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Not that I wear makeup daily, but when I do Stories with my makeup on I get a lot of questions so I thought it was time for an updated makeup routine!

#1. PRIMER || The very first thing I use is this Lilah B Aglow Priming Oil. [ It is especially good for dry skin.]After that, I use the e.l.f. Poreless Primer – this has been a favorite for a while now, it really helps to fill in your pores and get a smooth canvas. I am dry so I typically just use those combo but if I notice any skin changes I switch up my primer a little.  [Also have to mention, good skincare is really the BEST way to prime your skin for flawless makeup application. I would never apply makeup without my skincare routine,  you can read more about what I use HERE.]

#2 . FOUNDATION || I’ve been using THIS foundation [shade: 7 neutral] the last few months and I’m loving it for the summer time heat. It is waterproof / sweat proof and really does blur pores and smooth texture. A lot of days I do a half pump of this and then a half pump of THIS skin tint and it makes a really nice ‘cocktail’, if you will. Both are amazing on their own of course but I like the look of the two mixed any time I’m being a little extra. Also, I’ve been using a Flower Beauty makeup brush that is like $7 and I am loving it!

#3. EYESHADOW || I just recently tried out THIS palette and it is loaded up with tons of neutrals and shimmers – I actually really like it and would definitely recommend. In my story, I used this Morphe Brush  for the first layer. These are the glitter pigments I use on my lids Too Faced Peaches & Cream Crystal Whips Long Wearing Shimmering Eye Shadow Veil in shade ‘Pop The Bubbly’ and Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Top Coat in ‘Bronze’ – this gives a really pretty, sparkly but casual eye look. After that, I use THIS brush + dip in the top coat + spray with THIS and then pack it on. This lasts literally ALL day and is gorgeous and not too crazy or shimmery. I get MANY compliments. [PS. I highly recommend getting a set like THIS by Sigma – they are bomb for eye looks & I use these!] Also, I know the DT Topcoat  is pricy but it does last a while – I will say that THIS is a bomb dupe option and its under $10, too. I use them both – I really don’t have much preference except that the package on the BH one is a bit messier!

#4. UNDEREYE AREA || I use THIS color corrector in shade Medium to quickly brighten the dark circles under my eyes. The concealer is a newer one I have been loving lately: Dior Forever  Skin Correct Concealer | [shade 1N].

Here is the beauty sponge  I keep talking about- it is my favorite! Tarte Foundcealer Multitasking Sponge.  I really, really love Tarte’s sponges – they’ve become an item I re-purchase a lot. I highly recommend them if you are wanting to switch up your beauty sponge.

Next I set the under eye area with THIS SETTING POWDER. I apply the powder with that same dampened beauty sponge and later just sweep it off with a small powder brush! I use a puff – I recommend THIS one!

#5. CONTOUR || I have been using Tom Ford’s new contour kit – it is super good but it is not cheap! I do still recommend the Nudestix product mentioned in my previous Everyday Makeup Routine. [Using THIS brush to blend the contour.] Next I use this bronzer which helps to clean it all up- using the cream bronzer is not essential. If I am in a hurry I do use only powder bronzer. I have used the same bronzer brush for YEARS and it is worth every penny. I get asked often if I’ve had a nose job and I absolutely have not – but I will say learning to contour and bronzer helps make a difference, big time. I really highly recommend THIS brush because it helps with nose contour!

#6. SETTING POWDER || I set my foundation with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder that I just used under my eyes. Again, I just use my dampened beauty sponge to apply this powder – I let it set for a minute and sweep it off w/a fluffy powder brush- I am loving this one lately since it is double ended. I will say, I have a few setting powders that I love – and a lot I don’t like. I switch up my setting powder pretty often really because I notice it helps- it sounds weird but it is a thing for me, lol! I legit have 3 on my vanity area because I do frequently rotate them. I actually do this with a lot of makeup!

#7. BLUSH || I’ve been using this blush most frequently – granted I switch blushes up a lot! This one is the one I use the most however.

#8. HIGHLIGHTER || The last few weeks I’ve been trying THIS highlighter and I actually really like it – granted – it is not cheap at all. I still love Cookie though and would recommend it too. [ I am more than willing to do a drugstore favorites post soon if you’d like!] I always spray my brush with MAC’s Fix+ before dipping into the highlighter though! I also use this around my eyes as a brow bone and inner eye pop!] The brush I use for highlighter is HERE – mine is old and they no longer make the gold handle so I’m linking the pink handle.

#9. BROWS || I use ABH Powder [shade ‘Soft Brown’] to fill in my brows – even with microblading I still do this. [I have a full post on microblading – just search it in the search tool and it comes up.] And I always finish by brushing through my brows with THIS Dior brow fluffing product– I am on my second bottle of it and really like it. I also love bar soap, too!

#10. LASH LINE || I usually sweep some powder from the eye palette that I’ve use in the crease beneath my eyes softly and then use THIS to line my lower water line.

#10. EYES || If I don’t have on eyelash extensions, I typically always line my upper lash line and do a cat eye. The liner I am swearing by lately is HERE and under $10. If I’m doing mascara only, I always curl my lashes with THIS curler and it is legit the bomb!! And then prime with THIS lash primer which has amazing ingredients to help strengthen your lashes. And finally, mascara. I have 3-4 mascaras I love and would recommend! The one I reach for most lately is THIS one. If you follow my monthly Sephora Hauls you already know about my favorite strip lash!

#11. SETTING SPRAY || I always use a setting spray [or 3🙈]  ALWAYS! I love MAC Fix+ of course – I use it as I am getting ready for products but I also use Morphe’s Setting Spray – it is what I go through the fastest. The Farsali one is $$$$ but worth the money. I think I’ve raved ab it in so many blog posts starting last April! But I’m serious – its good for a final set to melt it all together! I use this FAN to help it dry- this fan is new to me and I am obsessed! Sidenote – I have a new setting spray I am loving lately that I am still in the process of trying but will be reviewing soon!

#13. BLUR POWDER || Okay this is the POWER product. You all have sold this out more than once!! I seriously swear by this – I PROMISE is worth every dime and if I had to only have 5 items I could not survive without this!

#14. LIP ||  KKW Nude Lip Liner in [Shade Nude 2]+ ‘Kim KW‘ + ‘Crystalline — I have a few different combos that I do daily and switch up a little. TheKim KW is always the lipstick but I change my liner a lot and gloss! I really love the Fenty gloss in ‘Smartmouth‘, CT’s liner in ‘Iconic Nude, and there’s a new liner in my life under $10 that is SO good. I will be sharing it soon so make sure you are following my IG stories.

SIDE NOTE: I get a lot of questions about how I clean my face/remove makeup before my bedtime routine, so I wanted to share my favorite cleanser. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm has been my go-to cleanser for awhile, so you may have heard me talk about it before but it is still so good. It is gentle on your skin but dissolves dirt, makeup and pollutants from the day! If you prefer to use a makeup remover before cleansing, their White Flowers Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover is AMAZING. It removes waterproof mascara and long-wearing lipsticks while soothing and hydrating your skin. Read more about my skincare routine HERE. I’ll link some more Elemis products below:


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