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Bold, Green Spring Style☀️?


TOP: BB Dakota [wearing medium to cover bump – this is not maternity!] | MATERNITY SHORTS: DL1961 [if I weren’t expecting, I’d be wearing THESE though- so so cute!] | WEDGES: Steve Madden [love THIS pair – contemplating purchasing them!] | SUNGLASSES: Gucci [obsessed] | EARRINGS: Jenny Bird | HANDBAG: Fendi | WATCH: Rolex [amazing dupe option HERE] | LIPS: ‘Whirl‘ + ‘KIM KW‘ + ‘No Color’ Gloss

I had a top like this in black a couple of years ago and got SO much wear out of it! I saw this green version w/the ruffle [also comes in black!] recently and had to have it since I wore the black version so much! I figure since its nice & loose I can wear it until baby Girl comes and then during the ‘fourth trimester’ as well. 😉

Speaking of BGG, I went to check in on her this AM. She is nice & chunky & comfy! She is looking like she will be big like bro – I had a feeling this would happen based on how I feel the last month or so. It already feels like she’s running out of room! We have NO good photos of her – she hides!!! Luke always showed his face so we have tons of cute little US photos of him but this chick is like ‘no photos plz!’ LOL. During the appointment I was watching her closely on the screen and got a good look at her nose and lips and she was moving her mouth non stop which was sooo so sweet & adorable! ??

Speaking of her [I need to do an updated Bumpdate post!], I have not had the time or energy to work on nursery or even her closet.? I don’t get much free time and it kind of hit me as we were flying home from the Bahamas.. I was like “John, I have not done anything to prep for her room!” & he’s like oh well, she will be with us the first few months anyway. Totally accurate – but I did use that free time in the airport to place some orders for new clothing for her! I got a lot of it from HERE. Everyone says this happens with the second baby & I believe it. I think if I were not so distracted with the new house I would more on top of it. I did get her crib ordered last week and already took it to the new house! ? So she officially does have a crib, yay!

Okay, I’ll wrap this up here. I can work on a dedicated Bumpdate post soon – leave your comments or questions below!!



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2 thoughts on “Bold, Green Spring Style☀️?

  1. Boy you have a lot going on – new baby new house! I would love an update on how the house is coming, when you have a chance

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