15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

15 SEPHORA SALE MUST-HAVES featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

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Ahhh!‼️ Each spring Sephora does a huge promotion for their shoppers [only done twice per year] and I literally wait for it! Its the time to stock up on your favorites, try new things, or just buy the things you have had your eye on. Depending on where you on in their Beauty Insider Tier, you can get up to 20% off of your entire purchase during their Spring Savings Event.

Here’s how it works: Rouge members get 20% off 4/17-5/1, VIB members get 15% off  4/21-4/29 and Insider members get 10% off 4/23-4/27. Use code SPRINGSAVE to redeem online, and just a heads up that the code can be used multiple times! I do a Sephora Haul usually 1x a month [if not more] & I always write in each of those posts to make sure you become a part of their Beauty Insider club because it is not only free, but it gets you deluxe samples, birthday gifts, AND qualifies you for this promotion. [If you are not a Beauty Insider, it is not too late. Join now to get access to the Springs Savings Event.]

 Since we can’t go shopping in the physical store this year, all of the deals are available online only. In order to make this easier & a little less overwhelming, I decided I’d start by gathering the products that have become my “Holy Grail” & that my audience has loved the most. As I said before, I do a Sephora Haul monthly and recap what I’ve loved – so I have plenty of recent Sephora posts that have my favorites & I will link those below if you want to browse those before making your purchases. Todays blog post however will just be more or less a ‘favorites’ posts including things that I always re-purchase, things that I swear by, & things that my audience has loved based on my recommendations.








# 1 FARSALI SETTING SPRAY || This spray was actually in last April’s big Sephora Event post but I’m re-mentioning because it truly is *INSANELY AMAZING*. I am talking, I have to spray this at the end of makeup application because it just totally changes the entire look. It softens your makeup, melts it together, keeps you from looking dry/cakey, etc. It’s not cheap but I have had to repurchase multiple times because if I try to skip it, my makeup never looks as good. I have had readers e-mail me and tell me they got it & didn’t know how they ever lived without it!

#2 TOM FORD LUXE LIP GLOSS || This gloss became a ‘holy grail’ product for me back in October and I can’t get away from it! I have 3 glosses that I think are ‘the best’ and this is the one I wear the most. I use the shade ‘Crystalline’ & it’s the perfect color for any nude / light pink lip combo. I wear this probably 90% of the time. In fact, I did a video on my IG stories once – applying my favorite lip liner, lipstick, & this gloss and all but the lipstick sold out that night! Once it restocked, I actually bought a few backups of the gloss! The other two glosses are in many of my Sephora Hauls but they if you want them quickly they are HERE & HERE.

#3 CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIPSTICK || Since I just touched on my favorite lipglosses^ above, I thought I’d quickly share the nude lip combo that I wore a majority of the last year! My all time FAVORITE lipstick – ever is THIS ONE in shade ‘Kim KW’ & I wear it with the  CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIP CHEAT LIP LINER in shade ‘Iconic Nude’. I try lipsticks often – like – super often and nothing has ever beat this lipstick for me. The color is amazing and flattering and can be changed and switched up with other shades of liners & gloss! For example, if you want it to pull more pink you can try a gloss or lip liner that has a pink tone and it adapts beautifully.

#4 LILAH B. AGLOW PRIMING OIL || Another product I have mentioned a lot – but more recently is this  LILAH B. AGLOW PRIMING OIL  and holy cow it is so good. I actually just started on my second bottle. You can use it underneath makeup or by itself. I was worried about the ‘oil’ idea but it absorbs really well and doesn’t feel or look greasy. It helps to improve the appearance of skin firmness, texture, and tone for a fresh-faced glow. I apply it before makeup and it just gets your skin in the perfect texture to put your makeup down. If you are dry at all, try this OR if you have issues with cakey makeup this also helps!

#5 BENEFIT’S HIGHLIGHTER COOKIE || 10/10 – this stuff is amazing! And yes, this was in last April’s big Sephora Savings blog post. I wear it daily and I get asked about it all of the time. My mom, sister, & anyone who is around me and sees me often has purchased this. My mom and sister both joke that this is the product that simply makes your prettier, lol! Highlighter tends to emphasize texture unfortunately but this one does quite the opposite. I actually just got THIS palette simply because it has a bronzer, a few blushes, AND the highlighter – plus it has a big mirror and a brush inside so it is easy to travel with AND if you like a simply routine this palette is an amazing deal!

#6 TARTE FOUNDCEALER MULTI-TASKING SPONGE || I started using this sponge awhile ago and I still swear by it. It is the one I use all the time (in all of my recent makeup routines) and keep several stocked – in case I run out- that would be an emergency, lol. I can’t do my makeup without this sponge. And while we are discussing beauty sponges, I keep a back stock in my cabinet of  THIS spray because its how I quickly clean my sponge each day before I use it. You can also use this on your brushes as well – and it is quick dry for brushes. PS. I also just tried THIS quick dry brush cleaner and its super good too! ‼️ Bonus info: these sprays are really good for other things as well – like wiping down your makeup bags and I use them to clean my vanity area bc its the only way to get any foundation off.

#7  NUDESTIX TINTED BLUR STICK || Ah, this product has become an absolute must for my makeup routine and it is super user friendly and easy to use. Its a cream contour stick and I’ve raved about it several times but I want to touch on it again because its worth every dime. One of the reasons I think so highly of this is because its a BLURRING stick. SO! When you apply this over your foundation in the spots where you want to contour – it goes on soft & creamy and blends in perfectly – not splotchy like many contour sticks do. It also smooths your skin in the area where you apply which is very unique for a product like this. I do run through it quickly but I am stocking up during this event. [SHADE IS MEDIUM7]

#8 MY GLITTER EYE COMBO || These are the glitter pigments I use on my lids Too Faced Peaches & Cream Crystal Whips Long Wearing Shimmering Eye Shadow Veil in shade ‘Pop The Bubbly’ and Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Top Coat in ‘Bronze’ – this gives a really pretty, sparkly but casual eye look. I get asked about this often and I try new palettes and eye products quite frequently and nothing beats this! PS. I also love Huda Beauty’s Nude Obsessions Palette for the crease and under eye area! Its a small palette that lasts a long time, has amazing color payoff, and is all around just amazing. I also use THIS brush of hers – both ends – for my eye looks.

#9  JOUER COSMETICS ROSE GOLD BLUSH BOUQUET || I have been loving this blush, it comes with two different shades [Marigold & Rose Petal] and they are perfect compliments. It gives your cheeks a natural flush look that looks amazing!!

#10 TATCHA THE WATER CREAM || I have loved a lot of different Tatcha products, and if you haven’t read their story you should- the formulas are from Japanese geishas who wanted perfect skin underneath the full makeup they wore! Anyway, this water cream is an amazing moisturizer. It helps to hydrate your skin, control excess oil, and purify skin as well- and it has anti-aging benefits! I like how it is not too thick, and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Also, I just started my second bottle of that Tatcha Eye Cream because I ran out of the first & tried to go without it but its so good I had to come back to it!

#11 DRYBAR THE WRAP PARTY STYLING WAND || OMG!😍 This is my new favorite tool to curl my hair and I can’t get away from it. I just started using this in the past few weeks and I am OBSESSED. I use it nearly every day. It makes a different type of wave than my normal curling iron, and its because the wand is shaped the opposite of regular ones- it gets larger on the bottom and that creates a bigger, more peachier wave. Also, it seriously keeps my hair curled for days. Make sure you use a heat protectant – I use this one & I also use the OLAPLEX HAIR PERFECTOR NO. 3 to keep my ends from breaking, strengthen my hair, and keep it from drying out! In my last Sephora Post about ‘At Home Self Care’ I wrote about some hair products I’m loving & mentioned that I love DAE shampoo, conditioner, & deep conditioner. You guys, I used it again this week to wash my hair after I colored my grays and it is truly an amazing product line. I also love that my hair stays smelling incredible for a few days!

#12 TOO FACED CONCEALER & DIOR CONCEALER | These are the two concealers that I think I’ve used the most in the past year. The TOO FACED CONCEALER is definitely the most used one and I’ve probably got 3 of them in my vanity area, lol. They are ‘super coverage’ but apply and wear beautifully. I highly recommend this one if you are needing some coverage but not at the cost of cakey-ness.

 #13 SELF TANNER REMOVER | I talk about this a LOT but I also get asked about it several times weekly. I highly recommend investing in this if you wear self tanner or get spray tans because this removes it the best. I spray it on before I get in the shower and let it soak in while I get my towel ready and set everything in the shower that I need. It takes about 5 minutes of soaking in which actually goes by quickly. I use an exfoliating mitt in the shower and it literally sloughs off your spray tan. I also use THIS body wash in the shower to shave & to soften my skin to loosen up old self tanner. This wash smells amazingly and its something I constantly re-purchase and have for years. I also re-purchase their Body Oil often and have used it for 2+ years now. Its amazing if you need to get some bronzieness / glowiness on your legs!

#14 PORE / TEXTURE PRODUCTS | If you have followed me for long you already know I’m all about skincare- and good skincare. I’m picky about skincare but this last year I’ve found a few things that I’ve fallen totally in love with that have helped my skin tremendously! These are products that I use weekly and have raved about many times on my blog. First is the PTR Lactic Pore Treatment, second is the PTR PUMPKIN ENZYME MASK, & third are the PEACE OUT DULLNESS AHA + BHA + PHA BRIGHTENING PEEL PADS. All of these are amazing if you are dealing with dull, textured skin or large pores. I depend on these for keeping my skin SMOOTH looking. I’ve written full reviews in many blog posts if you want to learn more!

#15 FOUNDATION | I try every foundation that goes into Sephora – not joking. I mean, if it has coverage, I will try it. I am always on the hunt for the best new foundation. This last year I have found 3 that I think are amazing. The one that I think I love the most is THIS ONE [read the description and you’ll see how much goes into making this foundation so amazing!], and then THIS ONE, & then THIS ONE. Also, just a heads up that the setting powder I’ve used almost daily the past year is HERE and I can’t get away from it! I use it to set concealer under my eyes and my foundation when I bake. This powder has amazing ingredients and technology to blur away pores as well. I highly recommend trying this!

Thanks to Sephora for sponsoring today’s post.


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  1. For the NATASHA DENONA Chroma Crystal Top Coat Bronze, do you have the shimmer or metallic finish? Both are in bronze.

  2. The Sephora sale is Awesome!! I am so excited to see your top picks for the sale!! So fun! 💜💕⭐️

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