The BEST Drugstore Makeup 2021 | Trying Out Trending Tik Tok Makeup

Best Drugstore Makeup by popular US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing: side by side image of a Emily Gemma with and without a full face of makeup.


I have tried countless amounts of makeup over the last few years and if you read my blog frequently, you know I’m pretty firm about ‘getting what your pay for’ – for the most part. I try to update my blog at least quarterly with the best of the best drugstore makeup finds. Well, today is probably one of my top FAVORITE posts to be writing because I am so thrilled to share a few of my latest affordable makeup finds. Honestly, I spent 2 hours in the beauty section of Walmart the other night after watching Tik Toks & YouTube videos about amazing drugstore products. I think I ended up spending about $150 but I had a basket full of drug store products I have been trying over the past few months. Anyway, combining it all, I did my makeup from start to finish with all products from Walmart! When I was done, I was floored  – like to the point where I ran to show John my makeup and asked him what he thought and he was like “oh it looks the same as usual, why?!” LOL, typical guy but he does tend to notice if something looks dry or crazy ya know?! Anyway, I’ll stop talking and share all of the details below.

Best Drugstore Makeup by popular US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing: collage image of Emily Gemma applying drugstore makeup.


wet n wild Perfect Pout Lip Mask | Lip sleeping mask – I wear it while I do my skincare and makeup to prep my lips for lipstick! Great dupe option to the Laneige Sleep Mask.

NYX The Marshmellow Primer | This is a Tik Tok trending item – that is where I started hearing about the marshmallow hype, really. A few brands have introduced ‘marshmallow’ items recently so I was intrigued. I had to hunt this down though – I actually heard that its hard to find in stores since it went viral on Tik Tok! [So if you are wanting it – order from Walmart and you get it super fast!] Anyway, its a 10-in-1 product – that is what it claims anyway. Claims to be hydrating, smoothing, blurring, etc. Basically all of my favorite buzz words for skincare & makeup.😊 I’ll be frank, I have noticed that many of the viral or trending products on Tik Tok are sort of a hoax but in this case, I get it. I will be using this when I do my makeup regularly- it is that good. Now, I was also use a new foundation as well so who knows if this was a make or break item but I will definitely be using it regularly since my makeup look particularly good when I used this!

e.l.f. Putty Primer | An old holy grail favorite. Its been mentioned so many times so I won’t go into detail but it is a game changer for me and my textured skin!

Revlon Matte Foundation [Shade: ‘Natural Tan’] w/ Flower Beauty Foundation Brush | Wow. Both products linked get 🌟🌟🌟🌟 from me. You guys have seen me use this brush a million times – I literally only apply foundation with this brush bc it is that good. [Better than my Sigma F80]. Anyway, I also purchased this Revlon Matte Foundation  and it is seriously a rival to the NARS one I have been swearing by the last several months which is a huge statement for me to say really. I can’t even believe it. I find that drugstore foundations are either really bad or pretty darn good and this one is good. Matte. Full coverage in one single pump. Wore beautifully. I had it on late at night because I was up working and cleaning and wanted to really test it out. Now, I do think in terms of foundation- you get what you pay for – especially if you have ‘bad’ skin and this is a product that I feel like I could wear day to day if I didn’t have any other options. There are only 2 other drugstore foundations that I swear by!

 e.l.f. Eyeshadow Palette | [Shade: ‘Cream & Sugar’] A trendy TT product because its so affordable and also smalll! I used the shimmery shade to highlight my brow bone and inner corner! The dark shade in the crease of my lid.

e.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer | [Shade: ‘Fair Warm’] This is a huge, huge TT viral product and honestly it was a fail. Now, its fine – but it is not any better than any other drug store concealer. 😩😩 I have tried both the regular formula and the hydrating and neither impressed me.

e.l.f. Camo Concealer Sponge | Holy. Cow. Wow. Seriously, wow. I use a sponge to do so many steps of makeup and I am SOOO seriously picky. Like, brands send me sponges monthly and none really compare to the Fenty one or the Tarte one – but mamaaaaa!! This sponge is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. In fact, I can’t even believe how good it is.

Physicians Formula Contour Stick | [Shade: ‘Mocha’] Used this to contour.  Its ‘okay’ – not like over the top insane but not cheap looking or feeling!

Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ Setting Powder | [Shade: ‘Fair’] An old holy grail drug store powder – so I won’t even go into detail but this is one of the best.

NYX Professional The Brow Glue | HIGHLY recommend if you like or need to tame your brows or get the laminated look!

NYX Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pencil | [Shade: ‘Chocolate’] So I just randomly got this when it first came out because I was intrigued but OMG! It is actually amazing and very functional. I love the fluffing tool on the end! It is a very similar concept to what Fenty Beauty released just recently and I am a fan!

wet n wild Color Icon Bronzer | [Shade: ‘What Shady Beaches’] Okay, wow. I have tried so many bronzers from the drugstore and TBH – none impress me a lot. Like, bronzers in general never really impress me but when I found this I was shocked. It is SO good and the color actually worked for me!

Loreal Paris Blush Please | [Shade: ‘Blushin In Riviera’] Ahh, a dupe for NARS ‘Orgasm’ but its just okay.  I did use a favorite, Honest Beauty ‘Peony Pink’with it to give it a little more life and I love that cream blush.

wet n wild Highlighter | [Shade: ‘Hustle n’ Glow’] I actually really like this highlighter – but this shade is new to me and I didn’t love the shade.

Revlon Big Bad Lash | [Shade: ‘Blackest Black’] Very good!

NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Eyeliner   [LOVE this stuff – easily one of the best liquid eyeliners out there!] If you know, you know. I have raved ab this a ton so I won’t go into detail but its so good!

Covergirl Simply Ageless | [Shade: ‘200 Fair Ivory’] I used this as my blur powder at the end – it is good. It has Vit C and HA in it which is so nice! + MICA to help with blurring.

NYX Professional Makeup Slide On Lip Pencil | [Shade: ‘Need Me’] *THIS COMBO* The whole combo – wow. Wow. I applied it and literally said “woah it looked like I got lip filler!!” Seriously sooooo good!! The liner with the lipstick and gloss below is ✨✨🌟🌟!

Maybelline Cream Finish Lipstick  | [Shade: ‘Nude Lust’] This lipstick has a super creamy finish, it is formulated with shea butter so it feels super hydrating while still looking highly pigmented. [This is a great dupe for the CT Kim KW lipstick!]

Maybelline Lifter Lip Gloss  | [Shade: ‘Stone’] So this is a new gloss on the scene and it is REALLY striking in my opinion. I am wearing it in the photos above and I need to address first that I do not love love the shade I have on – I wish I had done a more nude or clear gloss. The formula is amazing however as it is full of Hyaluronic Acid so its going to help draw water to your lips thus keeping your lips hydrated and juicy. It is not sticky or thick at all which is great terms of a good gloss. You don’t want your gloss to be too thick – instead it is smooth & just super shiny. [This is a great dupe for the Fenty Gloss Bombs!]

NYX Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish | [Shade: ‘Sparkling Please’] Super pretty!

P.S. I also go this Water Bottle and it was only $2! I have been trying to stay hydrated lately [it helps your skin look hydrated, too] and this bottle is so helpful!

Also, have had so many questions about teeth whitening- I swear by this Whitening Mouthwash– I use it every day.

What do you think are the best drugstore makeup products lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post. 

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17 thoughts on “The BEST Drugstore Makeup 2021 | Trying Out Trending Tik Tok Makeup

  1. It looks the same as usual 😂 yea I get the same response when I try new makeup! Love the recommendations definitely going to try that lip mask, lip liner and bronzer! Thank you!

  2. You’ve got to try the maybelline sky high mascara “blackest black”. Serious game changer for drugstore mascara!!!! I usually wear it cosmetics superhero mascara or Marc Jacob’s but this maybelline one I use more often then my name brand!!!

  3. I love this post as I have been trying out drug store brands as well. I have found the Flower line is amazing! The bronzer is awesome and I get so many compliments when I have it on!

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