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Sephora VIB event november 2018

I can’t even believe it’s time for the VIB event at Sephora – it is one of the best events they have because not only do you get 20% off, but you can make as many orders online using your code! Just FYI, right now is the Rouge Event so Rouge members are able to shop and use their code through the 29th of October.

Details on how Sephora VIB Event works:

ROUGE MEMBERS: 20% off October 26-29 [last day to use code for Rouge members is MONDAY, 29th]



#1 TWEEZERMAN / HUDA BEAUTY TWEEZER KIT [I do not travel w/o this- it is small enough to easily leave in my makeup bag so it goes with me everywhere!]

#2 YSL MATTE LIPSTAIN [did a full review on this HERE – it is amazing- my favorite red shade is from this line!]

#3 CANE & AUSTIN PADS [These are incredible if you have any issues with pores, acne, texture, etc.]

#4 IGK FIRST CLASS DRY SHAMPOO [I did a post HERE when I discovered it & did a video tutorial over on my IGTV that you can still watch!]

#5 KHIELS MIDNIGHT RECOVERY EYE [I use this as my night eye cream lately – I love this brand and I find that their products are all extremely powerful! The Midnight Recovery Oil is amazing as well if you are needing an extra boost in hydration this winter!]

#6 SOL JANEIRO BRONZE OIL [I have posted ab this 1.2 million times – read how I use it HERE – trust me this is a must! If you show any skin this holiday season w/off shoulder tops, fancy dresses, etc – you will want this!]

#7 KERASTASE VIP [Really good as a texture powder + a dry shampoo – I’ve been consistently using this for 3 years!]

#8 KENDI OIL [I did a hair routine on my IG and everyone asked about the oil I use for shine, smoothness, frizz and it is this one! I go through a bottle every 2 months bc I use it so often.]

#9 SMASHBOX ALWAYS ON MATTE LIP STAIN [I did a full review on this HERE – it is amazing – ‘Fair Game’ is a favorite nude of mine!]

#10 FARSALI SKINTUNE [I got this a month ago or so because it was said to blur pores and I love the idea of it! I use it daily to smooth out texture. I also used this on my sister who has dry skin by mixing it with a foundation and it made her skin look unreal!]

#11 CT OVERNIGHT MASK [This is a product I always go back to – and my mom can not live without it! I got everyone around me hooked on it and it is really amazing during the winter!]

#12 LANCOME FACE MASK [I am all about masks – I get these when they are on sale at Sephora since they are pricy – but amazing when you skin need a boost!]

#13 JADE ROLLER / QUARTZ ROLLER [I have shown on IG stories how I use this and always get messages! I use the Jade one and I keep it in the freezer so that it is super cold when I use it. There are SO many benefits but I will do a full post about that later!]


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8 thoughts on “Sephora 20% Off – My Repurchases

  1. Quick question: do you keep thE #1 set in the bag you take on the plane or do you put that in your luggage since it has scissors? Thanks

    1. Yes I always leave it in my makeup bag which is w/me on the plane and going through TSA. I have never been stopped and I’ve probably been on over 100+ flights in 3 years w/it! Its very small though!

  2. i always love reading ur makeup/beauty posts…they give me a reminder of what i should buy or try to look for dupes at the drugstore!

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