Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing Blog shares her most frequestly asked questions. What is her favorite concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, curling iron, lip combo, Chanel wallet and phone case, Coco's skincare routine, Christmas decor, men's gift ideas, kids gift ideas. | Blogger Faqs: The Questions You All Ask The Most!🤷🏻‍♀️ by popular Oklahoma fashion and beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing: image of a mom holding her baby.
Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing Blog shares her most frequestly asked questions. What is her favorite concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, curling iron, lip combo, Chanel wallet and phone case, Coco’s skincare routine, Christmas decor, men’s gift ideas, kids gift ideas.

Hello! Yesterday over on my IG stories I posted a little sticker asking you all if there was something you’d like to see covered on my stories since I skipped posting on my blog and OH MY WORD! There were thousands of requests and nearly 75% of them are already answered here on my blog! SO I thought it would be fun to pull together the most commonly asked questions I am getting and get them answered HERE👇🏼 in one spot. I will also be doing some stories on this as well! Hope you enjoy these blogger faqs!

Blogger Faqs to Your Most Asked Questions

#1. What concealer / foundation / powder / bronzer / etc. do you wear?! 

So I do beauty posts WEEKLY now!🙌🏻 Sometimes 1-2x per week since these questions are asked so often. I always keep a post with my full routine here on my blog so if you are ever curious just visit the beauty tab! THIS POST  is my most recent makeup routine post and it includes ALL of the details! It literally goes step by step with every product I use, the order I use it, and how I do it. [I have changed my lip combo but that is in another question seen below!]

#2. What curling iron do you use?!

I have been using the same curling iron for 4 years now! 😱🙈 It is so good and I highly recommend! Anytime someone borrows it or uses it they always get it! I mainly use the 1″ or 1.25″ barrel w/clamp or the 1″ wand. I am always changing it up though! THIS POST is still very up to date and answers questions regarding my shampoo, conditioner, and all things hair related! I do a *Best Of* series each year so you can always read those posts if you want to find anything – even like – my favorite leggings while pregnant, lol! Also – if I had to pick just ONE curling iron to buy it would be THIS one because it works for me and my mom and my sister! We all have different lengths of hair and we all use this one!

#3. What lip combo are you wearing?!

Literally get asked this on the DAILY!💄 And the last 4 weeks or so I have worn the same combo almost every day! If you are ever curious about my lip combo I always have it linked in the details of my blog posts – so if I don’t see your message you can check here in recent outfit posts and I have it linked with the shade names for each product! SO in my stories today I am showing you all how I apply my liner, lipstick, and gloss and those products are: ‘Iconic Nude‘ + ‘Kim KW‘ + ‘Crystalline‘ This combo looks amazing on my mom and sister as well who are more fair and have blonde hair – I feel like it looks good on everyone – the perfect nude lip!

#4. What is that Chanel wallet / phone case you just got in Boston? Can it fit a Max?

While in Boston I did a story showing you all this little wallet / phone case and oh my word! It is genius. Watch my stories today to see how I use it! I have the iPhone 11 Pro [not Max] and it barely fits into the little spot so I do not think a Max will fit – esp if it has a case on it. [I found 2 used HERE.]

#5. What is Coco’s skincare routine? What laser did she do?

I will be adding a video to my IG stories sharing ALL of this so you can hear more in depth so make sure you visit my stories today because they do expire in 24HRS. So I got my mom a package of 6 Viora Laser Treatments for her birthday! Viora is amazing! It has a few different tools on it but she did the one on her face and neck that just helps tighten skin. By the 3rd visit her skin was already SOOO good! Like! Oh my gosh!! She is 60 – well! She will be later this month, lol! But this laser helped her skin so much. If you living in Tulsa or anywhere nearby you should go and see Andrea at Hobbs Salon

& Spa. Andrea has helped change my skin over the past few years. I had horrific acne scarring and dark spots and shes been patient and helped me so much. She is who told me about the Viora laser. [They are doing big holiday promos right now so book asap!] My mom also is following my skincare routine as well! I’m a skincare junkie and I think if you want to spend money on anything it should be good skincare. A gentle cleanser is important and also double cleansing [read about that HERE.] Using a Vitamin C each AM is essential – we use THIS ONE. [‼️Be warned: good skincare products are not cheap. You do not need expensive cleansers but you do need certain products if you want to see change & often times you get what you pay for! I personally would rather spend my money on good skincare instead of eating a nice dinner or buying a pair of new shoes.]  Okay, moving on! My mom and I both use a Hyaluronic Acid after the C E Feulic – and yes there is a correct order to apply products! I can break that down in a separate post though. Using a HA is something I notice that many people are not doing and it it is a big mistake. You naturally produce HA but as you get older that production slows — and that is what helps keep your skin plump. Applying an HA helps draw in moisture – so if you use it before your moisturizer it helps it to actually sink in and ‘go to work’, lol. I take THESE vitamins every morning as well. I have tried many different topical HAs- some $ and some $$$$$ but THIS one is what I always come back to and it is mid-range price point. My mom has been using THIS moisturizer the last few days because she upped her Retinol and is flaky and I use this moisturizer and it helps both of us dramatically. I do love my La Mer & Elemis moisturizers as well but I find that this one is great for SUPER parched skin. As for night time, we both swear by THIS – it makes you wake up with legit glowy skin! Andrea at Hobbs Salon gave me a bottle and I flew through it – it is so good! However, I still swear by THIS pore treatment – I use it 3 nights a week because it helps make my pores look tiny and THEY ARE NOT TINY! My mom does not use this – yet. 🙈 I just got her started on Retinol a couple of months back – we both use THIS one. And lastly, the product my mom can not live without is something she tried back when I was pregnant with Luke and had horrible skin issues! I have raved about it a ton over the years because it truly plumps and softens your skin – it is amazing. Before I link it – I will warn you that it not super easy to sleep in – like – it is a bit sticky. However! it is 100% worth it and we both use it – especially my mom since she is crazy dry! It is THIS night cream & no one really talks about it – but it is magical. My mom uses it nightly so she goes through it more often than I do but even if you use it 1-2x per week you will find that your skin is not nearly as dry and it is way more plump.

#6. Where is your headband from?! 

I saw these headbands on @ShaliceNoel and about died! I wear headbands a ton since having Sophia and I love Fendi so I was sold. Fendi does not make these headbands – it is just a fabric that looks like Fendi wrapped around a plastic headband. *Just a heads up these were pulled from Amazon- so they are no longer available.*

#7. Where are your Christmas tree ribbons / ornaments / etc. from?

I will do a post soon featuring all of them but 90% of the decor on my tress is from ShopHelloHolidays.com – and my sister has tutorials over on her Instagram – @shophelloholidays. I am bad at actually decorating the tree – the only thing I can do is pick out what materials / prints I want on my tree for my ‘theme’. You can see past Christmas trees HERE and HERE and whimsical HERE. The actual trees are from everywhere! We have a couple from Target, Walmart, and At Home! We currently have 6 trees in the new house. [PS. Luke’s tree is HERE.]


I will do a gift guide for men soon! But the last few years I have done them- many items are the same! And they have been big hits so check those posts out HERE & HERE & HERE.


I get lots of questions about what to get kids / babies / toddlers for learning and as gifts and I will do a full post soon. HERE is last years post and we always buy Luke things that help him learn. I do many LTK posts showing what we use for Luke’s learning as well! Check out my recent gift guide for all things baby toys HERE or shop below!

Which of these blogger faqs was your favorite? Share in a comment below!

My earrings are Dior – I have 4 sets and I just mix & match them! I got the initial one in Paris a couple of weeks back but they should be in the states soon! Europe just gets things sooner. My top is HERE. Sophie’s PJs are HERE.


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  1. What type of pore cleansing face mask do you recommend? I have tried searching all of your skin care posts, but only see hydrating masks listed. Thanks!