Woah, mama! This is going to be a lengthy post!! Sephora snuck up on us and surprised all Insider Members  with an amazing event! Typically, Sephora gives their ‘VIB Insiders’ a 10-20% off discount during the fall and then during the spring. They just randomly decided to do one this week and I had everything in my cart online ready to check out last Friday when it opened for Rouge members. There are three tiers for loyal Sephora shoppers, Rouge, VIB, & Beauty Insiders. Here’s how it works – the Rouge members get 20% off 8/23-9/3 and starting 8/30 all VIB and Beauty Insider members can shop! If you are VIB you get 15% off and if you are Insider you get 10% off your entire purchase. Just a heads up that the code can be used multiple times in stores but if you are ordering online it can only be used once.  I have a few recent Sephora Hauls that may be helpful. You can read those HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE! Also, if you are not a Beauty Insider Yet it isn’t too late! Run, don’t walk and join now! You can do it in store or online by going

Those posts I mentioned above are really great if you want to see my other Holy Grail items. I had SO much I wanted to share into todays post so I am breaking it down into mostly NEW favorites that I have recently discovered and adore! I have many HG products but I don’t want to sounds like a broken record in case you have read all of my other Sephora Haul posts! 🙂

I’ll break this up into categories; skincare, makeup, & hair!


Dermaflash | So this is a peach fuzz / facial exfoliation tool and this is one of the ‘big ticket items’ I got since it is $189 since I had 20% off. It sounds like a crazy thing to buy but I already spend $50 every couple of months to get my skin Dermaplaned during a facial and I thought I’d try this instead and.. I LOVE IT! So much! It is very common for women to shave their faces these days as it also works in a similar way, but I just have never been comfortable with doing that. I do travel with THESE in my makeup bag so that I can quickly/easily remove peach fuzz, however, it doesn’t do the same level of ‘work’ as the Dermaflash. My skin was crazy soft after my first time using it and my makeup looked very airbrushed which is crazy here in the Oklahoma heat! It just smoothed my skin over by removing dead skin/hair and left it as a clean canvas for makeup!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask | I have heard SO many great things about this mask and I finally purchased it thinking it would be ideal for me since it is called the ‘jet lag’ mask and I have been traveling a ton lately and my skin can always use a boost in hydration. If you read the ‘details’ on Sephora’s site it talks about de-puffing and evening out texture and brightening any dullness and I found that it did that for me! I actually slept in it and I really like that it isn’t super thick or sticky so it was comfortable to sleep in! [Available online only.]

SK-ii Essence | I’ve done blog posts about this product before so I won’t go into a lot of detail but I love love love this Essence SO much! If you are trying to brighten your skin and bring it back to life try implementing this into your routine!

Clinique Take Off The Day Balm | I am a firm believer that if you wear makeup, you need to wash your face TWICE at night! Sounds weird but I always use a balm like this one OR the IT Cosmetics balm. They break down all of the makeup on your face and gently remove it! Then I go in with a hydrating cleanser & my Clarisonic to really cleanse deep into my pores. I never, ever skip a night of washing my face – it is my #1 rule! My sister jokes about it because I can stay up late with my family and we will be exhausted and no matter how tired I am I will go and wash my face TWICE. 🙂 And then do all of my other steps, too!

Clarisonic  | As mentioned above, I use a balm to breakdown and remove my makeup and then I go in with a cleanser and my Clarisonic to really get rid of dry/dead skin and clean pores! I have 2 of these because I love them so much and John has one as well.


Huda Beauty Easy Bake Setting Powder | I just recently started using this and I totally love it! Now, I can’t say it is better than all of the others on the market but I love Huda and I love the fragrance in it, lol! It’s weird but I am so smell oriented that I like a product that has a nice smell! I did try another new one on the market that promised to blur pores and smooth skin and it was not so good, but this one really does leave a smooth texture.

Hourglass Extreme Volume Mascara | This is now my HOLY GRAIL of mascaras. I have tried hundreds of mascaras over the years and I can tell you that this mascara is the! Since January I have been getting lash extensions before we go on a trip somewhere so that I don’t have to worry about applying mascara and dealing with makeup while we travel. I also quit using Latisse so my natural lashes are not nearly as long as they were back last fall – they were super long and thick naturally. They still are okay but nothing compared to what they were. I got this mascara last Friday when the VIB event started and I didn’t have any extensions on so I thought it was the perfect time to give it a try and OH EM GEE! I was shocked – it makes your lashes look so much thicker and blacker and longer! It is super good! A little pricy, yes, but totally worth it!

Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer | I’ve mentioned this before but I love this SO much! Anything that will smooth my skin and keep makeup looking flawless and in tact for a longer period of time is right up my alley! I tap a little bit of this into my skin before I apply makeup and it really helps foundation to apply better and smoother and overall just gives a flawless, smooth finish.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder | I’ve been raving about this product for what?! Two or three years?! It is my holy grail of setting powders and I do not wear makeup unless I have a good setting powder on hand!

Sephora Liquid Lipstain | I’ve heard people say that Sephora’s liquid lips are so good and I didn’t try them until I forgot a lipstick on a trip and last minute ran in and grabbed one! I can totally say that the hype is the real deal – they are so good! I really like them during the fall and winter months best though.

Smashbox Liquid Lipstain | I’ve raved about this before so I won’t say much but this in ‘Fair Game’ is where it is at if you like nude lips!!

YSL Matte Liquid Lipstain | Again, I’ve done an entire post reviewing these and I have all of the colors and they are amazing! You can read my review if you use the search tool but just had to mention because I’m wearing it in the photos above [red] in the shade ‘Red Tribe’.

Too Faced Concealer / Highlighter | This was another product I’ve seen hyped up on YouTube but I tried it and I totally get it! I use it under my eyes to conceal and highlight my dark circles! It is not as powerful as my usually KA concealer [I’v written about it so much I won’t even go there!!], but it is great if you need a hydrating, decent coverage, brightening under eye concealer.

Cover FX Matte Foundation | I love this foundation so much! I mix it with a more luminous one and it makes the perfect combo and leaves my skin looking matte and clean but not dry!

La Mer The Powder | I don’t use this daily since the price tag is crazy but I do use it for special occasions and I love it! Again, it is not a “must” since there are other setting powders but I do love the look this one gives my skin!

Fenty Beauty Highlighter | I’ve had a lot of questions about my highlighter lately and its always this one! Anytime I get compliments on my highlight, I am wearing this one or I’ve mixed with something. Fenty Beauty’s products are all around amazing!

Tarte 14HR Blush | Just got this recently because I’ve had bad lucky with blushes and WOAH! This one is SO good! It is long wearing which I love and the pigment is easy to blend and shows up right away! I wear the shade ‘Captivating’ and let me just say – there’s a reason why it has a crazy high rating on Sephora’s site!


Living Proof Body Builder | Talk about body!! This stuff is powerful – don’t get carried away or it will leave “too” much and kind of feel gritty or dirty! I will sometimes take this with me when we shoot so that if my hair falls flat I can instantly amp it up with this! I also love the smell!

IGK Beach Wave Texture Spray | This is similar to the product above but I really like this for just giving a bit of texture when my hair is clean. When my hair is straight and clean it won’t curl as well so I use this to give the curling iron something to hold on to – I use it lightly though!

T3Micro Curling Iron | I have raved about these for years and years and I’ve tried others and always go back! These are amazing and I just bought a new convertible base during this event  because mine was a couple of years old. I use all of their barrels/wands.

Dry Bar Finishing Wax Spray | Again, I use this as a ‘hairspray’ because the waxy feeling kind of locks in the style – which is why it is called a finishing spray. Again, only very lightly but I love that it can keep my curls/volume locked in.

Illes Finishing Serum | Hair By Chrissy told me to use this line and gave me a box and she said “this will make your extensions last longer and look better and do not stray from it!”. I have been using it for 6 months now and I do see a huge difference. It smells amazing and keeps your hair tangle free and smooth and protected from heat.

Thanks to Sephora for sponsoring todays post.





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16 thoughts on “MEGA Must-Have Make-Up || Sephora *VIB* Event

  1. as soon as i saw you on insta stories and said sephora i immediately went to ur blog and now i’m going to read it ahaha lol sorry…i was so excited that i had to leave a comment first!!! 🙂 been waiting on this post since you mentioned it!!!

    i always value your opinion when it comes to makeup/skincare b/c i love both just as much as you do!!! so yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. where is your acrylic caddy from? and also what lipstick or gloss are you wearing in this post? not the red shade but the more brown/nude shade?

  3. I was AWAITING This post sonce you mentioned you got the dermaflash. Ive heard so many great reviews but definitely wanted to hear what you thought. I instantly ordered after reading!! Also the hourglass mascara. I removed and placed inTo and out of my cart so many times. Cant wait to try it out now that you said it was amazing!

  4. Hello Emily,

    I am new to makeup and i love the way you wear it. Can you share the basics for me to start off with? I have Dark ciRcles whiCh bother me.

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Emily!

    What brand and color lipstick are you wearing in the 9th photo? (the non red lipstick photos) The packaging does not look like either of the two lipsticks posted. I absolutely love the color! Thank you so much!!

    Lisa : )

    PS I LOve your blog and instagram posts! I have made so many awesome purchases thanks to you!

  6. Need to know wheRe you got your 3 tier acrylic cart From?? I want to get one for my girlfriend ever since she showed it to me. It’s amaZing!!!

    1. A girlfriend found it for me in a local shop! I made sure to link a similar style in Sundays big Labor Day Sale post though!