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Fall Home Decor Reveal

^LOL. I’m THAT mom. Creepily put my baby’s face as my latte art while in LA in August & then printed the photo and framed it.. yep. Probably won’t be the last time I do it either!

And yes, that’s last year’s LEAVES candle! If you follow me on Snapchat – you’ve seen that I hoard candles every season and have an entire cabinet dedicated to them! I buy them when they are on sale so I am still using last years Leaves stock that I built up! 🙂

Fitzy made sure to follow me around and get in front of the camera in just about every photo I took, lol! He hates pix but loooveeees to nonchalantly get in each photos. He has a little bed next to the kitchen/living room that he only uses when we are in there – it’s from Home Goods. But the tortoise dog toy box is HERE & this ‘FITZ’ blanket is from our friend, Jennifer Ann Style. His StarBARKS (:)) cup is from a local shop & most of his toys are from different countries & states we visit. We always bring him one home! ^And yes I did sweep before shooting this but Cray-Cray went in and out as he pleased and brought in more grass! I tried!!

If you’ve followed me for long at all, you know this little coffee bar section of my home is probably the most utilized place! I drink a lot of coffee and John doesn’t drink it at all! My mom & dad are both huge coffee drinkers & my sister & brother are not – but both of their spouses are — weird right?! Anyway, during residency John couldn’t get off for Holidays so a lot of times we do holidays at my house so that John can celebrate after work w/us. Having an entire portion of my kitchen dedicated to coffee is pretty nice when everyone is here. I try to keep everyones favorite K-Cup flavor in the little gold wire baskets via Target. John & all of my nieces & nephews love Hot Chocolate (& the kids like using the Keurig) so I always keep those K-Cups in stock too. We all use Stevia for our coffee so I store those in little decorative sugar bowls.


I typically don’t do many home posts & in all reality – home decor is not my ‘thing’  if you know what I mean. I love fashion posts, beauty content & travel updates – but I have less experience with home content. Don’t get me wrong, I love love it all but I just have less experience. Over the past few months I’ve done some polls & studied analytics & it was pretty clear that you all are wanting more ‘home’ posts. I am excited to include home content more & more! I will say that since buying our home a 1.5 years ago, I have learned SO much more about the best places to get furniture, home decor, & also about materials such as types of countertops, flooring, etc. It’s funny how becoming a homeowner teaches you a LOT lol – it is stressful but the end result is worth it. We love our home and really loved remodeling our kitchen & master bathroom. It was fun to see it go from one extreme to another! (To see the before & after posts of our MASTER BATHROOM click here.) My web designer is working to create a tab because after several requests for a home tab, I asked him to create one – which means I’ll have to post more home content. 🙂 Oh and the only reason I got the opportunity to shoot this was because Coco [my mom!] took Luke to Starbucks and I had a 10 minute window to move the baby gear & quickly snap photos haha. My living room now has like 3 different play gym things & 2 carseats in it.. 😉

*Shop products used in photos in the widget below AND the widget at the end of the post!*


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My furniture & decor all come from TONS of different places so it is pretty hard to link everything accurately – especially since some of it is a year or two old and no longer available or not available online. I made sure to add exact products or very similar products to widgets so you can shop as you scroll through. My favorite places to purchase fall decor are Target, Home Goods, Nordstrom, Hobby Lobby, At Home, TJ MaxxWaiting on Martha  & the other places are local shops that don’t do e-commerce. My sister & mom are also very helpful and know what I like so they are always looking out for things as well – my sis is in Northwest AR and has soo many great stores to shop at for holiday decor.

Furniture wise, I love the same stores I mentioned above ^^ but I also really love Wayfair, Overstock, & even Amazon – also Lulu & Georgia & Pottery Barn.

Little Design Co. does my pillows & Liven Up Designs made my X-Benches.

*Having some technical difficulties w/the widgets so they are a bit spaced out but I linked as much as I could in the one below this sentence & the one above!* ALSO! If you use the previous posts linked above – most of them have light fixtures, furniture, rugs, & more linked within the posts! 

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44 thoughts on “Fall Home Decor Reveal

  1. So gorgeous and fun emily. Thank you for sharing more home decor even though it’S out of your comfort zone. P.S. i was laughing so hard and thought it was The cuteSt thIng – the very first photo of fitz in this post where he is giving you “over the shoulder” look, those candle holdErs in the table look like hia back legs…looks like hE is wearing Socks/boots. So funny and cute!!!!

    1. LOL! I ab died laughing when I saw that after this comment! SO funny. He is such a mess but always keeps me laughing!

    1. They are a bit old! I am not sure but I made sure to include all sources & links to similar & even where I do all of my shopping! 🙂 Hope that helps!

  2. Where is your large floor mirror From? The one in your living room. I promised I looked but still can’t find the information.

    1. They are a bit older – I made sure to link all the sources & stores I shop at and even included similar options!

  3. Hey Emily !!! I love all you do your fashion , & interior decorAting& travel posts ! Your so inspirational. However, My question is about your barstool benches i love those !!! And was wondering Where you hot them. Thanks!!!

  4. Hey Emily!

    I couldn’t find the link for the barstools in the kitchen! i saw the spotted ones, but where are your news ones from?

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Hi!

    Im not sure if you have answered this already but i was wondering where your liGht fixtures are from?


  6. Hey girl, where is your round rug from under your kitchen table? I’m not finding it any of the links of the post you included. I also tried searching your whole blog but came up empty. thanks!

    1. Oh no! I am not sure – I did do a full post on this room when I posted ab Hostess gifts so it may be linked there!




  8. Where on earth did you find that gold sugar skull with the crown?? ADorbs!! would love to have!! Thank you for the home post! love you and your photos, emily!! you are the best!! One of my favorite all-time blogs. please never stop!!

  9. Looks great! I’m actually CONTEMPLATING purchasing that round dining table. Do you like it and would you recommend it? i cant decide between the white top and the dove grey…they honestly look very similar in the photos online. Which color is yours? Thanks!

  10. hi Emily,

    I love your kitchen! I’ve been looking everywhere for small gold baskets like yours as I cant find them at target. any idea where I can find some like it?

    Thank you!!

  11. I love your home! I’ve searched All your post and i can not find the light fixture. Do you remeber WHere it’s from?thanks

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