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OKAY!! I polled my Instagram audience about wanting a blog post AND stories or STORIES ONLY and most of the votes were for stories ONLY. However!! I saw so many women DM’ing me asking for the blog post so HERE WE ARE! But you guys know I love doing these – I have a makeup and skincare obsession and I do love sharing the best of the best. SO- this is not sponsored but Sephora will occasionally sponsor things and that means nothing because they allow me to say what I want! But this post will just be a break down of my favorites since my last big post in November! AKA – all of the CURRENT best items right now!

If you are ROUGE you have probably already shopped and used your 20% off but if you haven’t – you still have plenty of time! The sale ends

Read some of my previous Sephora posts HERE [the November 2022 massive haul!], HERE, HERE, & HERE for more detailed info or search “Sephora” in the search box to see all posts! ETA- the acrylic cart is old but here’s on available on Amazon!



Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Primer || Okay, this was rough because typically there are not many primers on the market that truly blur out pores but I feel like this year has been the year of the blur! I am thrilled about that! So, my favorite out of the 4 is a tie between this one and the one below by Laura Mercier. This one I got in Miami in the spring when it was hot and we were shooting lots of outfits in a day and my makeup just stayed SO well. I feel like this one locks makeup down, magnifies, and blurs.

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr Secure the Blur Makeup Magnet Primer || This has been on the GOOD LIST for over a year now – that should tell you something. Now, when the sale went live Friday – I placed my order at like 5AM and got his new MATTE primer and I used it ONCE and returned it.🙃 It was just not that good if I am being honest. This one is definitly superior!

 Laura Mercier Blurring Primer || Like I said, above, this is a tie for a favorite because this one blurs so well! It is smoothing a does well with dry skin. I use this one most often because its a cheaper one-ish – but does the blurring like a charm.


NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation || [Shade: Barcelona’] I’ve been wearing this one more often since it was released – it just came out maybe 2 weeks ago?! I was in Scottsdale when it dropped and I ran to Sephora and purchased right away! This is a very light, almost watery formula BUT it actually has good coverage & wears well / long term! I’m not gonna lie, the whole liquidy formula thing worried me that I would not get enough coverage but I personally love it! I will show an application on my stories – so make sure to watch to see these products in action! 

Dior Face & Body Foundation || [shade: 3.5N] Full blog post reviewing this HERE. [Lately – I have been mixing a drop of this Dior one WITH a drop of the NARS^^ and it is really a nice finish!]

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick || [Shade: ‘Dune’] So, this is actually a re-purchase. I used to use this years ago and love that it is a natural finish, medium coverage! It is smooth and really great but if you watched the full makeup routine I did on my stories a couple of days ago [saved to Sephora 2023 Highlight Tab & also on The Sweetest Thing FB Page] – you’ll notice that I did a drop of the ^^ two foundations above on to a beauty sponge after I did a few swipes. I find that this stick is really good when combined with a liquid on top and a dampened beauty sponge to soak up any extra product. This is a foundation that I would say you don’t have to have but I just thought I’d mention it because I am really liking it lately. I swipe it where I have the most darkness [veiny areas in my cheeks] just to give a little extra coverage without extra product. This just doesn’t get cakey or build up. It just covers naturally.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation || [Shade: 7] Just recently got to a point where I can use a lighter, less coverage foundation and this one has been on HOT rotation!! I feel like my skin looks better than ever with this one… however my skincare game has a really been ramped up the last year so I am sure that that factor plays a part. if you like    a light coverage that wears well and looks natural- this is a good one! I’d say out of all 4 fodunations this one is one of the best for ALL skin types and ages. You could drop a full coverage foundation into a pump of this though if you wanted a little more coverage.


Huda Beauty Luminous Matte Cream Concealer || [Shade: ‘Coconut Flakes’] I randomly decided to try this and now I am on tube #3 – it is SO good. I use it on my mom as well! I find that it covers the best without the drying out OR the cakey-ness!  It is just a really good formula & I love the shade for me and for my mom. The other I’d recommend for an under eye concealer is the Dior mentioned below.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish Color Corrector || [Shade: ‘Medium’ or ‘Fair’] This is the magic trick for dark circles. The ingredients speak for themselves – they are made to smooth & blur out the under eye are and it works. I am on my second one of these. I probably go through one per year. The medium ‘salmon’ color counteracts the dark circles – correcting them. If you use concealer on dark circles, you can make the under eye area a grey color . If you use this before concealer – you totally bright the area.

Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer ||  [Shade: ‘1N’] I think I’ve beat this one into the ground with home much I talk about it. Again, there’s an IGTV on applying it and MANY blog posts. This concealer is a MUST. Absolute MUST. Any age. Any skin type. Its incredible. It is not drying, cakey, etc. Covers fully and is long wearing. [Pasted this from last years blog post but this still rings true… one of the best concealers ever!]

Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum Concealer ||  [Shade: ‘Summer Bisque’] Another hot item that I talk about way too much but this is so incredible for no makeup looks or just to set or brighten you under eye area! This is one of my holy grail products. I use this at the end of my routine to more ore less – set and brighten my under eye area. I have bad allergies so sometimes as I get ready my eyes water… this is my sure fire way to really lock it down. Also, on days where I am just using a tinted moisturizer or serum foundation – I use no liquid concealer and just this!


Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder || [Shade: ‘Satin Blanc’] I am on my second ‘tub’ of this powder – it is high end but it does outperform the others. Not to mention, it smells INCREDIBLE. It is an all time favorite of mine. I just recently purchased my 4th ‘jar’?? lol of it – it is so good. If you are the least bit concerned about pores, smoothness, etc. – I highly recommend this! I will say, this has an amazing scent. It is not anything crazy – just smells… classy. Expensive. But not strong – mentioning this because many try to avoid fragrance as it can clog pores. This does not clog my pores. I get several setting powders in PR every quarter and I try them all and always come back to this!

Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder || [Shade: ‘Cherry Blossom’] This is a hot commodity and usually is sold out. I can not recommend this enough for setting your under eye area – the pink shade really brightens that area. I still LOVE my Givenchy and I did buy a backup during the sale but I do love this as well. I try almost every setting powder that drops and none compare to these two. If I had to pick only one – I do think I’d prefer the Givenchy though.


PAT McGRATH Skin Fetish:Divine Powder Bronzer || [Shade: ‘Bronze Divinity’] I do not like 98% of bronzers that come out but THIS ONE WINS! It is so good. Watch the video on my stories / Sephora Highlight tab to see how gorgeous it is and how easy it blend out and looks. I’m shocked that this has not sold out yet bc it’s amazing. It has a medium coverage, it is a matte finish, but has a glow and a blurring effect, too.

By Mario Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick || [Shade: ‘Medium Dark’] This became my holy grail cream contour back in the fall and I can’t go back! I use one of his brushes to blend it out on my cheeks, jaw, nose, & forehead. I actually really like this for an intense contour.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette || [Shade: Volume 3] If you remember, my sister showed up to our family trip to Disney last March and totally forgot her makeup bag. We girls ran to Sephora and I got to pick out her makeup… ahhh so fun! I got her my staple products – Dior concealer, etc. This had just dropped and was sold out everywhere and there was one in stock….. but it was too dark for her! So we ended up just switching bronzers and I adore this one… so I recommend if you are medium toned. I have a hard time finding a bronzer that matches me & this one is amazing. It has 3 shades and I more or less just mix into the first two shades. That third one has a little too much shimmer in it for me! If you have super smooth skin you may enjoy the third but glimmer usually enhances my texture so I try to avoid it. I use THIS brush to apply it.


Too Faced Blurring Blush || [Shade: Golden Hour] This is definitly one of the BEST blushes I have used in a while. The shade is gorgeous and the formula is just beautiful. I layer this one with the one below for a really glowy, youthful look!

rms beauty Redemension Hydra Powder Blush || [Shade: French Rose] So. INSANE!! 🌟🌟🌟 Out of all of the products I mention – this gets a big shoutout bc I get DMS any time I have this blush on asking what it is… People can tell via Instagram Stories which is crazy. It is really a striking blush with a great formula.


Caliray Surfproof Hydrating Setting Spray || Okay, this is a new release but I’ve had it long enough to know that I. AM. OBSESSED. It locks down your makeup AND it hydrates – its a really innovative formula and I’ve been using it any time I get ready lately.

Benefit the POREfessional Super Setter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray  || This is still here from last years post! It will lock your makeup down WHILE blurring out pores- it is one of the best for sure. This is a product I bought a mini of and I travel with it!


Natasha Denona Mini Bronze Eyeshadow Palette || I love her palettes but I find that this is great for me – it is small so works well with travel but it also has the perfect transition shades and crease shades. I just add a glitter pigment if I’m going to dress it up at all!

Stay Lit Liquid Eyeshadows || [Shade: ‘Champagne Showers’] ^^ Read above! If you are new – my old Sephora posts and makeup routines cover my glitery eye shadow tutorial but they discontinued the liquid golden pigment so I switched to this & prefer it. It is gorgeous alone. I really like to apply THIS shimmer [shade: Dazzle] to the top of this liquid because it gives a massive statement!

Fenty Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara || SO GOOD! This is new to Fenty and Sephora but I was able to try it early on and it is SO good. I try not to use it too often bc it really takes your lashes to another level!! lol! So only use it if you want full, long lashes!

Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Color Pencil Eyeliner || [Shade ‘Graphite’] One of my favorite waterline eyeliners, ever honestly. So smooth & pigmented. It also stays but for longer!🌟🌟

RARE BEAUTY Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner || Hands down one of the BEST liners ever. Literally still on after washing my face while others would come right off with my cleansing balm! It is matte and wears better than any of my other holy grail liquid liners! [This is what I do on upper lid for a winged liner!]🌟🌟

Benefit Eyebrow Precisely, My Brow Pencil Waterproof Eyebrow Definer || Out of all of the brow products I test out each week, this is one I have repurchased. It just works so well for me.

GrandeBROW-Laminate Brow Styling Gel || YOU GUYS ORDER THIS IF YOU CAN! lol okay – just looked and it sold out in ONE DAY. But I ordered from Amazon HERE!


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Shaper Plumping Lip Liner || [Shade: ‘In Big Truffle’] It literally plumps your lips – no joke. It makes for the best liner for shaping and sculpting your lips, too. I am going to write this here… but I’m not going to post on socials but the other day I was wearing this in my stories…. and it had fully kicked in & my lips definitly looked fuller. Well, I had shared this liner on my stories a few time and I have also shared openly in the past how I have dissolved lip filler and also I’ve shown GETTING a half a syringe of filler. That being said, a girl texted Andrea who does my Botox & such that evening and said “did you put filler in Emily’s lips??” Fortunately, Andrea knew it was a HIPA violation to even answer the question so she recommend the gal chat with me. Kind of an awkward situation BUT I told Andrea it was that same liner that plumps and to make it less awkward I went and dropped off a liner for the gal that asked. Now, it won’t like FILL your lips BUT it will work well if you want to define that border and plump it up a little. I do have filler in my lips – I dissolved some of it but not all.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick ||  [shade: ‘K.K.W.’] I think I talk about this wayyyyy too much! But it is the best nude shade, formula, etc.🌟🌟 [my aunts and cousins from cali were here this last week and everyone went to Sephora to buy this – we literally wiped them CLEAN of this lipstick! It works for everyone!]

Makeup By Mario Pro Volume Lip Gloss|| [Shade: ‘Golden Nude’]

Fenty Gloss Bomb || [Shade: ‘Smartmouth’ or ‘Fussy’] This is just a GOOD, solid gloss that you can always count on! The formula is a thick and super shiny and glossy but not goopy. The Fussy shade is def more pigmented so it looks good alone but I like both on top of my lip combo!

ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Lip Liner || [Shade: ‘Deep Taupe’] This is a great collection of contouring lip liners – easy to use and more old school because you have to sharpen but still creamy and just user friendly! I loveeeeee this and I think it is my new holy grail.

Laneige Lip Treatment Balm || SSOOOOO GOOD. Looks good on its on but the results are so great. Wear overnight for hydrated lips or just all day for really beautiful glow & soft lips.

Tarte Juicy Maracuja Lip || IYKYK..Shade: Rose…


Shani Darden Hydration Peptide Cream || This is new to me and came in my PR but YOU GUYS! I love it. It is REALLY amazing for going under makeup too – I can’t really explain it. It’s extremely hydrating but in the best way – which sounds weird. I find that Shani Darden makes some of the best skincare products. A few weeks back I mentioned how her Triple Acid Signature Peel rocked my world and I still stand by it – save it and use it before special occasions and you will thank me!

Farmacy Brighten Up 3% TXA Dark Spot Toner || I love this brand and their toners in general. You guys know that I am a medical grade / pharm grade type of girlie. I have always had HORRID skin and it took until I was 27 to get on Accutane. Once I got the acne cleared – it took probably 5 years to recover the damage done to my skin. I had not used a Vit C or retinol or HA so it took sticking to good skincare and some microneedling sessions / laser sessions over 5 years to slowly ‘fix’ all of that damage. I am in a better spot now and I don’t rely on heavy duty foundations anymore. BUT if I had to tell you about a few good skincare items from Sephora it would be the ones in this section right here. This toner is new but it helps a lot if you have any stubborn brown spots and you don’t want to dish out the money for crazy expensive stuff!

CT Magic Night Cream || Mentioned in like 100 other blog posts – these is a one of the few products in my skincare routine that is not medical/pharmaceutical grade. However, my mom, sister, & me go through these little tubs like crazy. We all swear by it. It is a little sticky but if you have dry skin or dull skin – you will wake up and know what we all love it so much. [🚨I keep a travel size of this in my travel bag simply because I don’t want to ever risk forgetting it!]


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel || OG favorite for me – but the smell is amazing. I use this in shower to shave my legs, too! I also travel with the travel size bottle of this.

Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Hydrating Body Cream || THE BEST STUFF EVER. This stuff saves my legs year round – esp. fall & winter. [🚨I keep a travel size of this in my travel bag simply because I don’t want to ever risk forgetting it!]

Fenty Buff Ryder Exfoliating Body Scrub || YOU GUYS!  I can not recommend this enough. Just like her Butta Body cream – these two products are worth every dime and are game changing!

Patrick Ta Body Glow Balm || [Shade: ‘She’s On Vacation’] I got this probably 2 years ago and ANY time I use it I get a million questions! The brush is HERE.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant || IYKYK – seriously. I gift this stuff to people!!!

Nécessaire Body Wash & Charcoal Body Exfoliator || Hands down one of the best scrubs ever – but love the body wash too!

Fenty Body Sauce || [Shade: ‘Agave Spice’] SO FREAKING AMAZING! I use this on repeat all spring and summer and even fall and winter. As seen on my stories in Miami, Orlando, Dallas – basically any trip I go on!  Seriously amazing for covering any thing you need to cover or get a tan!!! Its incredible! I use it to hide cellulite & boost my tan.


Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler || THE. BEST. THING. EVER!!

Alterna Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner || A staple since probably 2015 – just really good for dry hair!

T3 Micro Curling Iron || 1″- I have been using this for years now – probably 6 years. Easily one of the best hot tools and curling irons ever! I have blogged about these sooooo many time so I won’t waste your time but you can search and you’ll see lots of tutorials and posts. Also there are videos on my Instagram! I also have used the 1.25″ barrel, so if you want a slightly larger one you can’t go wrong with that one either. Right NOW, I mostly use the new 1.5″ barrel!

Dry Bar Wrap Party Styling Wand

GHD Max Styler || I also use the 1″ & travel size too – all are very good straighteners. See my IG or Tiktok for a quick video. If I had to pick one of the GHD – I would probably just do the 1″.

Dry Bar Teasing Comb & Brush || I have 3 of these bc they are that good! I use on Soapie too for her space buns each day.

IGK First Class Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo || Helps remove all of the stuff like hairspray, shine spray, dry shampoo, texture spray, etc that you accumulate in between washes. It removes it and your hair will be SO much softer and cleaner.

Color Wow Products ||🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 The CW Dream Coat, Hydrating Cocktail, & the Root Cover Up Powder [shade: ‘dark brown’] are a few products that I constantly repurchase & swear by – I always have people telling me they are so happy to have discovered those three items. The Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti-Frizz Treatment sold out last year but this is one of the best hair products – ever! My mom and I swear by it. Douse your hair in this while wet after a shower and blow dry and you will have shiny, frizz free hair for weeks. I think it lasts for 8 washes? But I do it anytime I notice my hair is not as smooth & shiny! Also, I love their cocktails for using when in between washes when I am not using the Dream Coat. They are hydrating [or choose the thickening treatment or the strengthening treatment] and really work. This is the same brand that makes the powder you use to fill in hair line and cover grays.  I show this on my stories a lot and always get a million questions! [🚨I keep a travel size of the Dream Coat in my travel bag simply because I don’t want to ever risk forgetting it!]

Moroccan Oil Intense Moisturizing Mask

IGK First Class Dry Shampoo || This is one of the first products mentioned in a Sephora haul and you all bought it out. It is easily the best dry shampoo out there – easily. I have shared this on my blog in my Sephora Sale blog posts for 5 years straight now! [🚨I keep a travel size of this in my travel bag simply because I don’t want to ever risk forgetting it!]

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray || I loveeeeeeee this stuff so much! Like, can not rave about it enough. I have mentioned it a lot on my stories the past 8 weeks or so but its worth it! Helps keep

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray || Old school favorite, the smell, the formula, however – I re-purchase because I use it on Sophia’s buns and my roots for extra oomph! [🚨I keep a travel size of this in my travel bag simply because I don’t want to ever risk forgetting it!]


By Mario F1 Makeup Brush

By Mario EF1 Makeup Brush

Hourglass Veil Powder Brush

Patrick Ta Dual Ended Nose Contour Brush 


Jo Malone Hand and Body Wash || I. always. buy. extra. when. discounted. SO GOOD. Also a great chance to get gifts of soap and candles for a boujie friend or teacher!

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