but I thought today I’d re-share some of the things I alway re-purchase, things you will want for the holidays, and a few new items I am loving! Hopefully this is not overwhelming!


#1. When it comes time for the holidays I always have a good stock of my Vita Liberata Body Blur [it is essentially makeup for your skin but it provides color so you look more tan & bronzed!] and the Sol de Janeiro Body Oil. The combo of these two is a game changer year round but I need it more so around the holidays when I am super pale and I get dressed up for a special event or party and have to show my legs.🙈 My legs get dry and start looking … bad…. so I literally have to keep back-ups of these two products. I do use them all year long but I definitely rely on them more during the winter. For example, this sequin dress is a little short for me and my legs are currently as white as snow so I used this combo to glam them up a little bit! I also use it on my chest and shoulders if I ever wear something that shows those places! Now only does it give some definition & color, but it just makes you look healthy AND the body oil smells insanely good! I also use the Sol de Janeiro Body Wash, Bum Bum Cream, & Mask/Scrub – I am huge fan of their line! [PS. I’ve talked about this before but if you use a self tanner and you like to re-set your tan THIS is what I swear by! All you have to do is spray on your body while you run bathwater or before you get into the shower and after 5 minutes you rinse it off and you can easily get the old self tanner off!]

#2. Holiday & colder weather calls for new lipsticks! I personally love having a good red on hand during the holidays. One of my favorite matte formulas is by Fenty Beauty in the shade ‘Unbutton’ but this year I picked it up in the shade ‘Uncensored’ because I was told that it is an amazing matte red! The other shade is a great daily shade since it is a good nude. The formula is seriously incredible — I highly recommend those! I know in my Sephora Haul I did a few days ago I wrote about a liner, lipstick, and gloss combo and I stand by those 100%. That is all I wore on our Paris trip and what I wear daily. HOWEVER! When the event started I purchase the Patrick Ta Lip Creme in ‘Shes Independent’ and I seriously adore it! Its a bit dark for me – compared to most nudes – but its a good formula and I like to switch up my lipstick now and then! [Just a heads up I found the perfect creamy lipstick for the holidays and I will be blogging about it on Sunday!]


#1. Having a great brush set is KEY to good makeup. I actually ended up getting this Shimmer & Shine brush set because I always need extras. When my mom, sister, & bonus sister [SIL] are here everyone likes to get an ‘Emily Makeover‘ and I like having extra brushes. This one initially caught my eye because its so cute but its actually very practical and useful. I have a few other Sephora brushes that I really like as well so I feel like the quality is very good! You have a powder brush, a blush brush, a highlighter fan brush, a foundation brush, concealer brush, fluffy eye shadow blending brush, eye liner/eye brow brush, & a eyeshadow crease brush. I really like the case it comes in as well so that you don’t get them messed up while traveling! Sometimes if they are not stored well they will bend and not be user friendly so the case protects them.

#2. I mentioned the Patrick Ta Lip Creme above but to be honest, I am really into a lot of his products – blush included!! The lip colors are SO gorgeous and if you are on the hunt for a good nude – check out his options! I mentioned how much I love ‘Shes Independent’ but I also really like the light nude shade in ‘Shes Unapologetic’. These formulas are seriously gorgeous on – they do not dry down into a matte since they are a cream but they are very long wearing.


Okay this is hard since I do a lot of Sephora Hauls but I am adding all of my re-purchases into the widget below! I literally have 15 items that I swear by – and for good reason. I get DMs all of the time from readers who read one post and purchased an item and fell in love! I’m a harsh critic on beauty products but when I find good ones I always share! One I have to mention is the Charlotte Tilbury Powder and the PTR Lactic Pore Treatment – it is a game changer! Two items I recommend purchasing while on sale are the Beauty Blender spray that cleans blushes & your sponge – I use this almost daily & the Nudies Tinted Blur Stick. [See THIS post & THIS post to understand more about these products!]

🌟Just a reminder that I [personally] am doing a giveaway — this is not affiliated with Sephora. I’m giving away 2 $100 gift cards and all of my ‘favorites’ – see the giveaway info HERE.🌟

See the widget below to see items I always re-purchase and swear by:

Thanks to Sephora for sponsoring todays post.

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93 thoughts on “Your Guide To The Sephora💄Holiday Beauty Event

  1. I SWEAR by the Laniege lip mask. I have used it daily since discovering it on your blog and it has made such a huge difference in the feel and appearance of my lips! I usually get bad chapped lips in the winter, but my lips have stayed so soft, fuller looking, and NOT dry since using this. It is definitely a must have. AND IT LASTS FOREVER!

  2. That Laneige lip mask- OMG, I went out and purchased from one of your last Sephora hauls, and man its the real deal! Thank you for always being so real and giving such honest reviews of products. you have never led me astray in a purchase!!! <3

  3. OMG! I purchased the PTR lactic pore treatment and let me just say…. Ah-mazing!!! huge results after my first use! love !!!

    1. So many good Things that i need to try! Thank you for Sharing your top picks. && can we please talk about how GORGEOUS thaT dress is, and your Bathroom!!!!

  4. I love these! I Loved how nudestIck blur stick looked but it transFerred And did not last long despite being set 😖 how do you get yours to last/not traNsfeR??

  5. thanks for sharing this!! I am excited to try the body blur & sol de janeiro body oil as a combo like you suggested. i loooove the bum bum cream and body wash so i am going to snag up the oil too! you look gorgeous in these photos!

  6. Thank you for these recommendations! I am getting ready to go shopping today and super excited. I will be getting some of the lip products you recommended.

  7. Just when i said i wasn’t going to buy myself anything before christmas…lol. i need to get that highlighter i’ve been in search for a new one. and may have to order those shoes too! <3

  8. ok i use that sol de janeiro body oil too and it’s literally heavenly!!! like what, and it smells amaaazing, i’m obsessed.
    i’ve been meaning to try that isle of paradise tanner remover tho, definitely gonna give it a go! thanks for sharing:)

    ps. so prtty as always!

  9. Cannot wait to try to lactic pore treatment. and holy cow, stunning dress on you! The gold with your hair and the lip color – gorgeous!

  10. OMG so glad i didn’t wind up using my 20% off at sephora yesterday! so many good items mentioned here and new ones that I can’t wait to try <3

  11. Hi!
    i loooove your posts when you chat about makeup. it does the research for me when i like a product but not sure if i can commit when i don’t know anything about it.
    On one of your previous “Must Haves” post I bought the Too Faced Translucent Peach Powder off your recommendation and it is the absolute best setting powder i have tried and of course it smells amazing.
    Thank you for putting together such useful/helpful content!!

  12. Your legs look awesome! I know what you mean by the pale dry winter legs. I need to try this combo out for all of the holiday parties!

  13. Oaky first you look like a Angel straight from heaven in this dress… Amazing!! Second, i started using the becca cosmetics foundation a while ago when you first recOmmended it and let me just say thank. You.!!! It is by far my Most favorite foundation i have ever used. Im gonna also order some of the lip glosses you recommended, so excited! Love all of your blog posts, im so thankful for them!!

  14. Your Sephora posts are my favorite!! Any time there is a Sephora sale, I always look up all of your past posts to help me decide what to get. That Huda palette looks amazing, and I’m always looking for good, affordable brushes! Do you always use the Natasha Denona shimmer in the peach shade? You’ve linked that shade in the past, but I wanted to double check!! It looks gorgeous.

  15. I am a rouge member, so when I got the email that the sale would start on the first, I cam straight to your blog. I went to your Beauty tab, Makeup and checked out all your Sephora blogs. Good and bad. Good that I got some really great things with a great 20% off, bad … my bank account. Haha!! Anyway thank you for all your work into finding these and sharing them with us!!

  16. I love all these recs! super excited to try the vita liberata as well as the sol de janeiro. i always do an at home tan weekly during the holidays! These look like they will make my life so much easier.

  17. I am v interested in the patrick Ta liP cremes and blushes! I love your sephora haUls – thanks for sharing! ❤️

  18. OMG!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BRAZILIAN BUM BUM CREAM. I WAS SENT IT IN a FABFITFUN SUBscription box and everything about it is amazing! have to try their other products!!

  19. I can never resist my self during this sale. Have tou watched patrick Ta’S Video with chloe morellO? I want all his lip liners and lip glosses.

  20. I seriously love reading your blog . Your beauty hauls always get me in trouble .. credit card on fire 😖

  21. Just got my sephora package and tried out your RECOMMENDATIONS and i am in looove with so many of them! So Far the laneige lip mask is my favvv!💕 thank you for sharing them!

  22. I cant wait to try some of these products. Sephora is my favorite and you always select nothing but the best! Thank you for sharing your favorites❤

  23. I think I’m going to have to pick up a Patrick Ta lipstick or Lip gloss because they look so pretty & everyone is loving!

  24. I love that Vita liBerata Body Blur, especially the one With self tanner in it. I have never seen the pTr but think i will need to put it on My list to try!

  25. Truly trust your recommendations. Getting the brush set and excited to try the Patrick lIpsticks. Im such an out of touch mom.. i never eveN heard of the Patrick liNe 🤣

  26. Emily, hi,

    I noticed You have a product called Iles Formula on Your photos in this post, but didnt find Any information about it.
    I Have Also SEARCHed your blog With THIS keyword in case it comes up, but nothing came up. Would You, please, let Me know what it is And how do you like it.
    Thank you!

  27. You look gorgeous emily! i have loved sol de janiero ever since you recommended. ordering some of your other picks right now!

  28. Love this post! Thanks for all the recommendatIons. I bought the Ct powder and the sol de JaNeiro oil!!! Love them Both. The OIl scent is amazing!!!!! Smells sooo gooD

  29. Hey em! Im so jealous you got Your hands on the new pAtrick ta lippies and blushes already! Im so glad you like them and i cant wait to try them soon! DEFINITELY going on my chRistmas lIst this year (if i dont crack and place another order during the vib sale lol) he did a youtube video recently where he uses his new items And they all look stunning!!

  30. I Have been wanting to try FeNty products for awhile now! Will probs try the lipstick first if that’s onE of your faves 🙂 also this dress is soooo cute on you!

  31. First off one of my fav dresSes on you cause you look stunning! Second i am loving that brush set! Looks so pretty and great QUALITY!

  32. I love this dress on you, so stunning! I’m such a sucker for a nude lip and I can’t wait to try out the chroma crystal top coat, it is just so beautiful! thank you so much for sharing, I have been looking for something similar to it for a long time!

  33. I lOve your sephora/ beauty posts. Everything you recommend is always perfect. Cant wait to grab some new things DURING THE sale !

  34. Look forward to your hauls every single time Sephora has a sale! And like you… I place multiple orders! *face palm* thank you for always sharing!

  35. I Want to try more Tatcha products. I had a Sample of the face wash and I Loved it! So good!!! Also, want to try the Farsali Skin Mist 🙌🏻❤️

  36. My favorite is the anastasia brow wiz and the charlotte tilbury powder. Looking Forward to trying the lactic treatMent that you mentioned. Btw, love your dress. Gorgeous as always!

  37. I hope I win!!! So many products I’m dying to try, It would be an absolute dream to get a sephora gift card and to be able to try some of the amazing Im always seeing you post and rave about… I too used to be on accutane and ever since getting off it, I am so crazy about my skin and have gotten so into skincare. I know you’ve had the same struggles as me so i trust all your opinions when it comes to skincare

  38. I love following you – I have been for a few years! You are such an INSPIRATION and i am so glad i found you! You have the most beautiful Family ever 🙂 Thank you for always sharing the most perfect tHings, i always wanna buy it All ❤️