Answering Commonly Asked Travel Questions

‘CHA sweatshirt’ (love it bc it looks like Chanel! 🙂 ) | NIKE Sweats | UGG Houseshoes (wish I had THESE tho)


  • DVF LUGGAGE | 3 PC. Set via GILT on sale for $199! Available in 7 colors – mine is the shade ‘Lavender’ but I kind of wish I had ordered the pink instead! I also have the 28” spinner in ‘Black’. To give you an idea of how good of an idea this is – my single 28” spinner was $135 (before tax/shipping) — and this 3 PC set (you get the 28” spinner, the 24” spinner, & the 18” carry-on) for $199 – w/tax and shipping for me it was around $230 total and I received it in the mail about 5 days after ordering! John is pretty tough on me about luggage because when I first started blogging and traveling quite a bit, I would buy cheap luggage just because I’d prefer to spend my money on a handbag (duh, lol!) and then I’d ended up having the luggage fall apart in the middle of the airport (insert me having to buy an overpriced piece of luggage in the airport to cram my things into!). I quickly learned that it is not a bad idea to spend a little extra better quality luggage so it last longer! I have been really happy with my 28” DVF Spinner – I’ve had it for ab 2 years now and it’s gone w/us to Paris, London, Paris (again), Bahamas, Maui, etc. – we take it on every trip because the size is perfect for a gal like me — [aka a girl who likes to pack 35 outfits for a 4 day trip!] 😛 Now, the down side to the lavender is that the scratches show it on it more-so than the black!
  • For a FULL blog post w/ ALL of my tips for traveling w/baby click HERE.
  • Just a tip, but if you are ever looking for a certain outfit from a certain trip – just use the ‘TRAVEL’ tab up top and under ‘CATEGORIES’ click the City! OR… if you don’t know the city, just use the ‘Search’ tool. If you are on a mobile device, it is in the upper, right corner (looks like magnifying glass) or if you are on a computer it is going to be in upper, left corner. I actually have a whole category dedicated to ‘TRAVEL FASHION’ because my #AirportOOTDs are very popular.
  • Luke’s navy/green nylon travel bags are HERE. They come in a set of 3 & are seriously ideal for travel w/kids! I am really weird about staying organized while we travel so I like for certain things to be in certain spots. Okay, I think maybe this is a mild form of OCD? Idk. But whatever it is – I am on the struggle bus.
  • This commuter/weekend garment bag is IDEAL for men who travel a lot for work! In all honesty, this site has one of the best travel sections w/really cool, functional products. Even if you need to get a friend a gift and they have “everything” – I bet you could find them something on here!
  • I’ve done several posts on how I pack certain items – I get asked ALL the time how I travel w/hats! There’s a post on that HERE & HERE.
  • I also get asked literally on a daily basis “what size Neverfull is your favorite?” – my answer — 100% the GM. I have never owned the PM. But years ago, I purchased 2 of the MMs (Monogram & Damier ebene.) I have been carrying the Neverfull for YEARS – it has always been a staple bag for me & my blog – I know many of you have them and can easily re-create my looks w/them! Well, I finally caved in 2016 and got the Damier Azur Neverfull GM — and the minute I tried it on I knew the GM was the best. Initially, it does look HUGE – like woah, who needs a bag that big. But I promise – it is reasonable. #1) If you travel, you will be SO glad you have the GM – it holds EVERYTHING. AND if you have a baby— jeez louise you will really be glad you had the GM. #2) The sides are easily cinched in which brings it right down to the MM size — so you have a 2 – in – 1. #3) Though I am taller (5’6), I find that the GM is most flattering on everyone! All of my friends have gotten the GM the past year – my BFF Savanah is short and very petite and carries it -almost all the time and it looks perfect on her! My sister is taller than me, but my size and the GM is perfect on her. I just find that the GM is worth it because you can [tastefully] cinch it down and make it smaller OR you can use it for travel or baby or business! [Full blog post w/ comparison on sizing HERE!] My mom has always wanted a Neverfull & I still have my MM in the Damier Ebene (which is the brown checkered!). In fact that bag is in literally perfect condition. I made the switch to the GM right after I got it so I never carried it much. Anyway, she has helped me so much this summer w/Luke & work so I told her I would get her a Neverfull and she told me she wanted my Damier Ebene MM since it was basically brand new. [I’ll add a snapchat of her carrying it today so you all can see how it looks on her – she is shorter and way more petite than me.] She says she really likes the size but I do think she would prefer the GM over it if she ever tried it.
  • I get a lot of questions about our traveling with Luke & I felt compelled to touch on that a little bit. Growing up, my family didn’t travel much. Both of my parents are in education & our family is heavily involved in sports (obviously not me haha – my bro!) so we were always on a busy schedule. Not even gonna lie – my dad loathes planes! LOATHES them. To this very day – he tries to talk John and I out of traveling so much, lol!  Anyway, when John and I started dating seriously — I was in graduate school and he was in his first year of medical school. (For more understanding of everything read THIS post!) I’m a small town Arkansas girl who is VERY close w/my family – my family is TIGHT. I have a older brother & sister — both of which are married and their spouses are literally like blood to me. Anyway, I remember when I moved from Arkansas to Virginia (14 hours away) to be w/John during the rest of his medical school years I was SO nervous. I’ll be 100% honest – I was completely out of my comfort zone. John was ‘the one’ (hehe) and my family knew he was ‘the one’ so they said “Emmy, you have to do it – it would be really hard on John to have a long distance relationship during medical school – you all can move closer for residency if you want to.” So I took the plunge (after John invited me of course!) and I moved to Virginia. During medical school, we moved probably 20 times-  no joke. John wanted to do a a ton of audition rotations so we would be in Blacksburg, Virginia one month, Little Rock, AR the next month, & Charlotte, NC the next month. It was definitely challenging but honestly it was one of the best years of our lives! There’s something so enriching about getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, learning new cultures, understanding different lifestyles, etc. We really didn’t have much back then – but gosh, I would not change any of it for anything because it opened my eyes up SO much. I say all of this to say that I want to travel w/Luke and for him to be able to appreciate & respect all different cultures & people/ways of life – THIS article is SO good – like so good. My sister is 8 years older than me (aka wiser!) and she made a comment the other day about having “memories over mansions” and I really liked that phrase. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a huge family so I do wish I had a house that held all of them! BUT, the point is having fun memories & traveling/learning/etc. also holds an important place with John and me. OKAY – all of that to say that – yes, it can be a hassle traveling w/a baby but from what we’ve experienced thus far – if you start early enough and teach them – it isn’t bad at all. We started taking Luke on road trips at 3 weeks? old – and now that he is 4mos old he has been to two countries and a few states and we have not had any ‘nightmare’ trips YET. (knock on wood!) I’m sure we will – it is bound to happen!
  • Sidenote – I get a lot of his little travel outfits on Etsy! Elle brought him the I LOVE NY one when we met up w/us in LA. Technically Luke has not been to NYC! I went for FW last September (and I was so sick and tired I barely left my room!!!!!) and then we took my mom for her b-day in December so he has only been in utero! 🙂 I really wanna take him to the city but John and I don’t like to go when it is super busy… lol soooooo!! That’s gonna be tough!

Anyway, just wanted to answer a few commonly asked questions!! We aren’t going anywhere – I took these before we went to Canada and wanted to share them! <3

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16 thoughts on “Answering Commonly Asked Travel Questions

  1. yes to traveling with babies and yes to doing in in style! My husband is active duty and can never travel but I have taken my 2 year old (then 1) to several european countries alone and even though he will not remember it is worth it. Now i travel alone with a 2 year old and 3 month old. it takes practice and its not fun 100% of the time but i love it!

    And the GM is perfect for a baby bag. The trick to doing it alone is pack light on the plane and luggage shipping has been great. Oh, and flying at times that give you the greatest chance for success (we are taking a 9pm red eye from SFO to boston next week and the boys better sleep!)

  2. i love this post! I think as first time mom’s we are all sketchy about doing anything with the babies that may cause more stress than much needed relax time. Lol I started taking my daughter to disneyland in utero and the first time she went was at 3 months after she was born. it is a lot of work and organization but i think that with theme parks you kind of just have to go with the flow when it comes to touring the park with a baby. I brought my mother and father along so they were a big help. our first big trip was to nicaragua and costa rica when she was 2 years old. I had to travel back to the states alone with her on a plane. she wanted to be running up and down the isles ….. but we made it ok. wearing baby is always helpful when traveling, and i did do that for shorter trips in the states. i can’t agree with your sister more!! I am planning to buy a “tiny house” so that i can bring our home with us on some of the “road trips” like to yosemite and so on. life is about the moments that take our breath away! live in the now and always make it matter!! thanks for sharing babe xoxox


  4. What a great blog post! I appreciate you being so open About your personal life. I completely agree about traveling with kids When they’re little. My dughter is now 12 and we’ve always taken her all over the worLd!
    Def mEmories over mansions. Love your blog and your baby is adorbs! God bless

  5. HI there! Have you ever used the 24 in as a carry on? We usually only ever carry on and my current suitcase is 21 in ( and it expands) usally stuffed to the brim but it fits overhead! I also bring my neverfull GM!

  6. I love your style. It is so me. You seem Like such sweet person. I am from SPRINGdale Arkansas. Which town are you from?

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