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Cozy At Home: Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale

Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale featured by top US lifestyle blogger, The Sweetest Thing

Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale featured by top US lifestyle blogger, The Sweetest Thing Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale featured by top US lifestyle blogger, The Sweetest Thing
Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale featured by top US lifestyle blogger, The Sweetest Thing Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale featured by top US lifestyle blogger, The Sweetest Thing

Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale featured by top US lifestyle blogger, The Sweetest Thing

Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale featured by top US lifestyle blogger, The Sweetest Thing


BP. Half Zip Pullover [Sale price $24.90 – regularly $55.00 -wearing size small – available in 3 colors] | BP. Fleece Jogger Pants  [Sale price $24.90 – regularly $55.00 – wearing size medium] | UGG Fluffette Slipper [Sale price $59.90 – regularly $89.95 – wearing size medium – available in 5 colors]LANA JEWELRY Sunrise Hoop Earrings [Sale price:$974.90 – regularly $1,480.00 – 2 1/2″ diameter- 14k gold] / [or this dupe option is amazing] ARGENTO VIVO Large Flat Hoop Earrings [$44.90 – regularly $78.00 – available in silver also] | Lana Necklace [on sale!]

TGIF!!! Seriously, I’m so ready for the weekend! I can’t even begin to tell you – it has been a long week. I thought today since the Nordstrom Sale is in full swing and every can finally shop that I’d share a few gift ideas. These are items that I highly recommend getting – not only for yourself but for a friend. Each Christmas I do gift guides and I do one dedicated to ‘the friend who has it all’ because that can be tricky. When it comes to gift giving, you want to give your friends something functional that they will use daily/frequently and that they will remember you by… right?! My sister tells me I am the worst to shop for because she never knows what to get me and honestly – I’m more of an experience type of gal. If she just goes out to dinner with me, it is like a huge treat, ya know? However, with COVID and all the craziness, that is not something that can happen as easily so little things like an amazing soap for someone who loves home decor or fragrance or a light up mirror for a make-up lover will truly be loved gifts. Also, I made sure to include products that are a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so you can take full advantage!

I’ll walk you through some items I purchased multiples of to have as gifts and I will explain why…


Jumbo Size Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash

[Sale price $56.00 – regularly $70.00] | I keep this exact hand wash ALL over my home. It is INSANE. I always wait and buy it on sale when they product the jumbo size because it lasts forever. This gift is good for a boujie friend who likes an amazing smell, beautiful packaging/home decor, or a germaphobe, lol. I find that the packaging is so classy and looks good – definitly not an eye sore. This is the main scent that I like and it literally ‘sticks’ to your hands. I always use it to wash my hands before I apply makeup because I enjoy the smell of it with my hands being so close to my face.

RIKI Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror

[Sale price $130.00 – regularly $190.00] | I can not recommend this enough – I have actually included these in gift guides and blog posts for over 2 years now. I get so many amazing emails and DMs telling me how this is a game changer and how they gift them often. My preachers wife got one and then soon after got her team them for their online calls since the mirror can be a little ‘ tripod’ and also add great lighting! ✨

ORIBE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo & Texturizing Spray Kit

[Sale price $64.00 – regularly $96.00] | This combo is an amazing deal and I just can not even explain to you how the texture spray will change your life, lol. Its not cheap but the smell is insane and it just gives a voluminous, but ‘hot’ finish to your hair. Sounds weird but I always use this on days or for events when I want my hair to look extra good.


 I probably don’t need to explain this as these sell out so quickly during the sale. I have 6 in my home and my kids each have a couple of the baby ones. They do the same thing with theirs that I do and keep them around their neck and face and snuggle them – it cracks me up because that is how I sleep at night. I wash mine with my good detergent and its like a comfort blanket, ya know.

T3 Midnight Blue SinglePass 1.25 Curling Iron

[Sale price $107.00 – regularly $160.00] | I’ve been blogging and raving about this curling iron since 2015! No joke! I love that they product a special edition one for the sale because they are not only cheaper, but also more chic looking. Curls will last a days with this curling iron – I get asked about that a lot and I always tell everyone that the credit goes to this iron!

SILK Pillowcases

[2 for $125] | Another product that I gift to my friends and I also keep extras on hand for when my sister/girlfriends visit so they can enjoy the benefits! Hands down the best pillowcases and they are in several beauty hauls / hair posts, etc because I have always recommended them. They have benefits for your skin and your hair!

DKNY Deodorant

[Set of 3 for $66] | This is my main jam – lol. I buy this each year and it lasts me the entire year. I usually get one for my mom too. This will make you smell amazing and feel luxurious. I don’t use it everyday but mainly when I’m going to be around people a lot! It is not exactly cheap but its definitly a great gift for a high end friend or someone who loves nice things!

La Mer Mini Miracles Soft Cream Set

 This is a set that I was most thrilled about because I use the full size in each of these products! I rarely ever see kits or sets that have 3-4 amazing products. All of the products in this set are incredible and are La Mer products I love and use regularly. I got this kit for my travel bag so I don’t have to worry about traveling with full sized products!


Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s cozy gifts post.
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6 thoughts on “Cozy At Home: Nordstrom Cozy Gifts On Sale

  1. Those joggers are sold out I’m so bummed!! They look so comfy!! I have a love hate relationship with the NSale 😂

  2. I just ordered the SILK pillowcases and I can’t wait to try them. I may have to splurge on the wood sage and sea salt body and hand lotion.

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