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Every January I try my best to post a ‘BEST OF’ for categories like Hair, Makeup, Skincare, Outfit staples, etc. I skipped over makeup last year & did my routine but I thought I’d do this again since it will give more options. I’m going through foundation, concealer, contour, mascara, etc. and listing my *FAVORITES*. As in, the ‘holy grail’ items that I re-purchase and also keep back stock in! Check my stories to get a tour of my makeup drawers!


Elf Poreless Primer | This is a DRUG STORE ITEM! Literally under $10 and I use it every single time I do my makeup. I prefer it over the Tatcha one actually. This is a dupe for the Tatcha Silk Canvas [$50] and I find that my skin looks much smoother with the ELF one – which is crazy. One time we flew to OH to see Johns family & I forgot it – luckily my assistant flew in behind us the next day and brought it. I called her and was like “oh my word, I can’t believe I’m so lost without a $8 makeup product!”.

 Lilah B Aglow Priming Oil | This is something that I would recommend more for my dry girls! It is sooooo good. Not cheap – but good. I only use on an as need basis. Smells amazing and really preps your skin for makeup and brings it back to life.


NARS Soft Matte Long-Lasting Foundation | [Shade: ‘Barcelona’]  This is the foundation I’ve been wearing about 95% of the time since it was released back in early fall. I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed it. It is basically all I have been wearing since I got it – which I think was October?! It is a nice matte finish and wears long term – thank goodness. I’m very picky with foundation just FYI – like I try just ab all of them and this is one that I truly think is my #1 overall. My skin looks smoother with it. And just one little drop on my Flower Beauty Makeup Brush  does the trick. Sometimes if I have acne or something I want to cover, I go back in with another drop of it on my Tarte Sponge and blend in that drop with the dampened sponge for a bit of extra coverage while also really blending it in fully.

  Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Long Wear Foundation | [Shade: ‘7.5 Neutral’] Another long time, holy grail, favorite of mine. I have raved about this a lot. It is like magic! No joke! ‘They’ [description] say it has skincare in it so it helps improve your skin over time & wear. I truly believe it does make your pores look better- it has something in it that works to hydrating, anti age, and blur pores. I can truly say that it works! This was what I wore a majority of 2020 – my mom, too! It actually took a second to grow on me but if I’m being honest, this is one of the best foundations in the industry. The long term skincare + the blurring technology is amazing. Its matte and long wearing of course – and is a full coverage + or can be build full coverage. When I polled my audience about their favorite recommendations from my blog, this was on repeat! Also, I love the ILIA Skin Tint  and noticed that mixing a drop of it with this was the perfect combo. That is a little extra but it sort of ‘watered’ down the thickness of the CT and made it the most beautiful look.

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage Foundation Stick | [Shade: ‘300N Latte’] My mom and I both love this! It look like skin but its like beautiful! Its not super heavy or thick – but its a natural but still good coverage look. This is newer to me –  but I do pack it when I travel so I thought I’d share. [People ask about my moms makeup a lot so I am trying to make notes on the items that she’s crazy about too!]

ILIA Skin Tint | [Shade: ‘Kokkini’] This is a good skin tint – but nothing that is like super glam or long wearing. I used it 95% of the time as a mixer! 🙂 It does have SPF so its great during the summer time when we are out by the pool.

Flower Beauty Makeup Brush | This brush is literally $10? And I use 100% of the time. For years I swore by the Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki Brush F80 but randomly tried this and honestly can’t leave it!


Dior Forever  Skin Correct Concealer | [Shade: ‘1N’] This concealer – wow. I’m on bottle #2 of it and I can not speak more highly of it. Really. It was also one of the top voted for items when I polled my readers. Its not drying or thick or anything crazy – its perfect. Not cheap – but I can assure you its worth it if you need coverage! It is full coverage and long wearing. Your eyes won’t look gross or crepey as the day goes on at all!

Charlotte Tilbury Color Corrector | [Shade: ‘Medium’] SO bomb. I have raved ab9out this a ton but its a color corrector – the salmon color helps to cancel the blue/green tone from dark circles. Also, this has Mica in it – a key ingredient for smoothing / blurred skin. Obviously this is not necessary for everyone but if you battle dark circles – I think you may enjoy this.

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer  | [Shade: ‘Porcelain’] This was in 2018’s best of blog post! Its just a very good, powerful, full coverage concealer that really & truly will hide it all. I don’t use this daily anymore but it does come in handy when I have hard to hide scars or discoloration.

Tarte Glow Wand | [Shade: ‘Sunbeam’] Holy. Cow. This is one of the best products I discovered this year – and it was something I got in PR but refused to try bc it said “highlighter”. I randomly gave it a shot and realized its a concealer + highlighter = aka: magic. I tap a little under my eyes sometimes when I want my makeup to be extra good bc it totally brightens the area up! Its not glittery or crazy at all! This was also in my readers favorites – we saw so many votes for this!

Tarte Sponge | This is what I swear by and use the most for applying and blending foundation & concealer! I have 3 sponges that I absolutely love and adore but this is easily my #1 most used.


Laura Mercier Matte Bronzing Powder | [Shade: ‘Soleil 2’] Apply with bronzer brush – both the brush and the bronzer hve been holy grail products to me for over 3 years lol. My brush is probably 3-4 years old and going strong! I use it anytime I wear makeup which is a lot.😊 The bronzer is the one bronzer that I consistently repurchase when I run out bc its so good and matches my skin tone os well. Does not make you look muddy or dirty and it smells fab!

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Highlighter & Shader Duet | [Shade: ‘Intensity One’] Apply with this Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Foundation Brush 2.5 & using THIS brush because it helps with nose contour! I using THIS brush to blend the contour.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzing Powder | [Shade: ‘3 Tan’] Love Love this – and I know you guys do too. I have probably purchased 7 bronzers this year and this is easily my favorite ‘new’ one. It was released early fall

GUCCI Gucci Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Bronzing Powder | [Shade ‘3 Medium’] Read blog post reviewing the Gucci Bronzer HERE.

Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick | [Shade ‘Medium 7’] I used this a ton this last year for contour – it makes contour SO SO easy. The downside is that it is not super cheap and it does not like a long time so I started using the Tom Ford above instead.


Too Faced Crystal Whips  | [Shade ‘Pop The Bubbly’] This is the liquid shimmer I use on my lid and its super good! I get tons of compliments and questions about my eye makeup so I am linking the details & instructions. This entire combo was voted for a ton in my reader poll!

Natasha Denona Top Coat | [Shade ‘Bronze’] This stuff is BOMB and I get so many compliments! Its what I wear on top of the liquid shimmer in #2 and its gorgeous! After that, I use this brush + dip in the top coat + spray with THIS and then pack it on.You can wear alone or pack it on and really get a glam look! This is a bomb dupe option and its under $10, too. I use them both – I really don’t have much preference except that the package on the BH one is a bit messier!

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Eyeshadow | This palette is SO insanely EMILY, lol. I am a bronze type of gal and I tend to wear the same makeup looks daily. I don’t get crazy with my colors too often really. I actually purchased this one because it is smaller than her typical palettes thus it has a better price point. I love her packaging – the mirror is amazing and the pans are huge so I will likely never run out, lol! The colors are so me – I always do a tan, camel crease, a darker outer corner, and then shimmers on m lid! If you are curious what my currently makeup routine is – it is HERE. The mattes blend super easy and the shimmer colors are insane! They are shimmery- without being too overpowering so they are perfect for summer and will transition flawlessly into fall/winter. It includes matte, creamy powder and also the duo chromes, metallics, and shimmers so you can create a variety of different looks. Also, you’ve probably already seen this in my previous Sephora Hauls but I love THIS brush and get a lot of use out of it when it comes to using this palette.

Huda Beauty Double-ended Smoke & Smudge Eyeshadow Brush | I randomly got this brush and now I want all of her brushes!!! They are so practical and function and I find them to be extremely easy to use. I use both ends and I really enjoy this for the lid / crease & even under the eye!


HAUS Eye Liner | I got this in PR and had heard it was phenomenal and it is indeed. Dark black and very long wearing. Easy to use!

Fenty Fly Liner | So easy to use – and also very long wearing. All 3 liquid liners listed here are amazing.

NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Eyeliner  | [Shade: ‘Black’] LOVE this stuff – easily one of the best liquid eyeliners out there really. Its much cheaper than the others but honestly I don’t see any difference.

Charlotte Tilbury Liner | [Shade: ‘Bedroom Black’]


It Cosmetics Superhero | [Shade: ‘Black’] I love the brush on this one – it doesn’t take like to ‘wear in’ unlike some mascaras which take a few applications before they are really ‘good’ and apply easily. All three of these are amazing and make your lashes look longer and thicker!

Surratt Eyelash Curler | Another reader favorite – but also my fave! My mom even asked if I would order one for her, lol!

Grande Cosmetics Lash Primer | Love the brand in general but this is something I repurchased bc it is a good primer and conditions lashes so well.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara | [Shade: ‘Bedroom Black’]


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo | [Shade: ‘Soft Brown’] Obviously not new news, but this is my favorite brow powder and what I have been using since I got my brows microbladed! PS. There’s a full blog post on this if you use the search tool and search for ‘microblading’. ☺️

Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Brow | [Shade: ‘Dark Brown’] This has been a part of my routine for a few months now – maybe since October?! I love it and its worth every dollar. It sets your brows in place and is great without filling them in all the way. It is waterproof too so its great for pool/beach days. If I want to go light in my I would just use this to set my brows in place! I use the shade ‘Dark Brown’. TIP: I use THIS brush to brush through after to get the ‘laminated’, super hairy look! I posted a how-to on my Instagram stories last week and noticed it sold out so make sure you get it ordered if you want it. [PS. The brush was a reader favorite – which made me lol!]


Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic  | [Shade: The Climax’] I love this blush so much! I have every shade in it because the pay off is beautiful – but the downside is that they break easily. Honestly, I’ve never had a product break so easily. I rarely travel with them due to this but I will say if you don’t travel much these are amazing!

Jouer Cosmetics Blush Bouquet | [Shade ‘Rose Gold’] I have been loving this blush, it comes with two different shades [Marigold & Rose Petal] and they are perfect compliments. It gives your cheeks a natural flush look that looks amazing!!


Tom Ford Highlighting Duo | [Shade: Reflects Gilt’] I always spray my brush with MAC’s Fix+ before dipping into the highlighter though!

Benefit Cookie Highlighter | 10/10 – this stuff is amazing! If you like a great highlight it is good but if you like a *blinding* highlight its amazing! You can build it up. I wear it daily and I get asked about it all of the time!

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand | Okay, this is a liquid concealer and honestly this is so so gorgeous. If you want to be natural or not natural at all with your highlight this is beautiful! I wear it alone occasionally but sometimes I lie this down first and then apply a powder highlight on top to really get the highlight popping!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder | Out of all of the powders, I think this may be my favorite for winter time – I just started using it in the winter though. It is light diffusing and it seems as if I find my skin looking smoother when I use it.

Lawless Seal The Deal Loose Setting Powder | [Shade: ‘Classic Translucent’] What I am using now — well the last few months and I’ve loved it. Not dry – not glowy – just perfect for setting makeup!

Sisley Blurring Powder | Okay this is the POWER product. You all have sold this out more than once!! I seriously swear by this – I PROMISE is worth every dime and if I had to only have 5 items I could not survive without this! [This is a product I swear by and truly would cry if they discontinued it  – seriously. Its magical and smooths my skin out and totally makes my makeup look better!]


MAC FIX+ | I go through all 3 of these like CRAZY. I use this not only to set my face but also to wet brushes before highlight or eye shade w/glitter. This is a MUST for everyone!

Morphe Setting Spray | [Use code EMGEM for 10% off] I use this mostly to set my makeup when I am done!

Farsali 24K Gold Setting Spray || Had to include my holy grail skin mist- I use this every day and if you have been following me for awhile you have heard me talk about it a lot. It is a total game changer and elevates the look of my makeup instantly. I keep a few bottles in my backstock just in case I run out and need more- its that good. I wrote about it in many Sephora favorites posts last year and I try new sprays regularly but this is always the one that I find makes my makeup look best at the end!


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick  | [Shade: ‘Kim KW’] You. Already. Know..  ‘Kim K.W.’ is my JAM. I think I go through one tube every 6 weeks! No joke. I’ve been wearing this lipstick for 3+ years and get so many compliments. The formula its amazing and her shades are also good. I like ‘Nude Kate’ as well.

Patrick Ta Gloss | [Shade: ‘She’s An Influencer’] I am loving this new gloss- it is high-shine but also has lip balm in the formula so it is not sticky! It gives your lips an added look of volume and fullness and is super pretty on its own or as a part of your lip combo!

Tom Ford Gloss | [Shade: ‘Crystalline’] This gloss became a ‘holy grail’ product for me back in October and I can’t get away from it! I have 3 glosses that I think are ‘the best’ and this is the one I wear the most. I use the shade ‘Crystalline’ & it’s the perfect color for any nude / light pink lip combo. I wear this probably 90% of the time. In fact, I did a video on my IG stories once – applying my favorite lip liner, lipstick, & this gloss and all but the lipstick sold out that night! Once it restocked, I actually bought a few backups of the gloss!

Fenty Gloss Bomb  | [Shades: ‘FU$$Y’ & ‘$WEETMOUTH’] Okay, my mom and I both got this because it is so beautiful. I saw it on her first and I was like like “wait!! MOM!! Your lips look like they are covered in water!” and then boom we both got it and wear it on repeat!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner  | [Shade: ‘Iconic Nude’] Forever a favorite liner – the shade ‘Iconic Nude’ is my most worn and a go-to but I also love ‘Pillow Talk’. In the photos above I am wearing ‘Iconic Nude’. This liner is smooth and easy to use, and also wears up to 6 hours which is a big deal – also waterproof!

Marc Jacobs Poutliner Lip Liner | [Shade: ‘Oh Cocoa’] This is one of my new favorite lip liners! As soon as I got it in the mail, I tried it on and even my assistant was like, “woah that is a good color!!” In fact, I misplaced it and we turned the whole house upside down trying to find it because I liked it that much. Don’t worry we found it and now I wear it a lot, LOL!

Buxom Staycation Plumping Gloss | [Shade: ‘White Russian’]

Kim KW is always the lipstick but I change my liner a lot and gloss! I really love the Fenty gloss in ‘Smartmouth‘, CT’s liner in ‘Iconic Nude, and there’s a new liner in my life under $10 that is SO good- Morphe liner in ‘Sweet Tea’ [Use code EMGEM for 10% off.]

Which of these Best of Beauty 2020 products have you tried and loved?  Let me know in a comment below!

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