How To Make Your House Smell Like Christmas


Half An Orange

Half An Apple



Cinnamon Sticks


Nutmeg & Cloves

Orange / Cinnamon Oil

All of our friends and family always talk about how our house always smells super festive – no matter the time of year. It’s a ‘thing’ I have – I love for our house to smell really good – it honestly makes me feel good. So weird, lol. I almost always have 2-3 candles going in our home and around Christmas time I opt for this stovetop potpourri. Not only does it make you house smell like Christmas – but it is really pretty [visually] and sets the Christmas mood! There’s truly no ‘recipe’ – I remember researching online and trying different ‘recipes’ and some didn’t even work. What works for me is just adding in the ingredients listed above based on how strong you want the smell. I start off slowly and just add in as it gets to simmering. I like for it to reach upstairs & downstairs so I add extra of everything.

If you use oils – you really don’t have to add in the oranges/apples but I do find that those make it prettier. 🙂 But the secret to the scent is truly the oils. Those really amp up the fragrance.

Oh! And don’t mind our super cheesy photos above.. 😛 Luke fell asleep while we were doing this (woke up at the end!) and we were just having so much fun. John is a way better cook than me and knows his way around the kitchen much better than me. He kept cracking jokes the entire time about this being my ‘first time to use the stove’.. I mean.. that is not true at ALL. But, no I do not love cooking. Aside from my love for cleaning, our roles are so reversed because I tend to work more and John enjoys cooking. I do get on kicks though where I like cooking – anyone else like this?! I love trying healthy, creative recipes so when I get on that kick it is a different story. Any who, okay – gonna wrap this up before I talk your heads off! I typically don’t blog on Sundays but I thought since we are doing this Blogmas ‘thing’, I’d pop in and post this! Let me know if you try this and love it!


‘All The Jingle Ladies’  Sweatshirt | Ripped Denim | UGG Boots | Gold Hoop Earrings | My hair tie is HERE (they don’t leave creases!) | John’s Pullover | UGG House Slippers

Photos by Dale Benfield.

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35 thoughts on “How To Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

  1. Hey girl! Love your blog! Hope you have a sec to check out mine, been working Really hard on it! But i wanted to ask (because alSo like you, i don’t love cooking lol), where do you get the oils? Just at the regular grocery store like publix? Lol ? we are hosting Christmas for the first time in our new home and im thinking of trying this! Thanks love! ??

  2. Merry chriStmas! Thanks for potpouri recipe! What size sweatshirt are you wearing?/ also, love the gold meaSuring cups and kitchen utensils! Do you mind sharing where you purchased those?! Thanks!

    1. I am wearing a medium I believe. And I purchased them over the past few years at random places – mostly Target though!

  3. I need you to add a luke/baby boy section to your website. lol i have a new nephew to shop!! love your stuff – happy holidays! xo – a fellow tulsa girl

    1. HI there! I actually have it set up to where you can search “lukes clothing” and all baby boy outfits are linked!

    1. We just turn it down low and let it simmer – once the smell has filled the house and we are done we just throw it away!

  4. I made this from your post and had to come back to let you know how happy and christmaSy it made our apartment!!! Thank you dear!


  5. I love this post so much because i can absolutely relate to all of the above. that said, which oils do you find work best? i started “scenting my house” (sounds so weird) using the stove last holiday season and never landed on an oil i really loved. is there a brand you find works well/that you prefer? dying to try this as soon as halloween passes and it’s a little more socially acceptable. 🙂 thanks so much!

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