HAIR HACK??‍♀️ Super Easy Volumizing / Drying Hair Product [Drug Store Brand]

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 [EASY] BLOW OUT AT HOME?!?!?!??‍♀️?

Okay, I will be transparent…  I literally dread washing and blow drying my hair!? I basically build it into our family’s schedule in a way if I’m being super honest. If you are new here, I have extensions [read post ab them HERE] but I have very thick hair even without the extensions so my entire life I have always dreaded the washing and drying process. I did Accutane about 3 years ago and that did help with reducing oil production tremendously! I went from washing every day or every other day to usually once per week. [PS. I did Accutane bc I had insane cystic acne that had ruined my skin – it was awful – I didn’t do it for the oil production reasons but it was a nice perk.]

Anyway, now that my hair is double the thickness with extensions it is really a process when it comes to washing + drying. [I will say this, I love my hair extensions because once I curl them – they stay for like 5 days so I essentially don’t have to fix my hair for about 5 days which is amazing as full time working // mama.] Anywhoooooo! A few weeks ago my girlfriend Hillary [not a blogger] posted on her IG stories about this hot brush and I knew instantly I needed to order because when Hillary raves about something – you listen. She does not hype anything up unless it is legit. Hillary also has very thick, lush hair and when she said it was a volumizer / dryer and it worked for her I knew it was the real deal. ? She also posted that people at her office were commenting how good her hair looked the day that she used it – her hair always looks phenomenal so I knew that was a big deal.

I placed the order and I’ll be upfront… I was skeptical. I have tried these types of tools for the last 15 years. As I said before, I’ve had long, thick hair since childhood. My mom would dry my hair after my baths growing up and use a round brush while she dried it because my hair was so thick. Once I got into high school and college I would see tools similar to this at Wal-Mart or wherever and splurge in hopes of it working and I never had much luck – granted thats been like 10+ years ago. Everything has evolved so much!


So, I wash my hair at night right before I go to bed. I’ve done this ever since I got extensions because if I sleep with it in a bun wet – when I wake up it is usually still half way damp and I can dry it and get it under control. NOW! Important!‼️ I use THESE to keep my hair in the bun while I sleep! These are KEY to not damaging your hair or leaving it crinkled! They are SO good and I highly recommend anything this brand. I use their pillowcases as well.  Typically I wake up and blow dry my hair and then style it. However, when I first used this I woke up and did my workout first thing. Not the best decision BUT it gave me a good opportunity to really test this brush out on my hair when it was at its worst! I use THESE ponytail holders when I work out. They are the only ones that really hold my hair up and don’t fall or let my hair come loose while I work out. So by the time I was done working out, had body showered, and took my hair out of the tight ponytail – my hair was a crinkly, frizzy mess and was dry on the ends but still damp near my extension bases and the under part of my hair. It looked horrific! I was thinking there was no way that this thing would help, lol – it was just that bad! SO, I brushed my hair to get it tangle free and sectioned it off and turned the brush on for the first time and INSTANTLY was like ???????????. We were shooting some projects and we had a timeline and I literally stopped what I was doing and told John we needed to change up the plans! I wanted to take before and after photos to show you all and also film myself using this – which will be on my IG stories later today!

Here are my thoughts on this… if you have thick hair – you will love this. If you have thin hair, you will love this. If you have extensions – you will love this! Ha! [This is not sponsored!] I just seriously love this. I will say this – I would never use it when my hair is full of water and soaking wet. I find that my hair is hard to dry when it is full of water anyway. It is great for finishing up you hair drying and kind of giving that blow out effect. It is great for creating volume at the top of your head. It is great for smoothing out ends. It is great for smoothing wavy hair – which my hair has wave at the base and near the extension area now that I’ve had babies.

The hot air brush itself is INSANELY user friendly. This is key?. I find that its really hard to give yourself a blow out and some tools like this are just hard to use. This one has a suction to it – so it basically grips the hair so that you can do it one handed. It makes it go by so fast and honestly – it makes me look forward to drying my hair! When you watch the video I put on my IG you will likely understand what I mean ab the suction. Its like it hangs onto your hair for your so that you can keep it in place – ya know?!

I did not use a straightener or anything. Just used this and then smoothed some oil over my ends when I was done.

Since this was a last minute random thing I was trying – I can make some recommendations moving forward…

First of all, if you like a lot of volume at the top of your hair – spray in your favorite volumizing mousse product [while hair is damp] before – that will make a HUGE difference in really amping up the big hair! ??‍♀️ [I like THIS mousse a lot.] Secondly, if you have frizzy hair OR you just want extra shine and smoother looking hair in general use this brush AND this spray! I’ve blogged all ab this before bc it is so incredible. I won’t go into details but my mom has kind of frizzy almost wavy hair and it gets wild if it rains or the weather is weird and I recommended that she try it out and she couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. You just blow out with it every 4-5 washes and it keeps your hair from being as crazy. I find that it makes mine smoother and shinier. I didn’t use it while breastfeeding however so I have not used it in quite sometime but I’m officially done nursing so the next wash – I will use this because it is a game changer. I am thinking this spray + root pump mousse + the hot air brush will be a monthly routine for an at-home blow out!


revlon one step dryer volumizer hot air brush, emily ann gemma, beauty hair blogger, the sweetest thing

Sectioned into 2 sections… here’s the lower section which is way harder to dry because it stays wet longer and gets wavy and crinkly from extension wefts.

revlon one step dryer volumizer hot air brush, emily ann gemma, beauty hair blogger, the sweetest thing

The top half– I brushed it out and tried to get it smooth looking before even using the tool!

revlon one step dryer volumizer hot air brush, emily ann gemma, beauty hair blogger, the sweetest thing

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6 thoughts on “HAIR HACK??‍♀️ Super Easy Volumizing / Drying Hair Product [Drug Store Brand]

  1. I’ve been using this since last summer and i included it in my favorites post for last june bc it’s so good! haven’t used anything else since to style my hair. super user FRIENDLY. the bumble and bumble volume mouse looks great I might have to pick that up.

  2. I also have lots of long, thick hair and this dryer was a game changer about 18 months ago! It is the best and gives me the smoothest, least frizz hair I’ve ever had!

  3. have you ever tried the dyson airwrap? people rave about it too and i’m curious how they compare since you can use different attachments with the dyson. i know it’s $$$ tho.

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