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WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE!!! See Behind The Scenes Of The Past 12 Months!

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Whew!! Where do I even begin?!? There are SO many things I want to cover in today’s post and I am just not sure how to minimize it, lol! [This is not a new problem for me, I love sharing details! John always tells everyone “if you want the long, detailed stories – ask Em, if you want the quick version, ask me!”]

Well! If you can’t tell, the big news is that The Gemma Gang is building a new home! This has been our dream for 5+ years! Before we bought the home we are in currently, we knew we would be building down the road. We had a “game plan” and we had lots of goals set to make our game plan happen and it all ended up happening sooner than anticipated – I will explain everything as I go along so bear with me.

**Grab a coffee or some Chic-Fil-A bc this is a going to be a long post!**

So our home building process actually started in May of last year [2017] – soon after Luke was born. At this point, we were ready to buy a lot. We had planned to buy a lot and then later on build on that lot but things got moving so much more quickly than we anticipated. It has truly been a whirlwind the past 15 months! First of all, we love our home right now – we did a ton of work renovating and updating this house and we just adore this home. One of the best parts of our home is that we live on almost 1 acre which is considered “large” [where we live]. In fact, when we were buying this home, the guy at the bank said “hmm is there a big pool at this home?” and I said [confused] “no… I wish!” and he said “hmm, it looks like your house holds more value because of the back yard – is there something unique back there?” and then I showed him that we have a large yard with great privacy and a beautiful view and explained that that was normal for this area. To some, this may be “typical” but in Oklahoma where there are no mountains, rolling hills- just  lots of “flat” land. We have just loved this home so much and to be honest, part of the reason I have held off on sharing that we are building is because I often get so sad about leaving this home. We flipped the kitchen, master bathroom, powder bathroom, and floors and more – and we just love it. However, we find that we spend so much time driving several miles around the Tulsa area to shoot, run errands, go to appointments, go to our favorite grocery store, favorite restaurants, etc. and we realized we would be better off in a different area. I’ll be real – I want to be within 5 minutes of my regular ‘stops’. For example, my OBGYN is about 25-30 minutes away and when I was expecting Luke I always felt like it took forever to get to my doctor’s office / hospital! Obviously, my  obgyn is not the only place we would like to be closer to- there are SO so many regular errands we run that we wish we could be closer to! I could go on forever but we just wanted to be in a different location so we spend less time driving, waiting at lights, etc.! Additionally, since I am self-employed I work from home so I have always needed a larger office space and a closet to call my own- amongst many other things! Also, I am a ‘creative’ [ha] so my mind is constantly creating ideas and thoughts in my head and there are so many things we want specifically for my line of work. Right now, we can’t eat in our dining room because it serves as part of my office as well, lol!

So, rewind to last spring [2017], Luke was born and a couple of weeks later we began our hunt for ’the lot’. We found one lot that we thought would work…. kind of. We just knew we wanted a lot that was the same size as ours now if not larger. Again, this is not something that is easy to find. Where we live, if you want to live in an area close enough to ’town’ you have to spend a LOT of money to get a large lot. One of the reasons we like large lots is because we value privacy, but also because we want for Fitz to have a large area to run and play and we want Luke and all of my nieces and nephews to have a place to run and play as well. I probably sound crazy, but we would rather have a smaller home with a large lot than a larger home. I grew up going outside to play with all of the neighbors and making mudpies every single day after school/church so its just something special to me. John plays basketball outside regularly. In fact, as soon as we bought our current home he got a $2000 basketball hoop put in! I remember being so shocked like “hoops cost $2000??!” And all of his friends and my dad and brother being like “yes Emily and you will be so glad you have it later!” And they were right, of course. The family spend so much time playing at that hoop! Luke absolutely loves to be outside running and playing so with all of this –  we just were committed to finding a similar sized lot – we just value yards I guess, haha! Anyway, we found one lot that we *thought* would work and we spent some time getting it looked at and evaluated thinking it may be the lot for us.  There were a lot of questions about the lot though – for example – it was not flat – it had a lot of drop offs and we were concerned about the logistics of it, honestly. We had some people look it over and said it would be tough to make use out of the entire lot due to the location/levels/etc. Last summer we realized it was not going to work out – and that that lot was not ‘for us’ if you will. Looking back, though I was discouraged that it was not going to work out, it ended up actually working out perfectly. Funny how God does that right?

Not too long after we realized the first lot wouldn’t work, we were given the idea to think outside of the box more. Initially, I was nervous about this part, but it worked out so well! We ended up buying a much larger lot but spent months jumping through hoops to get it all worked out. We worked with a builder on this part and he actually helped us get through it all. So much of it I didn’t fully understand but we hired some specialist to help with it all.  John and I both work full time and travel for my work  so we were oftentimes not even in the state! Our builder kind of worked through all of the details. I didn’t realize what it took with building – buying lots, working with banks, have people come out and see if things pass code or having the city approve of changes, going to monthly city meeting for permits, the list goes ON and ON! There are SO many things – it is just crazy! Prior to closing on this particular lot, we had already had our meetings with the architect and our builder. Last summer we had our first meeting with the architect and woah, that was also a blur. First of all, I was late to the meeting! I had just flown home from a trip only to find out that my SD card was corrupt and I stayed up the entire night [w/a newborn mind you!] calling experts all over the country trying to find someone to rescue this SD card. I had several campaigns on it and I had to go live with them that week and I had contracted deadlines. [No I didn’t recover the card – had to reshoot it all in one day!] Anyway, I was late for our first meeting, luckily, John had filled the architect in as did our builder. I don’t tell people what I do for work – to be honest – very few really ‘get it’ so I don’t share it. However, John did tell the architect about my work and woah, he went above and beyond! By the time I got to the meeting, he had a great understanding and I could tell his brain was turning with ideas. I’ve always had certain things that I love – and we put all of those down & he helped make it evolve! Two weeks later we met him again and he had our first draft and so many ideas – he also said “I read your blog and I saw that you use your bathroom to take photos of makeup and hair things so I really want to get creative with X,Y,Z”. It was really sweet and I totally didn’t expect that! He really helped us think through details – little things like windows and doors and the time of day I shoot and where the natural lighting would be best! It was amazing honestly. Our home is completely custom so we have chosen every little detail. Since 2012 I have had an album on my phone of homes I love and ironically I have continued loving that style so it was not hard to make a lot of decisions. [And fortunately for us, John likes the same things I do!] I also had little things like entry way floors, doors, my closet floor, and our formal living area flooring saved -they were things I knew I’d always dreamed of having in a home.

As summer ended and fall approached our builder was busy trying to get all of the work done on the back end to get the lot we wanted – it was a complicated situation so it took longer than expected. It also didn’t help that we were out of the state/country every other week from September through December pretty much. It seems like a blur to me, honestly. Every couple of weeks we would drive out there and look at the lot and imagine what it would be like- I will post photos below! I remember when the concrete was poured I was just so giddy! It’s so funny because my friends who are building drive by daily and check in on their homes all of the time and I always think “wow, its’ been two weeks, I should drop in!”. As we close in on the process, I do go by more now but the first few months I was just too busy. I did have several large meetings last winter where I sat down and ‘nailed’ down everything- it was so much work but I would do it in large batches at one time. One of the challenges with building a custom home is trying to stay within your budget – this is especially hard for me, haha! I am fortunate that I had done a lot of the renovations on my house now so I had a good idea of the types of wood flooring, marble, quartz, etc. that I liked!

This is SO long so I will try to wrap it up! Basically, we are more than half way done with the house! In fact, we are probably 3/4 of the way done! Its crazy how quickly it came along once the details were all worked out! My good friend called back in May and asked when I was going to share that we were building and I said “good question!”. She got on to me because she had just found out we were building and couldn’t believe we don’t talk about it more [but that is just because we have a lot on our plates]. I explained to her that it is not always at the top of my head because of mom & work obligations and I had actually assumed I’d already told her! She laughed and said “well, you need to share it soon on your blog, it seems like a secret now!” SO! I am excited to finally share. I said I’d post about it in May but May got busy so I said June and then June got busy and once the house progressed we decided we’d share before fall gets here! When it comes to building, I find that the last part is the most interesting – where you see the most character & detail so I didn’t want to drag it out.

I am so thrilled to start sharing all of this with you guys and especially to get your opinions. I have learned SO much over the years from you all and I am anxious to ask questions and see what you think! I know the end of building a home can take longest because of all of the little details so I try not to think too much about it!

I’m writing this post on Monday night and I think this will go live tomorrow morning! If I can, I will try to go by and show clips of where it is at right now – if I can’t on Tuesday – I will this Friday! I have some work things I am dealing with so I am going to be bogged down but I will for sure start sharing inside looks on my IG stories! I am actually dying to swing by myself! We have been out of town a lot the past two weeks so I am anxious to see the progress!

Here are a few photos I’ve snapped over the past year! I can do full posts and updates if you’d like – so please let me know what you want to see! I have hundreds of photos on my phone in an album from all of our trips – and videos!!!


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181 thoughts on “WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE!!! See Behind The Scenes Of The Past 12 Months!

  1. Oh my gosh I would love if you shared more. it looks amazing so far!! would love to see updates and how/why you chose the details that you did. it has always been a dream of mine to custom build a home so i would love to hear about the process and any details you are open to sharing!

  2. Omg emilY sooo happy for you guys!! I would love to see updateS and vIdeos of the house prOCess of things you pick!!! So Excited!!

    -Lauren ❤️

  3. Congrats on your new home!!! Your wood floors are gorgeous!!! What wood did you go with? We are about to redo ours and i want wood again, but nervous about My twi hig dogs TeariNg it up!

    1. Oh gosh I can’t even remember right now! I have a meeting on Friday with the PM to work on some detailing so I will ask!

  4. Oh. Em. Gee.!! This is so exciting. I cannnnnnnnnnnot wait to see more photos of it. but i did really think luke was getting a human sibling 😉

  5. oh. em. gee.!!! this is so exciting!!! i cannnnnnnnnnnot wait to see all the details and more photos. but i really did think luke was getting a human sibling 😉

  6. Ahhhh ive been checking your blog all morning waiting for your announcement, i thought that this was maybe it! So excited for you, it looks ans sounds beautiful! Please share more updates! Congrats to you guys, So cool to see all your hard work turn inTo A cool dream come true!

    LaurEn | https://dailyDoseofchaRM.coM

  7. Congrats! I design my house in my head every night when i cant sleep and your entry way is it! so beautiful. i cant wait to see more

  8. wow!!! em, this is so amazing! i am so happy and super excited to see the journey and the designing especially that you do!

    since i have followed you, i have been in love like literally head-over-heels over your makeup style, fashion sense, house styles and just everything about you and your family i love!

    can’t wait to see pics and the decorating pics! 🙂

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  10. This is my favorite post so far! Maybe because im in the same process and can relate so much in finding that perfeCt lot. I Also am so busy Working and being a mom i only go by ours Maybe once a week, if that but i also love seeing the Progress. Please Do More post/updates. Id love to see your ideas And what you are choosing.

    1. Yes! Girl you are right there with me so you get it!!! I wish I had more time to dedicate to checking in but I get so busy!!

  11. Oh my!!! So happy for you guys! You deserve all the happiness in the world and this house will be so Filled with love! Yay cant wait to see more pics and see how you decorate

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  27. So Exciting!! My husband and I finished building our home December 2017. We moved in only 2 weeks before I gave birth to our first baby! It was certainly a WHIRLWIND and I was so Worries we wouldn’t be in the house when baby came. The end seemed like it took forever, like everyone says. Theres just so many little things and details that take longer, and being anxious to be finished, it seems like it takes even longer! Building our dream home Was an amazing experience and I hope it has been for you too. My husband and I were on the same page for just about every selection, so THAt made the process easy. There were things here and there that one of us cared more about than the other, and we just went along with whoever cared more! Cant WAIt to see all of your pictures, updates, and the completed house.

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  30. that’s awesome, so so happy for you & your family. it’s exciting to build your home & lots of work. my husband and i build & remodel in the silicon valley (office in Campbell) and we know to well what it takes. best of luck!

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    We have had the lot for 8 years and couldnt make up our mind if we Should move Or build!
    It took us almost two years! To finish, ?
    A lot a lot of Work!
    But worth it!
    Goid luck!

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  50. How exciting for you all . We have built 6 homes one we onlY lived in 7 months when my oldest was accepted in to an amazing school and the dRiver was 45 min away . I went a bought 2 lots 1 1/2 acres total and we built the same house there and added the few things we left out or thought we wouldnt need. It was my dream home and we lived there 16 years and sold it in 2 days with 5 offers . Clearly it was a dream home with every thing to make like cozy and Or organized . Have fun and remember when decoratIng , its not forever you will get bored. I remember agonizing over drapes in my living room 18 ft ceilings . Finally i made the decision and ended up changing them 3 years later because i wanted a change ! Just have fun??? thank you for sharing . We are getting ready to build a smaller home now that the kids are gone . A groWn up luxury place for us ????

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  63. Emily,
    I love the house so far. Your front and staircase will be fabulous come ChrisTmas and those floors don’t even get me started. We have built 2 of the 4 houses we’ve lived in and although it’s a huge job it’s the best. Good luck and can’t wait to see the end result!

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  69. Looks amazing – I’ve always wanted (and still hope to) design my own home because I’m so picky. I’ve owned several over the years, and know what I like/dislike at this point. My only suggestion for what it’s worth – it appears your floors are light in color, but if you are staining – keep them on the lighter side! I have dark hardwoods, and footprints show which drives me bonkers lol. I have two kids, plus three rescue dogs, so I won’t make that mistake again! I can’t wait to see how you design the home.

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  71. Congratulations! Its beautiful! We just finished building our home in bentonville at the end of march. My hUsband is a builder and i never realized how much detail goes into a home until i built my own. When we almost reached the end and he told me we needed to go pick out our doorbell i thought i was going To lose my mind with all the detailed decisions!! We love it though and eVen won the nwa parade of homes this sUmmer. All the hard work is woRth it and our home feels like home. Cant Wait to see the final photos of your House!!

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  73. The house looks stunning already! Can’t wait to see the continuing progress and final result. Please share more photos. I would love to see them. Also would love it if you’d be willing to share more about the building process and any tips or tricks…or warnings. My husband and I are thinking of building and would love any insight you could give us. We’re so worried about working with builders and contractors from all the horror stories we’ve heard, so I’d love to know what your experience has been.

  74. oh em gee!! I started reading part of this post on monday I think, but work has been very demanding for me lately so finally! in true Emily fashion i am sitting here with a starbucks in hand and a bagel :} first of all i would like to say congratulations! and may the lord continue to bless you and your family!! building your dream home is one of the most amazing and memorable things. you have an amazing grand entrance and gorgeous windows I just cant wait to see it all put together. will you keep your current home as an investment property?? I would like to rent it out ha ha ha 😉 i just love love that home! would you say your new home is a bigger version of the current one ?? sorry !! i’m just so curious. I used to want a huge big gigantic house like yours! but then became really interested in the tiny homes. i want to minimize my bills and save more # to take my daughter around the world!! her first 2 requests are paris and new york, i will need to look back at your traveling blogs to get some RECOMMENDATIONS. sorry for making this so long. i am really excited to see your progress, and appreciate you sharing such personal news with us. once you announced this and mentioned how personal the building of your dream home is to you, i began to think…. we only know a teeny tiny bit about you and your family… sending so much love hugs and kisses your way …xoxoxo your #1 fan , Sonia 😉 glamdoll47 on ig

  75. EMILY! You already know i just adore you guys! I took a break from social media for a while but i’m so lucky i’m A subscriber! I am so INCREDIBLY happy for you, John & luke! You’re literally real life goals! I look forward to growing and going with you!

  76. Hey eMily! My husband and i are also building a house right now And i was so excited to see that you are too! Your home is beautiful! We are picking out The brick today and the foundation was laid yeSterday. What is the Name and brand of your floors? I abosiltely love the color and style and have been saving pictures that look siMilar. Good luck building! Thank you! 🙂

  77. I would love to see your floorplan! Im in real estate, and am dying to build our new home soon. My wants sound almost Exactly what youre describing. Do you mind sharing via email? Ive almost made a decision on a lot!

  78. Did you have a floor plan custom made or have a similar one you used? It looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished design.

  79. Can you say what brand your windows are? We are looking to do black windows for our build and like the option of a white on the interior.


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