Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020


Father's Day Gift Ideas by popular US lifestyle blog, The Sweetest Thing: collage image of Bose wireless headphones, Bose sound bar, putting green, Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphone II, Electric Shaver and Accessory Kit, Charging Station, Mark and Graham leather wallet, Elemis travel set, Skyline Dopp kit, and a wood-handled grill set.


#1 BOSE WIRELESS HEADPHONE || *These are a REALLY good deal, just FYI!* Headphones are a big hit in my house – and in my family in general actually. My family loves to ride bikes- my parents keep their mountain bikes here at my house house in fact. So anytime they come or my brother / sister come – everyone rides and they love having wireless headphones for the  ride. John takes the kids riding, too – and he uses wireless headphones specifically on the occasion since he has his helmet on!

#2 BOSE SOUND BAR || I actually don’t own a Bose sound bar but I feel like its such a guy thing to want good sound for a TV, lol. I don’t really care much – but I also don’t watch TV often. Anyway, I’ve heard great things about this sound bar + it is on sale a bit!

#3 PUTTING GREEN || Oh my gosh! Wait – is this not so cool?! I didn’t know these existed – especially for that price point!

#4 BOSE QUIET COMFORT WIRELESS HEADPHONE II || So when it comes to headphones, I actually like these the most. I got these for John for a birthday or Christmas years ago and anytime I travel alone he ‘loans’ them to me! LOL. I love them because it keeps me more in the zone if I am working and people can see them so they know you are not exactly listening. They are also comfortable and block out sound super well! They are $50 off right now, too!


#6 CHARGING STATION || Okay, so my mom and John both wear Apple watches and occasionally use AirPods so I thought this was genius! If your dad / husband is an Apple lover this is a good option for an all in one charging station!

#7 MARK & GRAHAM LEATHER WALLET || How cute is this wallet?! In general, all of the Father’s Day picks here are SUPER good! Definitely check this out if you are on the hunt for something original or customized! [PS. If the guy you are shopping for is picky ab wallets – THIS wallet is a HUGE hit! Its seriously one of the best purchase I’ve ever done! I posted ab it around Christmas a few times and got really good feedback. See a photo in THIS blog post of John’s.]

#8 ELEMIS TRAVEL SET|| I got this for John!! He is not into skincare but I have been getting him a few Elemis things here and there and this has a manly look so I got it for him! They have an amazing Marine Collagen SPF / Moisturizer and marketed it for men in a black bottle and John actually uses it! 😊

#9 SKYLINE DOPP KIT || These always come in handy- John actually did ask for one for Father’s Day!

#10 WOOD-HANDLED GRILL SET || Always a hit for any guy into grilling out!

A FEW OTHER IDEAS NOT IN THE COLLAGE THAT I WOULD RECOMMEND: John is OBSESSED w/THESE SHOES and any time he wears them I get SO many questions. They are loafers but they are good for water — so you can wear them on a boat or to the beach/lake/etc. I kid you not – these were one of the best purchases he’s ever made. He has had his navy pair for over 3 years and he has since purchased other colors. He even got his best friend from residency a pair! So cute. Also, John loves Lululemon joggers – I have had those in gift guides in the past! But I ordered him THIS top bc I have heard so many good things. Also, my sister got my dad some Patagonia shorts and top last Father’s Day and he legit wears the outfit every weekend!

What are some of your current favorite Father’s Day gift ideas?  Let me know in a comment below!

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