I get a lot of requests for ‘What’s in my bag’ posts and initially I thought I may be the most boring person ever to do a WIMB post! However since having Luke and doing random shopping posts and getting great feedback I figured it could be semi-interesting. Personally, I love when YouTubers do a WIMB post because I feel like I discover new, random products that way! So!! Here we are… let me know if you like this and maybe I can start doing them monthly or quarterly based on season/holiday/etc. I’d love to hear what you all think about them!

Today’s ‘What’s In My Bag’ post is more of a summer / July 4th edition! 🙂


First things first, a huge thanks to Secret Deodorant Clinical Strength for teaming up with me for today’s post. This deodorant is a saving grace right now as we have already had a very, very hot summer! It’s so funny because now that Luke is 1 and is very mobile I love going outside and taking him places so he can run around and discover things. The downside is that our summer here in OK has been a hot one from the start and when we go places I’m always out chasing him and feel gross after just 15 minutes of being outside! One thing I love as a fashion blogger is that it gives me extra strong protection from sweat  so I can go on with my day without worrying about sweating through clothes. You can click here to get your own at Walgreens.

Second thing in my bag that I have to rave about is my Anker charger! I mentioned in my  recent post – but these are also super, super handy. Since I am constantly working all day, whether it be answering emails, taking photos, answering comments, taking calls, or simply ‘mumming’, I run my battery down quickly. We have 3 of these and we usually keep one in the car! Last week we were in Mexico with other bloggers and I am pretty sure these got passed around regularly and everyone kept asking the brand so that they could order one!

Next is an Invisibobble. It is is hard to see in the photo but I use these a lot here in OK bc A. its so stinking hot! & B. if I put my hair up while I’m out playing w/Luke and use a regular one it will leave a huge crease! So I use these to lightly keep my hair pulled back but w/no damage or creasing!

Up next is an SPF. I wrote a post last week about the make-up I used in the humid Mexico weather and mentioned that I am doing an intense skin care treatment right now to get rid of pigmentation. Well, because it is so strong I have to double up on SPF. So I apply SPF before makeup and I use the Supergoop SPF Invisible Powder just before going outside to get the extra layer of sun protection!

The other things in my bag are not super groundbreaking but I’ll break it down really quickly! My Louis Vuitton Insulite Organizer wallet, my keys [on the cutest leopard keychain], a couple of diapers/wipes for Luke , my sunglasses [of the day], lipstick/lipgloss,  & of course my phone.


Tee | Denim | Flag Neck Scarf | Chambray | Hat | Secret Deodorant Clinical Strength

Thanks to Secret Deodorant for sponsoring this post.

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