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New Handbag Purchase + Faux Leather Jacket Look


JACKET:  Treasure & Bond (super old) (similar styles HERE & HERE – I own both of the similar styles too!) | TEE: BP (part of the BEST basics blog post!) | DENIM: Citizens of Humanity (dupe version) | SHOES: Sam Edelman (look designer but are so comfy & not too pricy!) | BELT: Gucci | SUNGLASSES: Gucci | HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton “Messenger” | LIPS: “Kim KW” (a favorite nude!) | SCARF: H&M (old) (similar HERE) | EARRINGS: Free People

I have a ton to say in this post and I’m trying to narrow it down so  I am not super chatty Kathy!

First of all, I had a ton of questions about this bag on my Instagram on Sunday. I went to Dallas last week and went to both Louis Vuittons in the Northpark mall trying to hunt down one item. Both of the LV stores were sold out of everything because of Christmas. If you have followed me for a while, you know I am LV obsessed. It has always been a favorite brand of mine and it was also the first designer bag I ever saved up for and purchased. Of course as a blogger, I try to diversify my handbag selection for many reasons so LV is not the only brand I love- but if I were told I could only carry one brand it would be Louis Vuitton. Okay wow– this is long and lengthy. SO, John always forgets to get Christmas presents for people – including me so I end up doing it all for him. And because of that I decided he could get me a new scarf, lol. I was checking out at LV and noticed there were a new handbag on the wall and it was the one I am carrying- called the Messenger/Marignan. The second I saw it, I knew immediately I was going to purchase it. It’s much larger than my pochette metis but it has this beautiful nude color on it and the hand at the top gives it a funky, vintage look. It is great for me because occasionally I just take my wallet, lipstick, diapers and wipes in a cross body when I am out with Luke running errands and this is a perfect size. It’s a new arrival so if you live near a store and you are saving your Christmas money for a new bag, definitely check it out. 🙂

Next, I had a ton of questions about this jacket. It is super old to me – like probably 3 or 4 years old! I got it on sale one summer and I have worn it so much that it is broken in and super soft. I love moto jackets and I have 4 that I adore – some are faux leather and some are suede. The ones I linked that are similar are SUPER amazing quality and also great price points for the quality. When my girlfriends come over and we are going to dress up and get dinner they all like to borrow these jackets!

Lastly, my shoes. Initially I was like “ok those are too extra for me!” but then I ordered them thinking they’d be cute for NYE and I ended up wearing them with casual looks instead. I get TONS of compliments on them and I love wearing them because the heel is not too high and they are actually pretty comfortable! I wish they came in a tan color now – I’d love that!

Alright, I’ll chill with all the talking haha. I have had a few people e-mail me asking if I could do a review of this bag and I don’t do it often for a few reasons. However, this is a bag I think you all would love if you are looking to splurge on a designer bag. That being said, let me know in the comments if you’d like a dedicated post!:)

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53 thoughts on “New Handbag Purchase + Faux Leather Jacket Look

  1. (not intended to be in caps…not sure why)

    I’m guessing you’re 26, 27? How on earth can you afford what i’m guessing is well over 20 super high-end designer bags? my guess is you’ve spent at least $100k on bags alone. why on earth would you actively promote such expenditures for your readers (which I assume are all under 30)??

    1. Hi CW! Sorry about the caps deal – it is an error on my blog and the team has not been able to fix it just yet! Anyway, as for your questions concerning designer handbags, I totally see where you are coming from! I never dreamt I’d be making a living writing a fashion blog – not in a million years! It has been such an adventure and something I didn’t ever intend on happening. You see, I write this blog for a living. Louis Vuitton does not pay me to promote their bags but they are a personal favorite so I like staying true to myself. I do have a few designer handbags which does add up, totally! However, for me it is part of job – just like a school district may have the nicer printers/copy machines for their teachers! I do not promote the designer handbags in full. In fact, I actually almost always link a dupe! However, hundreds of thousands of people do purchase these handbags and love to visit my blog to see reviews and how I style them.

    1. Hollie, yay!! SO exciting!!! I am curious to know what ones you are looking at!! I think I’ll do the review – it sounds like everyone is in favor! 🙂

  2. Ah I love this post!! It’s always so good and refreshing to hear such an honest review of everything you’re wearing! Plus that bag is just divine.

    Your newest breakfast obsession is easy, delicious and gourmet! Check out my newest post now… Blush & Bordeaux

  3. Id love a deDicated post On the bag. My biggest question would be if youre hippier would it lAy awkwaRDly? I carry my weigh In my hIps and sometimes i feel like crossbodys arent flattering. Its hard to tell On you because your so darn skinny!!

    1. Oh em gee! Girl, it is all smoke and mirrors! I have “child birthing hips” (what my sis always told me growing up!) and I like larger bags bc of that but this is a perfect size and is very flattering I think! I really think you may like it!!!

  4. Emily, love those earrings! Can you tell me how big they are? I am looking for 2.5 hoop…
    The description doesn’t give size of hoop…xo

    1. Sorry for the delay – I could not find a ruler!! I did finally find John’s measuring tape in the garage and shockingly – they are exactly 2.5inches! 🙂 I think you will love them. My friend Elle & I both purchased them.

  5. The Free people kolby scarf is similar to
    Yours too but longer! I have it in 4 colors. So soft and coZy!! Nordstrom and macy’s carrY it so you can affiliate link to them 🙂

  6. I love your lOnger posts!!!! No apologies whatsoever! I also love your shoes in this pOst! Seeing fun Shoes, like thIS, styled with more “EverydaY” clothing VersuS gowns is fabulous! I get so many ideas for my own outFits!!

    As for the louis vuitton…keep on posting!!! I am 28 anD love my Louis vuittons! I just recently got a neverful

  7. I love your lOnger posts!!!! No apologies whatsoever! I also love your shoes in this pOst! Seeing fun Shoes, like thIS, styled with more “EverydaY” clothing VersuS gowns is fabulous! I get so many ideas for my own outFits!!

    As for the louis vuitton…keep on posting!!! I am 28 anD love my Louis vuittons! I just recently got a neverful GM from my husband as a christmas and early push present for our next baby (to use as the diaper bag with the Tote Savvy insert!). I never get tIred of reading LV or other designer posts!

    1. Hi Eliza! So sorry you don’t enjoy the “context” but you definitely don’t have to read my blog if you don’t enjoy it. It’s up to you where you spend your time reading… and even leaving comments. 🙂

  8. Hi Emily,

    First, what a cute outfit!! I love how you paired the super chique shoes with the more casual clothes! It looks fantastic.
    Secondly, I’d love a handbag review. I love LV, but I’m always so scared to purchase certain bags because of space/ durability issues. I’d love to see a post about it, especially since you said that you even include diapers in it!! Amen to that!! hahahahahhaa

    Lots of love,

  9. I would love to see a post showing how you organize your bags. BeCause you have so.many.bags!!!
    Please show us how you store so much fabulous ess!!

  10. Hi!! Love the bag! I really want the pouchette metis. I can’t get my hands on one. Please let me know if you ever want to sell that one. I would love to buy from you.

  11. My comment is how did you get the handle to turn dark so fast, knowing that you have only had it for a few weeks. ? As most know, the handles and straps are light for A good while until You break them in. I feel liKe mine take forever to darken up. I love ❤️ this bag! Adding it to my list:)

  12. I left a comment previously regarding the dark handle of the handbag ? and see now it comes that way. I do like thaT unique feature. I orginally thought you may have Did something
    extra to darken it so quickly. Have a great day!

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