Ahhhh! I’m back yet again with another Sephora post but I had to squeeze this one in while the Holiday Bonus Event is still in full force. [See details & my picks HERE.] I already did two post covering the event and the must-haves and I wanted to get this one live ASAP so that you can shop these lipsticks while you have a chance to get 15% [VIB/Insiders] or 20% [Rouge] off. I actually was sent a few of these in PR and after my sister came to start working on our Christmas trees I started feeling all of the holiday vibes! I have always thought highly of the brand Givenchy in general – I have a kind of embarrassing story I will tell sometime actually. BUT! I used to ONLY use their mascara – I would save my pennies so that I could buy it because it made my lashes look like lash extensions! I would get stopped everywhere by people asking what mascara it was! Anyway, SO! I got a few shades gifted to me and just knowing that the brand is super good in general I decided I’d start by testing out the deeper red shade [333 ‘True Red’]. I really want to have a good staple red lipstick for Christmas and all. So I literally barely even touched my lips with it and BOOM! The color payoff was insane! I am talking – these are GOOD. They apply beautifully but they feel super soft and almost like they are hydrating your lips in a way – but they not glossy at all – mainly matte / semi-matte. They are definitely not dry or drying. As soon as I put the darker red shade on that you see in the photos I got so excited to try the others! So being my typical self I tried the nude one β€˜Beige Nu’ and it appears more pink on me – but it is the other color I am wearing in the photos. For the sake of photography / blogging I went ahead and snapped a few photos of the product before I messed them up because the entire presentation is so well done. There are 3 finishes – the Deep Velvet [I wore ‘Beige Nu’ in it and loved it!], the Le Rouge Night Noir which has a shimmer finish to it, and the Le Rouge which is the deep red I am wearing! I think over all I prefer the Deep Velvet and the Le Rouge – but that is mainly because I am not big on shimmer finish! I will definitely do a video showing you all how they look on my stories if you’d like though – let me know?!

You guys know how excited I get when I find a new product I like and I start talking a ton – and I’m trying to tone it down but I’m seriously so excited because I think many of you will really love this lipstick. Especially if you find a red shade that suits you because during the month of December I am ALL about red lips! I like a bright red mostly but I love a deeper red too if I am dressing up a bit more. I feel like the deeper red shades have a more elegant look and the brighter ones are more fun! The shade you will see me wearing in my stories today is [306 ‘Carmin Escarpin’] and I really like that one if I am wanting a bright, fun red lipstick. I love how red lips make your teeth look whiter AND a great red lip can be a huge statement and you can spend less time on your eye makeup! πŸ™‚ I totally skipped eye liner and mascara for these photos!

Okay I am wrapping this up! But just a reminder that the Holiday Bonus Event at Sephora does end on the 11th and you can get 15-20 off based on your Reward Status so make sure you place your order before the event ends!

Thanks to Sephora for sponsoring todays post.

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57 thoughts on “The Perfect Holiday Lipstick πŸ’„πŸ‘„

  1. Love the red! I usually Repurchase the same red frOm NARs, but DEFINITELY will add this on my final sephora order before the sale ends tomorrow.

    Thank you for all the RECOMMENDATIONS. I always find myself asking myself β€œdid emily blog about this? When PURCHASING.

  2. Hi emily!
    First of all, i love your christmas tree and you look absol GORGEOUS ❀️ Cant wait to try this lippie that tou linkEd. I always love all of your suggestions.

  3. So many things to say about this post! Lol! First of All, you look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in these pics!! Second, your tree is so beautiful. It makes me want to get new decor this year! AnD thIrd, i need these Lipsticks!😱 they look amazing! Thanks for sharing emily!😍

  4. ThOse lipsticks Are gorgeous, ill have to try One using the sephora sale disCount!! Id love to win that giveaway and try your other favorites, love you emily!

  5. Just received the new givenchy in Mandarin BolΓ©ro as a sample. I haven’t tried it yet, fingers crossed I won’t look like a clown 🀑

  6. yes- ive been stuck on charlotte tilbury for a while but cant wait to try this. PS- love your closet tree; i cant wait to see all of your finished trees!

  7. You look great in red lipstick. Im a dark brunette too and i get so intimidated by red lipstick thaT i just stick to nude.

  8. Oh goodness Emily!! This blog post is perfect time, since I was ready to go grab my new lippie for the holiday season. Thanks for sharing your favorites! Also your photos are flawless, as is your Christmas tree and of course your entire look for this post! xoxo

  9. you look GORGEOUS in these pictures!! the beautiful christmas tree in the stunning closet is breathtaking. would die if you and your sis and mom came to decorate my house!! so happy she did a tutorial so I can try… haha emphasis on “try”.

  10. This post came at the perfect tiMe! I love a good red lip duribg the hoLidays but feel as a Blonde its hard to find one that isn’t overpoweriNg on my skin tone. Ive used louboutin the last few years which is the Prettiest but i think i’ll try givenchy now!!

  11. First off, your Christmas tree is Dreamy!!! β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ˜. The formula of these lipsticKs sound So Good! I would love to see a review on stories of the shimmer you mentioned πŸ’‹βœ¨. I’ve never tried the Givenchy lipsticks, but would love to! ❀️❀️❀️

  12. I am in love WIth this red and have actually been looking for a New Red for the holidays! Thank you for sharing and your pics are Gorgeous!

  13. is there anything prettier than a freshly opened lipstick?! I love these colors and you make them sound like a dream to wear. I may have to splurge and check them out.

  14. I love the festive look of red lipstick and you (and my daughter) can pull it off gorgeously, but I don’t know if i can anymore! But may try the darker red this season. Also, your finished tree is spectacular! Amanda can always get a job decorating in high end department stores!

  15. THIS lipstick is amazing. I went for a mall walk this evening (yes, its too cold to be outside in OKc today) and just had to find this lipstick. Got to try it on and just love it. So soft and bright and cheery. Even my hubby said, “how fab!”, haha sold!

  16. You are seriously a super model!! So gorg! I have been searching sites/blogs for the perfect red lip color and this looks to be it! I can’t wait to try it out.